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Mezek tomb - s. Mezek

Thracian domed tomb dating from the 4th-3rd centuries. BC, is in the vicinity of with. Mezek, municipality of Svilengrad, in the Meltepa mound. The village of Mezek is located 13 km southwest of Svilengrad.
In the thickness of the mound in 1908, a peasant discovered a bronze sculpture of a boar in natural growth and weighing 177 kg. Now this find is stored in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul in Turkey, since in 1908 these lands were still part of the Ottoman Empire. The museum in Haskovo shows a plaster cast of the original.
The tomb was opened quite by accident by the locals in 1931. It is the largest and one of the most interesting and impressive domed tombs of the Mycenaean type in Thrace. It is fully preserved in its original form. The tomb was investigated was prof. Bogdan Filov - a prominent Bulgarian archaeologist and politician, Prime Minister of Bulgaria in two governments in the period 1940-1943. It was declared a cultural monument in No. 67 of the Derzhaven Vestnik newspaper of 1968.
The crypt is covered with an impressive layer of earth up to 14-15 m high and 90 m in diameter at the base. The tomb is made of hewn stone blocks connected in places by iron brackets. A corridor with a length of more than 20 m leads to the tomb. Two rectangular vestibules follow, followed by a round burial chamber with an onion dome. The total length of the structure is almost 31 m.
In the tomb were found many items of gold, bronze, iron, glass and ceramics, which are shown in the museums of Sofia and Haskovo. Among them are gold jewelry, earrings, an iron bib, silver, gold, bronze and clay vessels, a bronze candelabra (a massive three-legged candlestick) with a height of 134 cm, decorated with a large figure of a dancing satyr.
It is assumed that the tomb was used as a temple at the Hero - the place where the worship of the divine deceased was worshiped and certain religious rituals were performed. The crypt was used repeatedly and, apparently, was the family tomb of the Thracian nobleman. Traces of six graves have been discovered. In anticipation of the woman was buried.

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Photo and description

Mezek Fortress is a Byzantine fortification of the Middle Ages, located in the vicinity of the village of the same name in the municipality of Svilengrad, on the elevated plateau of Kaleto. The fortress is the best-preserved defensive structure of the Western Rhodope, given that the Byzantines erected Mezek at the end of the XI century. The remoteness of the fortress from Svilengrad is 6 kilometers, only a kilometer separates it from the Greek border.

The fortress was entrusted with the functions of a guard post at the border, as well as the protection of the territory between the two rivers - Arda and Maritsa. It was built during the reign of Alexy I Komnin, the Byzantine emperor.

Some historians are inclined to assert that Mezek is the famous Neutzikon fortress according to written sources. There is also an opinion that it was Kaleto Upland that once occupied the fortification of Versinikia, known for the battle of 813, when Khan Krum destroyed the Byzantine forces, conquering Thrace. Both versions are partly confirmed by finds discovered at the excavation site - objects and documents date back to the period long before the 11th century. In addition, archaeologists discovered granaries in which particles of charred wheat were preserved, as well as all kinds of arrowheads, horseshoes and spurs, which indicates the structure and everyday life of the garrison military.

The total area of ​​the fortress is 0.7 hectares. Fortress walls are chopped stones, captured by a white solution. On the outside of the wall of Mezek, three decorative belts of brick circled. The wall ended with loopholes that remained untouched until 1900. That year, the fortress walls were ordered to be dismantled for the construction of Turkish barracks in Svilengrad. The northern wall suffered more damage, while the southern, eastern and western walls survived to the site from where the loopholes began to rise.

The fortress was strengthened by nine round towers, whose height reached 10 meters. Five were located on the south wall, a couple on the western wall and crowned the northern and eastern walls along one tower. Mezek carried out defensive functions before the beginning of the Ottoman invasion, that is, until the end of the XIV century.

Mezek Fortress is a national monument of antiquity, an architectural and construction monument of the Middle Ages and Antiquity. Restoration and conservation work was carried out here three times - in 1963, 1973 and 2007.

Mezek exact time

  • Mezek Bulgaria
  • 10:57 Monday, 10/28/2019
  • 07:46 Dawn
  • 18:12 sunset
  • 10 hours 24 minutes Day length
  • Eastern Europe Daylight Saving Time Zone
  • UTC +3 Europe / Sofia
  • Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Official Currency
  • 41.7382583, 26.0881214 Coordinates
Nearest Airports
Kavala Airport "Megas Alexandros" 153 km Greece KVA
Burgas 219 km Bulgaria VAR
Letische Sofia 245 km Bulgaria SOF
Ataturk International Airport 243 km Turkey IST
Balıkesir Koca Seyit Havalimanı 256 km Turkey EDO

Mezek, Haskovo, location on the map, Bulgaria. This geographical feature is located in the time zone Eastern Europe, summertime (UTC +3), coordinates - 41.7382583, 26.0881214. According to our data, Bulgaria is a country in which the official currency is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN).

The distance to the capital (in a straight line) is - 252 km (Mezek - Sofia).

London, Great BritainOctober 28 08:57
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