What to do in Abrau-Durso and its environs: the most important


The resort village of Abrau-Durso consists of two zones: the first is a factory and a tourist center, the second is located on the Black Sea coast. This place is known throughout Russia thanks to the famous champagne. But tourists are attracted not only by the wine theme. Abrau-Durso has beaches, scenic nature trails, a stunningly beautiful lake where you can ride a boat, and many opportunities for outdoor recreation.

In Abrau-Durso, you can go on a factory tour, visit the enchanting horse show, which takes place on the territory of the Rossiya complex, enjoy the evening show of fountains or just enjoy the harmony of nature and the beauty of space ennobled by man, walking along the well-groomed promenade.

What to see and where to go to Abrau-Durso?

The most interesting and beautiful places for walking. Photos and a brief description.

1. Lake Abrau

14 km from Novorossiysk is the largest freshwater lake in the Krasnodar Territory, which gave the name to the entire region and the famous champagne wine factory. The name "Abrau" in translation from Turkic means "failure / collapse." The reservoir reaches a depth of 11 meters, its banks stretch for 3 km among the picturesque wooded slopes of the surrounding mountains. The river of the same name and small mountain streams flow into the lake.

2. Singing Fountains

The show of singing fountains in Abrau-Durso is a vivid sight, for the sake of which it is worth stopping by at this place on the way to the Black Sea resorts. Cascades are located right in the lake near the shore. Performances are held in the evenings accompanied by musical accompaniment - water jets rhythmically rise up in the rays of bright laser illumination. You can watch the show from the shore or from the water, sailing closer on a rented boat.

3. Park Abrau-Durso

Art Park Abrau-Durso - a small creative space in the open air, where there are modern sculptures and installations - interactive objects that you need to "run" yourself. If you just look at the exhibits, you can hardly understand their purpose. In the park there are compositions “Arbor fulfilling wishes”, “Wind and music”, “Sundial”, “Nest”, “With new happiness!”.

4. Champagne wine factory

Abrau-Durso is one of the most famous producers of champagne and sparkling wines in Russia. The plant was founded in 1870 under Alexander II. After the appointment of Prince L. S. Golitsyn as the manager, the enterprise experienced an unprecedented rise. At the beginning of the 20th century, experts invited from France worked in production. The plant continued to develop and increase output in the Soviet and post-Soviet times, constantly expanding the range.

5. Shop "Grotto"

In the "Grotto" you can purchase any products of the Abrau-Durso factory from inexpensive mass brands to collection items. They sell not only wine and champagne, but also branded souvenirs. The store is a full-fledged excursion object included in the tourist routes: here visitors are offered a tasting and talk about the nuances of the production of alcoholic beverages.

6. MARS Media Arts Center

The center opened in 2016 at the plant. It is intended to demonstrate interactive images that have taken their rightful place in contemporary art. The first exhibitions were devoted to light installations of Russian and foreign audiovisual art studios created using the latest equipment. When viewing a "live" exposure, the visitor is fully involved in the process.

7. Cultural and tourist complex "Russia"

An entertainment complex for the whole family, where interesting show programs are held for spectators of all ages. The main sight for which tourists come here is bright horse shows, accompanied by extreme stunts, dances, torch performances and incredible special effects. Also on the territory of the complex there is a contact zoo "Farm Frenzy", a shooting gallery and the attraction "House Upside Down".

8. "House upside down"

The attraction is an inverted building, where everything is located on the contrary: furniture and appliances hang from the ceiling, and a chandelier sticks out of the floor. Despite the fact that the house is a tourist attraction, some visitors seriously want to live in it for several days. The building has two floors and five rooms. The only correctly placed object of a strange construction is a staircase through which you can get inside.

9. Church of St. Xenia of Petersburg

The church in Abrau-Durso has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1926, the parish was closed, and the building was adapted for living quarters. In the 2000s, at the request of local residents, the construction of a new temple began. The work was fully completed only in 2012, although the services began already in 2009. The church has a Sunday class for children and a parish library, where print and video materials are stored.

10. Maly Liman Lake and Abrau Beach

Lake Maly Liman (also called “Sweet Limanchik”) is located a few kilometers from the village of Abrau-Durso on the Black Sea, it is separated from the latter by a narrow stone scythe. On the shore of the reservoir is the beach Abrau Beach, which belongs to the tourist center "Abrau Durso". It is intended for guests staying at certain hotels, but for a fee, anyone can go for it.

Russian wine house Abrau-Durso

At the very beginning of the tour, guests will be told about the sparkling wine factory and its founders. Then they are taken to a small cinema, where they will show a documentary about the history of the village and the winery. Then they will be shown how the vine grows in nature and how the grapes are harvested.

Then the guests along with the guide will go down 26 meters underground. There are cellars for storing wine and its production. It should be noted that sparkling wine is made according to two technologies. The first is an old French one, extremely laborious and requiring a considerable amount of time. On it, sparkling wine matures in bottles laid out on long racks.

Guests will be able to see how to manually remove sediment from the bottles and decoupage.

In the cellars open to guests, sparkling wine is made that way.

The air here is full of champagne. Walls, low ceilings, smell and shelving, covered with a layer of perennial dust - all this creates an indescribable atmosphere, which every visitor to the winery can afford to plunge into.

Guests are expected at the factory with mechanized production, equipped with the latest technology. The quality of sparkling wine produced in these workshops is not inferior to champagne made using traditional technology. At the end of the tour there are 1,000-liter stainless steel tanks full of champagne.

Bringing Down the House"

What this attraction is, it becomes clear from the name: this is a house in which the floor and ceiling are swapped.

A small neat one-story house consists of three rooms: a living room, a bedroom and a nursery, as well as a kitchen and a combined bathroom. All furniture and all other items are nailed or glued to the ceiling and walls. You can enter the house by the stairs, which, by the way, is the only inverted object in this place.

All exhibits in the art park are very unusual and original. And, importantly, they can not only be seen and photographed, but also touched, tapped, or even kicked.

Media art Abrau

"Media Art Abrau" is one of the rarest centers in the world that creates the most modern art - audio-visual installations, immersing viewers almost in a parallel world.

This is not just an art gallery, but a real journey into the universe of the art of the future, where video, audio, light and unusual dance are combined. Coming to this unusual gallery, guests seem to fall inside a large kaleidoscope

Moreover, the visitor becomes a co-author of the artists of the Kuflex laboratory, whose work makes up this exhibition, because the exposition changes with each movement of the body. People come here to listen, watch, interact, create, play and travel through parallel universes.

For example, the Quantum Room art space seems to “split” the viewer into particles of light, showing the physical nature of quanta.

Small Liman Lake

Once a part of the mountain collapsed and blocked the mouth of the Abrau River, as a result, a lintel 35 meters wide was formed. So there was a lake Small estuary.

Another feature of this lake is its location near freshwater springs with a sweetish aftertaste. Because of this, the reservoir received the unofficial name "Sweet Estuary."

Durso Beach

This is a small neat pebble beach, which is located in a picturesque bay, fenced by cliffs on both sides. It has excellent clear and clear water.

Almost all summer the sea is calm. The beach is very well maintained, and nearby is all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable stay. There are several cozy hotels, recreation centers, shops, as well as cafes and small restaurants.

Yoga House

The “Lodge" itself is a two-story gazebo that stands on the edge of a cliff. In the warm season, from time to time there are master classes by professional instructors in almost all areas: from hatha yoga to dhirendybrahmachari yoga.

Except for classes, this place is always open for those who want to be alone with themselves, listen to the music of silence or just relax from the sounds of civilization in a beautiful untouched corner of nature.

Church of Xenia of Petersburg

According to urban legends, Ksenia of Petersburg was born in the first half of the eighteenth century. Only her name and patronymic are known, her maiden name was lost in the mists of time. At the age of majority, Ksenia Grigoryevna married a court singer - Andrei Fedorovich Petrov. They lived in St. Petersburg.

After the sudden death of her husband, Xenia became a holy fool. She presented her house to one of her friends, put on her husband’s clothes, and since then she hasn’t worn women’s clothes, she didn’t cover her head in the church, she only answered her husband’s name and said that he was alive, and Ksenia was dead.

The church in honor of the saint was built in the classical Old Russian style - it is a cross-shaped single-domed church with a bell tower.

Now the church regularly holds liturgies, communions and other services, and a Sunday school for children works. In the temple there is a reliquary with particles of the relics of St. Theophan the Recluse of Vyshensky, the righteous John of Kormyansky of Belarus, the holy martyr Makarios Metropolitan of Kiev, the martyr Darius the Younger Puzovskaya, the Rev. Erasmus of Kiev-Pechersky (nearby caves), the Rev. John of Sezenovsky.

Still in the church there is a particle of the tombstone of St. Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg, built into the icon case of her.

The Tsar Bottle Fountain

The fountain is, as you might guess, a bottle, from which, like champagne from a real bottle, water is in full swing. But this object is unusual: it consists of 1954 glass containers.

During the day, the fountain does not make much of an impression, but at night it spins and shines in different colors.

Fountain "Monkey"

It is a monkey holding a ball in its paws, from which water strikes. It is noteworthy that this is the second composition - the first was destroyed during the war.

The history of the creation of the fountain is shrouded in secrets. According to one version, Prince Golitsyn, the founder of the Champagne House, had a tame monkey trained to open bottles of sparkling drink in front of guests. And the only mention of the old fountain was a photograph of the 30s: it depicts the famous professor A. M. Frolov-Bagreev on the background of a sculpture of a monkey.

In 2008, the sculptor A. Aseryants reconstructed the legendary composition from this picture.

Monument to L. Utesov

The famous actor appears before the viewer in the form of a shepherd from the famous feature film "Jolly Fellows". He selflessly, closing his eyes and raising his head high, plays the flute. A small bag hangs on his shoulder, and a feather is inserted into his hair. The cliffs are dressed in spacious pants and a light jacket.

Champagne wine factory "Abrau-Durso"

  • st. Industrial, 19.

During a tour of the plant, you will hear about the origin of winemaking in Abrau, learn about the production technology and properties of wine, visit wine tunnels and cellars. For the local heady drink, only local grapes are used. Inside the tunnels there is a constant temperature of + 14 ... + 15 degrees and moderate humidity, so that the wines are stored in ideal conditions.

The only thing that can overshadow his visit is a vision of the ghost of Lev Golitsyn. It is not joke! The security of the tunnel depot repeatedly recorded it. As a result, especially impressionable persons with a weak heart, visiting this place is not recommended.

Sweet Limanchik Lake

  • 670410, 37.591030.

Just a thin braid of stones separates Sweet Limanchik from the Black Sea. Interestingly, he appeared after a powerful earthquake wave. When the mountain collapsed, an embankment turned out. Today it reaches a height of 35 m. It is surprising that the water here is fresh, although the coast is very close by. For researchers, this fact is unsolved to this day.

Cultural and tourist complex "Russia"

  • 707648, 37.629443.

For children there are many exciting activities. For example, the interactive attraction "House Upside Down". Everything here in the literal sense of the word is turned upside down. The one-story dwelling consists of several rooms: a living room, a bedroom, a children's room, a kitchen area and a bathroom with a toilet. The furniture is pinned to the ceiling. The furniture has a bed, chairs, tables, rugs, a children's corner, sanitary ware and household appliances. You can’t sit down on the sofa, don’t put a spoon on the table, and the TV presents films upside down. The ceiling will become the floor and vice versa. A staircase is the only item that has remained here upside down. Here you can frolic and take exceptional photos.

Near the house there is a contact zoo "Merry Farm", where almost all animals can be caressed and treated with food. Here all the children are simply touched. The menagerie is very cute, with clean paddles for the inhabitants. There is a pool with a bridge and fish. According to visitors' reviews, the inhabitants of this attraction of Abrau-Durso are nicely chosen, friendly and non-aggressive. By the way, visit time is not limited. You can relax easy. In the complex, children can also ride on the plush horses of the Icelandic breed and ponies. Experienced caretakers are happy to ride kids on wonderful horses! It’s easy here and shoot from the bow.

Fountain with a monkey

  • 701086, 37.601328.

The fountain is located in the center of the village. The idea of ​​this little animal came to Leo Golitsyn, who is another founding father of the local winery. It was he who arranged cellars for storing wines and put together a unique collection of 50 thousand bottles.

So, he read in the memoirs of Count Buturlin about the mischief of a domestic monkey and decided to translate this into an immortal sculptural image as a landmark of Abrau-Durso. A fountain with a monkey that opens a bottle of champagne is a reconstruction of the object that Prince Golitsyn had previously built.

“Shepherd from Abrau-Durso”

  • 703323, 37.598330.

This is a city sculpture presented by Leonid Utesov by Andrei Alliance. Utesov is depicted here in the image of Kostya Potekhin, that very talented shepherd-musician from the "Jolly Fellows". Leonid Osipovich plays the flute, towering on a vinyl record.The fact is that the film was originally planned to be shot here. They wanted to call the picture “The Shepherd from Abrau-Durso”. But it didn’t happen ...

MARS Media Arts Center

  • 701850, 37.601289.

Audiovisual installations from the stars of world media art are not just a creative gallery, but a journey into the world of the art of the future. The original exposition is combined with light and music. Although you can’t say that these are musical works. The most exciting part is the 3D live installation. There, even adults can lose track of time, introducing themselves as sorcerers and sorcerers. Now, to see this, you do not need to go to rest abroad.

  • st. Industrial, 18.

An art park completes the promenade of Abrau-Durso. It presents contemporary conceptual art. It shows a lot of interactive objects that you need to not just look at, but do something with them. For example, create your own melody on the composition “Wind and Music” or place your desire in the nest with the help of the power of thought so that it will certainly come true. Giant champagne sculptures, on which you can sit on a throne and take wonderful photos, are in keeping with the spirit of the place.

Main temple

  • st. Industrial, 50.

It is impossible not to say about the Church of St. Xenia of Petersburg. It is a picturesque structure in the Russian style, the facades of which have a whitish hue. Golden domes harmoniously complete the architecture of this attraction. The temple cannot boast of a great historical past: the laying of the first stone in its foundation took place in 1996, while full-fledged construction work started only three years later. The construction was completed in 2010, when the cathedral was consecrated. Towering above the waters of the lake of the same name with the village, it is a true man-made decoration of a wine-making village.

Attractions and entertainment Abrau-Durso will give an unforgettable vacation. Pleasant prices for tours, rich excursion programs, unique nature, pristine beaches will not leave indifferent even an experienced traveler. If you have not been to this picturesque village, then make a wish to visit it under the chiming clock, sipping sparkling golden sparkling wine. It will certainly come true!

Lake Abrau Durso

The village of Abrau Durso is located 15 km west of Novorossiysk on the shore of a mountain lake. It is the first pearl in the necklace of attractions and entertainment.

It should be noted right away that the price of accommodation for double occupancy in 2019 starts from 2500 rubles per day. You can find cheaper in hostels and the private sector, and you can pay several times more depending on the level, class of the hotel and the range of services.

But in any case, Lake Abrau does not charge a fee from vacationers. Incidentally, this is the largest lake in the Krasnodar Territory, with warm water, not freezing even in winter.

Do not be confused by the fact that the water in it is whitish-cloudy, sometimes it seems bluish, sometimes emerald, but it does not happen transparent, since the bottom of the lake is composed of limestone rocks, which give some kind of suspension.

It is believed that such water is even good for health. It is very clean, it is fed by a mountain river, and underground keys beat from the bottom of the lake. Abrau is home to 15 species of freshwater fish. Among them is a specific small fish, which is not found anywhere else, the Abrau kilka. They say it’s very tasty. To taste it is a great success, since the species belongs to the endangered.

And of course, as is commonly accepted in mountainous areas, a beautiful and instructive legend is associated with the lake.

Surprisingly, the lake is the end point for the short river Abrau, and no stream emerges from it, as if an unknown barrier obscures the path.

In ancient times, a very rich Adyghe village was located on the banks of the Abrau River. So rich that its residents, puffed up, boasted in earnest that they could line the road to the sea coast, which is about five kilometers, with pure gold and silver.

And ... They were severely punished by God for their vanity. At one point, the aul fell into the ground. In its place a lake formed. All the money was taken away by water, in moralizing to those who think that happiness lies in them.

Only after hundreds of years in 1872 the village again grew here. Now its population is about three thousand people.

Abrau Durso Champagne Wine Factory

The official development of the coastal territories of the lake began on the orders of Emperor Alexander II, and soon the lands of Abrau became his patrimony, and the settlement acquired the second part of its name - Durso. This is the name of another river that defines the boundaries of the territory.

From that moment, grape cultivation began here. The first vines were brought from abroad, and a few years later they gathered their own crops and began to make wines.

At the end of the 19th century, Prince Lev Golitsyn took up winemaking. It is he who is considered the founder of the industrial production of sparkling champagne in Russia. The prince “redeveloped” the vineyards, focusing on special champagne varieties, erected a factory building, modernized the existing ones and built new wine cellars, paved the highway to Novorossiysk.

In 1898, the first batch of Abrau champagne was released. The socialist revolution did not completely destroy everything. Champagne production left. In 1920, it was already owned by the state farm (abbr. - Soviet economy) "Abrau-Durso".

The great leader Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, as you know, knew how to hold feasts and knew a lot about good wine. He introduced the extensive production of “Soviet champagne”, which is directly stated in the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR “On the production of Soviet champagne, dessert and table wines.”

Over time, the village grew, settled down and became like a small cozy and hospitable town. And the plant provided champagne at home to all Soviet people. And not only. Soviet champagne was exported to Europe and America.

Until the mid-80s of the last century, the Abrau-Durso factory was the flagship of domestic winemaking. Until in 1985, the Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU "On measures to overcome drunkenness and alcoholism" was issued.

The prosperous “stagnation” was replaced by a stormy and controversial stage of change. Vineyards were cut down. Their area, cultivated for over a hundred years, breeding, halved.

Who and how saved the production of royal champagne, they will tell you in detail on tours of the winery. A trip to Abrau Durso offers all the travel agencies of Krasnodar. More than 200 thousand people flock here every year. And this is the most visited winery in Europe today!

Local winemakers call white gold the fruits of their labor. They will show you production, conduct you through wine cellars, and demonstrate documentary and historical film. A tasting of five to six wines is included in the tour.

Please note that only people over 18 years old are allowed on it, so you need to have a passport with you. If you are traveling with children, then pre-select the option without tasting or leave the children in the playroom under the supervision of a teacher.

The cost of excursions without the services of a travel agency (prices are taken on the official website of the Abrau-Durso Wine House):

  • With a tasting of 1000 rubles. - a person,
  • Without tasting 750 rubles. - a person,
  • Children 6-9 years old - 350 rubles.,
  • 6-3 years - for free,
  • children under 3 years old are not allowed,
  • Children's playroom 200 rub.

Singing Fountains in Abrau Durso

The winery and the lake are, of course, not all the attractions of Abrau Durso and the surrounding area.

The decoration of the summer evening will be the Show of Singing Fountains. Even those who are skeptical of such programs will change their minds.

The performance is dynamic, with its own zest.

The mere fact that the show takes place not in an artificial pool, but on a lake, adds to its beauty. Nature plays along with the work of the hands and the mind of man. No view will be like another.

Spectators expect a lot of surprises. One of them is the union of water, music and light, into which a real flame suddenly bursts.

Half an hour of musical mixes from classical to modern rock, and impressions for several months. At the same time, there is another video sequence on the show, the screen for which is the water surface of the lake.

Advice to those who crave entertainment and want to get the maximum effect: it is best to watch and listen to the singing fountains, not from the amphitheater bench, but directly from the lake, renting a boat, catamaran, or buying a ticket for a steamer.

Fountains began to work in 2016. They were designed, installed and erected by the same team that launched the Firebird fountain in the Olympic Park in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The repertoire is partially updated every year. Fountains are open from May to September. In the evening there are two performances at 21.00 and at 22.00. Due to adverse weather conditions, the presentation may be canceled. Watching the show is free.

Small Liman Lake and Abrau Beach

The ten most interesting sights of Abrau Durso include Lake Small Liman. But it is little known and little promoted, which is why its charm becomes only stronger.

The thing is that the lake belongs to Specially Protected Natural Areas. It’s impossible to build neighborhoods, that's why there are no expensive hotels, noisy establishments, polluted roads and other “delights” of resort areas.

This amazing little lake with two small beaches, even in high season, is ideal for those seeking solitude.

Public transport does not go here. From Abrau Durso you can even walk on a good road for 6 km or drive a car to the coast.

At the Small Estuary the bowl is almost perfectly round. But that is not all. Three quarters of it is surrounded by wooded slopes. But the fourth part looks at the sea, from which the lake separates, like a dam, a small isthmus.

And on it there are two tiny beaches. Paid beach "Abrau-Beach" or, as it is also called "Star", pebble, not very wide in width - 30 meters. To the left of it is free beach "Limanchik". Both of them provide a 180-degree view of the sea horizon.

Theoretically, in this place you can alternately swim in sea and fresh water. Miracles and more!

Abrau Durso Park

If you develop your own route to the sights of Abrau Durso, choose Abrau Durso Park for a pleasant evening walk.

It is famous for diverse, multidirectional art objects of various authors. They have one thing in common - an associative series, which is associated with the history of this place.

Visitors really like the well-groomed park, which has a lot of unusual things and where adults and children are good.

Fountain Tsar Bottle of Champagne

There is an unusual fountain in Abrau Durso on Alexander Square, it is also a monument to a bottle of champagne, it is also an installation. Made in the form of a huge five-meter bottle of champagne. The material for him was 1954 empty champagne bottles.

From the neck of the king-bottle, foaming, splashing water, as happens when opening a real fizzy drink. Through a bottle, through specially designed arches, you can go or run, freshening up under the streams of water in the summer heat, which children especially like. Well, adults at this time can also take rest on the sides of the octagonal pedestal of the fountain.

Church of St. Xenia of Petersburg

If the route runs along the embankment of the lake, your heart will inevitably beat, and your soul will reach up to the steep coast of Abrau, where an Orthodox church soars between heaven and water in honor of St. Xenia of Petersburg.

Traditionally, Christians visit temples in places where they come to pray for the health of the hospitable and friendly local people, the welfare of the local land and ask God for help and assistance in an easy journey.

From the walls of the temple also offers beautiful views of the lake and the village.

Center of Media Art "Mars"

If you want something out of the ordinary unusual and advanced, welcome to the Mars Media Art Center. And the most advanced art in the world today is an audiovisual installation. It combines video, sound, light and dance.

At the same time, the viewer becomes a participant and even a co-author and is included in the creative contemplative process. Interaction with a parallel world is called what happened to them, visitors to the exhibition.

The center is open daily from 12.00 to 23.00. Ticket price 500/300 rubles. (adult / child), a system of discounts.

Dolmen complex

The Krasnodar Territory is known for its mysterious dolmens - ancient buildings of worship for use from solid stone slabs. One of these newly opened dolmen complexes is located on the road from Novorossiysk to Abrau Durso in the village of Vasilyevka.

First of all, the object will be interesting to people who own the topic, as well as lovers of history and exotic places. Finding dolmens yourself will not be so easy; it is better to ask the locals and summer residents for directions.

Organized excursions do not carry here.

Cliff Sculpture

It may seem a surprise in catalogs with a description of Abrau Durso and his sights photo of the monument to Leonid Utesov.

The monument depicts the figure of a shepherdess from the first Soviet musical comedy “Funny Guys”. Leonid Utesov has never been to Abrau Durso, and the legend film was shot in Gagara.

And only when you are next to this lovely shepherdess, you begin to understand what it is.

At first glance it becomes clear that the shepherd is Utesov, he is standing on a phonograph record, the inscription on which reads: “Cheerful guys, L.O. Utesov, a shepherd from Abrau-Durso. "

According to one version, “The Shepherd from Abrau Durso” was the working title of the picture, and only then did the beloved “Jolly Fellows” appear that became her official name.

But the residents of the village of Abrau still consider the first version to be the main one, as evidenced in bronze. The monument was unveiled in 2011. Since then, street musicians have often gathered next to him, live music sounds, and it becomes “easy on the heart from a fun song”.

Winemakers Walk of Fame

Since 2010, the All-Russian Winemakers Summit has been held in Abrau Durso - the main professional meeting in this industry. In 2015, the summit began with a momentous event: the opening of the Walk of Fame of Russian winegrowers and winemakers in the central square of Alexander II.

Plates with the names of prominent people of the industry with almost 150 years of history are placed here. Among them, Prince Golitsyn - the founder of the factory in Abrau-Durso, Victor Dravigny - a French winemaker who worked in those years when the factory was the official supplier of the Royal Court (by the way, the line of elite wines is named after him today).

So far, there are only seven memorial signs on the Alley to the founders of wine production in Russia.

Having been here, you will be imbued with the conviction that the work begun by these people will certainly continue.

Attractions Abrau Durso on the map

All the attractions from this article can be viewed on a map of the city. She will help you plan your walking route.

On this beautiful note, we end our story about the unforgettable and atmospheric place of Abrau Durso: attractions and entertainment, prices of 2019 and photos.

We have no doubt that you, as if from a sip of champagne, will retain a pleasant aftertaste of joy, sparkling happiness from a vacation in Abrau Durso.

Concluding the local attractions and vacations in Abrau-Durso

Going to the village, everyone can find an interesting vacation option for themselves. First of all, it is a local champagne and wine factory. On the spot, you can evaluate how famous drinks are stored throughout Russia, and try out popular varieties.

If you do not care about winemaking, then you should go on a tour to the village on Lake Abrau.There is a beautiful pebble beach, catamaran rides and many other attractions. The option is suitable for young people as well as couples.

Boat rental on the lake in Abrau-Durso Nikolay Sizonenko

You can go to the beach on the coast of a mountain lake or to one of the two sea beaches. Despite the slight turbidity, the water in the lake is very clean and has useful characteristics for the skin. The central beach is pebble, has a gentle entrance, it is equipped with changing rooms, showers, sunbeds and umbrellas. The wild beach is also pebble, it is without tourist amenities and crowds of vacationers. Sweet Estuary is ideal for families with children, as it is small and small. The water warms up very quickly, you can enjoy the beach season until the beginning of October.

Most tours to beach-type villages. In Abrau-Durso, prices for attractions and entertainment are relatively affordable, you can pick up a great offer, including flight, transfer to the hotel, accommodation in one of the hotels and options with meals.

Wine storage tanks at the Abrau-Durso factory Mike1979 Russia

A trip to the champagne factory can be arranged upon arrival. The cost will depend on the specifics of the visit, the desire to conduct a tasting. A bus tour for one or two days can be found in almost any city and village of the Black Sea coast. As a rule, the amount includes the tour itself, transfer and guide services. On site you can eat and enjoy fine wine.

Picturesque landscape in Abrau-Durso Nikolay Zaytsev

The sights of Abrau-Durso in the photo with the description do not look as exciting as in life. But for nature lovers, this is a great solution. You can enjoy the scenery, the warm sea, visit famous places. And also test yourself as a diver and plunge into night life. Each visitor will be able to choose a variant of rest to their liking.