A detailed guide to Marmaris


From the square with a fountain

Walk along the street Kubilay Alpugan Sk. to Yeniyol Cd. Further left to Mustafa Kemal Cd. , and to the right, Mustafa Münir Elgin Blv. Then left to the tomb. Walk for about 13 minutes.

The tomb of Sariana is an Ottoman-style mausoleum in which the famous Turkish seer of the 16th century is buried.

According to legend, Sarian lived during the time of the famous Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. She was famous for true predictions. And once, before his campaign to Rhodes, Suleiman the Magnificent asked Sarian about the possibility of success of this campaign. And only when the seer said that the campaign would be victorious, Suleiman went to the island. There is also a legend that the soldiers of the Sultan before the battle drank the milk that the seer’s cow gave.

After returning from Rhodes, the sultan wished to thank Sarian, but found out that she had already died. Then Suleiman ordered the construction of a tomb in her honor in the traditional Ottoman style.

Today the mausoleum is open to all comers. The rules for visiting are the same as in any Muslim mosque.

Tomb of Sarian

The tomb of Sariana is one of the legendary places and unusual sights of Marmaris, although not very famous.

Tomb of Sarian Marmaris

Finding her is easy enough. When leaving Marmaris, following the sign “Cave of Nimar” you should turn right and after 5 minutes, before reaching Netsel Marina, you will see the sign “Tomb of Sarian” (see map). To the right of the small staircase leading to the mosque is a tomb.

Sarian - this is a Russian-language version, in the original sounds like SaryYana. Even the area closest to Netsel Marina is named after Saryany (Sarian).

Tomb of Sarian Marmaris

For Marmaris, Sarian (Saryan) is a pretty famous person. This is a famous prophetess who lived in the vicinity of Marmaris in the 16th century. Her real name is Yuryuk Fatma, and Sarian (Saryana) was nicknamed for her light blond hair color. Translated from Turkish - sary - yellow, or light brown (about hair), ana - mother.

Sariana (Saryana) was known for her virtue and predictions. Before the conquest of the island of Rhodes, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent came to her with the question whether this campaign would be successful. To which he received an answer from Sarian, if he leaves all the warriors who collect fruit in the gardens without permission, he will be lucky.

Tomb of Sarian Marmaris

After the conquest of Rhodes, the Sultan Suleiman wanted to see Sarian (Saryana) again, but by that time she had already died. In gratitude, the sultan ordered the seaman Sarian to be erected a monumental tomb.

According to one of the legends of Marmaris, Sarian was able to drink the milk of her cow all the hungry army of Sultan Suleiman.

Now the entrance to the tomb is open to all comers. They come to her for advice or to pray. Inside is a tombstone of Sarian, and on the floor you can see prayer pillows for pilgrims.

When you visit the tomb of Sarian, the same regulationsas for visiting a mosque. For women - the head, arms and shoulders should be closed. Shorts and trousers should be replaced with a skirt covering the knees. For men - the entrance is only in trousers.

Tomb of Sarian Marmaris

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A bit about the city

Marmaris is located in a bay with colorful views of the hills, located at the confluence of two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean. According to one version, the name of the city in ancient Greek means “Sea Pearl”.

34 thousand people live in this city. The mild maritime climate of Marmaris in combination with green hills and coniferous forests makes this resort attractive for tourists.

Marmaris Fortress

To get acquainted with the history of the city, you need to visit Kale Ici Marmaris Merkez (in Russian - the Marmaris fortress), built by order of the Sultan the Magnificent in 1522. It offers a beautiful view of the sea.

Currently, the fortress is the main museum of the city, which is located at Tepe, Kordon Cd. No: 54, 48700 Marmaris / Mula and is open from 8 am to 5 pm, the entrance fee is 5 lire.

Archeology park

Another popular attraction of Marmaris, which is worth visiting for tourists, is the archeology park “Ylik kayalar”, which is translated into Russian as “Rocks of well-being”. A distinctive feature of these rocks is a large number of cacti and other plants that grew in this place several thousand years ago. The park is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This park can be found on the map in the city center on a small street parallel to the waterfront, next to the Ancient City, located at Kemeralt Mahallesi, 95. Sk. No: 14, 48700 Marmaris / Mula, anyone can visit it, entrance to the park is free.

Chinese park

One of the most interesting sights of Marmaris is the Chinese Park, created just a few years ago by signing a friendship agreement between Marmaris and the Chinese city of Jinan.

This park is located near the promenade at Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Boulevard and tourists can get to it by any minibus that goes to the center of Marmaris.

The attraction attracts tourists with its colorfulness - there is a Chinese-style pavilion in the park, two ponds located at different heights, so that water always flows from the upper pond to the lower pond, whose noise, along with beautiful goldfish swimming in these ponds, makes the Chinese park a great place for relax.

This park can be visited around the clock and for free.

Singing fountain

Another new attraction of the city is the Marmaris an eme singing fountain, which is located in Ataturk Park at Ulusal Egemenlik Cd, Tepe Mh., Marmaris. To a variety of music and bewitching illumination, powerful fountain jets soar upward, while drawing magnificent patterns in the air, and a large water screen displays significant events of the city.

The fountain is open daily from 9 p.m., and its bewitching show of light and music, harmoniously playing with each other, and almost non-repeating displays of the water screen can be admired for free.

Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai

Tourists are also attracted by a historical landmark - the Hafsa Sultan of Marmaris, popular among tourists, built in 1545 and located in the vicinity of the Marmaris fortress at Tepe, Kordon Cd. No: 54, 48700 Marmaris / Mula.

The ancient landmark is a symbol of the hospitality of the city, there are many restaurants around, as well as the new Marmaris Museum. Here you can walk around the clock, admission is free.

Nimara Cave

The mysterious cave of Nimar (Nimar Maaras) is located near Marmaris on a paradise island. It is necessary to decide in advance how to get to this cave, because if you look for it yourself, it is difficult to meet people who can help find this mysterious cave, since it is usually deserted in the vicinity of the Nimara cave.

Here were found tools dating back 20 thousand years BC. The cave can be found at Nimara Maaras, 48700 Adaky / Marmaris / Mula and enjoy its beauties for free at any time.


In Marmaris there is a very long promenade (Marmaris iskele, in Russian - Marmaris embankment), the length of which is 12 km. The embankment is located in the city center, it can be found independently on its own along the route - Marmaris Embankment, the area of ​​the center of the city of Marmaris (15 meters from the coast).

Various excursions are often held here, tourists take photos. Evening walks along the promenade are the best way to enjoy the beauty of Marmaris for free.

Another great place to spend time in Marmaris is the Aquapark Atlantis, located at Siteler Mh., Uzunyal Cad. No: 203, 48700 Marmaris / Mula. The water park has 9 slides, an artificial wave pool and a children's pool.

  • Hours of the water park - daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Ticket price for an adult is 43 lira, and for a child - only 27 lira.

Marmaris' second water park is Aqua Dream, which can be found at irinyer Mahallesi, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cd., 48706 Marmaris / Mula. It is located on a high hill of Marmaris and is much larger than Atlantis in area.

In Aqua Dream there are slides, pools, including children’s and with an artificial wave.

  • Opening hours - from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The entrance fee to the park is 14 lire, while for children under 8 years old admission is free.

Where to go with the kids?

Holidays with children in Marmaris can be spent in dolphinariums, water parks, playgrounds, attractions in shopping centers.

Near Marmaris in Mugla is located Children's Science Parkin which children can independently conduct experiments.

Fethiye is located Butterfly Valley, in which there are a lot of dipper butterflies that appear in late spring, as well as in September.

Between Marmaris and Dutch pine grovewhich is great for family outings.

Children can also visit boat excursions - to Cleopatra island or Turtle beach, where turtles of huge sizes live.

The most popular among tourists is considered Icmeler Beach located 7 kilometers west of Marmaris. Here you can dive deep under water and go diving, for this all conditions are created here - great depths and clear waters.

The cost of visiting is from 2.5 lire.

Very clean Turunc Beach located in the southwest of Marmaris. There is a large number of mysterious caves, as well as a great place for sailing on yachts. This beach is ideal for lovers of quiet surroundings.

Entrance to the beach costs up to 20 lire.

2 kilometers from Marmaris is located Hunuzhek beach. This place is suitable for picnics and walks. Here is a camping site.

The cost of entry to the beach ranges from 10 to 20 lire.

Very beautiful sand Kumlubuk beach located in the southwest of Marmaris. Here is a very ancient cave. Tourists can visit the excellent fish restaurants.

  • The beach is open around the clock.
  • Cost is free.

Tourists reviews

Reviews of tourists about Marmaris are always good, those who have visited Marmaris give an excellent description of this resort.

  • Maria, Saratov
  • Valery, Barnaul
  • Voronkov family, Saransk

In Marmaris it’s never boring, you can walk here all day, you can always take a break in cafes, which are very numerous in Marmaris. This resort is suitable for tourists with children, as well as for those who want to enjoy a holiday in silence.

Marmaris is an ideal resort designed to attract tourists, here you can walk, go to bars, swim and sunbathe on the beach, even play a wedding - for this there is simply an ideal atmosphere! During the day there is a huge number of excursions to various places - historical sights, amazing and mysterious caves, parks, the appearance of which is pleasing to the eye.

A large number of excursions are held here, there is the opportunity to visit historical sites, take pictures in exotic places, and also enjoy beautiful views of the sea.