Hotel Villa Ramybė


Vila Ramybe is located 300 meters from the city center, in the area of ​​the Botanical Park. The name of the hotel translates as "calm", which reflects the essence of the atmosphere that prevails in the hotel. Guests are offered 16 rooms: 6 of them are two-room, the rest are one-room, 5 rooms have a kitchenette.

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General description

Hotel Location
Located in Palanga, Villa Ramybė is by the sea and minutes from Antanas Mončys House Museum. Additional area points of interest include Amber Museum. This guesthouse is within close proximity of Botanical Park and Palanga City Pier.

Make yourself at home in one of the 16 guestrooms featuring refrigerators and flat-screen televisions. Free wireless Internet will always stay connected, and satellite TV will not let you get bored. Private bathrooms have complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. Conveniences include coffee / tea makers and complimentary bottled water. Housekeeping is provided daily.

There is a terrace and garden where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view, as well as other services and amenities, including free Wi-Fi.

Cafes and restaurants
Grab a bite to eat at the guesthouse's restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a coffee shop / café where you can always grab a bite to eat.

Business, other amenities and services
The reception is open at scheduled times. Free self parking is available.

Description of taxes and fees applicable at the hotel

The following fees and deposits are charged by the hotel at the time of service, at check-in, or at check-out.

  • Breakfast fee: EUR 5.00 per person (approximately)

The above list may not be complete. Amounts of payments and collateral may be indicated without tax and are subject to change.

Description of mandatory taxes and fees applicable at the hotel

The following additional fees are payable at the hotel:

  • A tax is imposed by the city: EUR 1.00 per person, per night. This tax does not apply to children under the age of 18.

The above list contains all fees indicated by the hotel. However, the amount charged may vary depending on, for example, the room to be booked or the length of stay.

Hotel Reservation Information Villa Ramybė

You can check into the hotel at 14:00.
The exact coordinates of the hotel for the navigator: 55.91217,21.06351.
It is 0.67 km from the center. Total number of rooms - 14.
Real users rated the hotel's facilities, location and overall level 4/5 points.
You can pay with traditional American Express, MasterCard, Visa.

Rhodes Old Town

The city of Rhodes, with the island of the same name, which is also the capital, was built by the Knights Hospitallers. The streets here are lined with cobblestones, old houses, palaces and churches, a fortress and gates have been preserved.

The Old City itself is included in the list of World Cultural Heritage. By the way, the Rhodes fortress is the longest in Europe - 4 km, and to get to the city center you need to go through 11 castle gates. On the lawns along the wall you can see the cannonballs, they reached the fortress, made potholes, but did not pierce it through.

We really enjoyed walking around the Old Town, some of which are completely atypical for the old woman of Europe, more like an eastern town, with winding labyrinths of streets. We have not been to Turkey, but they say it is very similar to a Turkish town with arrows of minarets and Turkish houses with traditional balconies.

The Suleyman the Magnificent Mosque is one of the few buildings of the Turkish period that have survived to this day.

And the most photographed objects in the town are Knights Street

and the palace of the Grand Masters.

Right outside the gates of the Old Town is also the pleasant port of Mandraki for walking,

with the Italian Church of the Annunciation, with a very beautiful interior, atypical for Greek churches.

We lived only 5 km from the town, once, during a morning run along the sea, I just ran to the port) Here, at the entrance to the harbor, there is an old lighthouse and 2 symbols of the city - Rhodes deer and deer, they stand on columns opposite friend, and a little further - medieval mills.

It’s worth to come to the city of Rhodes just to watch the sunset or dine in one of the many restaurants,

and then, of course, take a walk along its streets, watch the locals.

The locals have a tradition - every evening to put out chairs near the house and just sit, look at passers-by or gossip about something with neighbors.

Ancient Kamiros

From the ancient town of Kamiros (IX century BC), only the ruins of tiny houses, temples and the likeness of streets and squares remain, palaces are only half restored.

If you have a wild fantasy, you can safely go to Ancient Kamiros to wander among the ruins, vividly imagining how the ancient Greeks once lived here.

Well, and here we found a couple of good marine species, and for a general acquaintance, also walked a bit among the ruins 🙂

Tsambika (Tsampika, Tsambika)

Mount Tsambika in Rhodes is sacred, on its top is the monastery of the same name, to which a staircase of 307 steps leads. This is a pilgrimage path that especially believers overcome on their knees.

The church has its own legend - once upon a time, here on the top of the hill, the Greeks discovered the miraculous icon of the Holy Virgin, which belonged to the Church of Cyprus, and no matter how much they tried to return the icon to its place, it always returned here. As a result, a small church was built for the icon.

And the miracle of the icon is due to the fact that even childless couples who are trying in vain to have a child by visiting this place, must have received a long-awaited gift. Now this miraculous icon is stored in the monastery at the foot, but the ritual - to climb the hill and put a candle still preserved.

Well, from the top of the hill offers stunning views of the bay and the long sandy beach of Tsambika.

Petaludes Valley or Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a pleasant park in a narrow gorge, with numerous walkways, bridges, and moss-covered steps, which are especially good for walking in the sultry heat, hiding under the shade of styrax trees.

In the summer there is a unique opportunity - to see in one place tens of thousands of dipper butterflies that flock here every year to smell the fragrant resin and hang directly on bunches of grapes

I can’t say that butterflies are beauties, you won’t even notice them at once, they are masters of disguise скорее and their number is most striking, the very fact of such a huge cluster in one place. There are several waterfalls and streams in the park, breathing freshly, in general, for a walk along the gorge you can safely lay half an hour, or even an hour!

Mount Filerimos

The path along the cypress avenue with numerous bas-reliefs along which you can climb to the highest point of the mountain, crowned by a huge 17-meter cross (which you could also climb once), was nicknamed the “Way of Calvary”, because the distance is equal to what Jesus walked carrying his cross.

The place reminded us of a mountain with a cross in Vietnamese Vung Tau 🙂

Do not repeat our mistake - if there is haze in the sky, then you should postpone your visit for the evening, especially since there should be a stunning sunset view from this mountain.

Well, on a clear day, with good visibility, you can clearly see immediately 2 Greek cities - the resort of Ixia and the ancient Ialyssos. We were in the afternoon, therefore, alas, we did not experience the delight of seeing the subtle outlines of the cities.

But as a bonus, there were plenty of peacocks running around, there is a lot of darkness here, yes, and we got into the mating season when they fluff their tails 🙂

Well, of course, lovers of ruins will appreciate the preserved ancient ruins of the ancient town of Yalisa, with the ruins of the temple of Zeus and Athena, as well as knightly castles with frescoes and the Church of the Virgin.

The stunning snow-white ancient town of Lindos is considered typical Greek,

and definitely a must visit!

So many tourists, like here, are hard to see elsewhere in Rhodes, this is a very popular place among travelers and among locals.

This ancient town at the foot of the hill appeared already in the VI century BC. e.,

and survived to the present day,

it’s nice to stroll along the narrow colorful streets of the city,

and climb up to the ancient Acropolis and the walls of the knight's castle, from where a stunning view of the heart-shaped lagoon with azure water opens - St. Paul's Bay.

This is perhaps the most beautiful bay on the island, according to legend, the Apostle Paul stopped here on his way to Jerusalem, so the bay is named after him. The small church in this bay is extremely popular for weddings.

And you can climb the hill with the Acropolis both on foot and on donkeys, we preferred the first option, at the same time we examined the local craftswomen near needlework.

I do not really like ruins, but if they are located somewhere on the mountain, then we definitely go up there.

Because the views from the hill open such that already breathtaking!

If there is no haze, then you can see not only the city at the foot and the neighboring sandy beach with a bay where you really want to freshen up, but also endless expanses, including St. Peter's Bay and neighboring islands.

After a walk around the Acropolis (he, incidentally, is the second most important after the Athens),

we went downstairs and in the old town we had lunch in one of the species taverns, I don’t even remember what I liked more - the very view and atmosphere of the restaurant or fresh seafood in it 🙂

Seven sources or "Seven miracles"

In this place, there really are 7 sources, small streams that hit from the ground and form a lake. The interest of tourists, however, like ours, is another object in the neighborhood - a dark narrow tunnel, which just leads to this very lake.

Every second tourist wants to tickle his nerves and go through the tunnel. The fact is that the tunnel is completely dark, and you need to go through it barefoot, being ankle-deep in cold water, it is not recommended to use telephones and flashlights in order not to disturb the atmosphere and mysteries of tradition.

There are 2 beliefs connected with the tunnel, following which you can choose to either rejuvenate for 10 years or get rid of 7 sins. We passed too - I don’t know, probably rejuvenated 🙂

Well, and behind the tunnel, if you go a little to the side along a nature trail, you can see a beautiful artificial waterfall.

Kallithea Springs (Therms of Kallithea)

Once upon a time there were healing springs here,

Now it’s just a pleasant natural complex with the former name Kallithea Springs,

where you can swim in the crystal clear water, sunbathe on the sun loungers and have a bite to eat in the cafe.

In general, the nature in the district is simply amazing, especially with regard to sea cliffs.

The ancient marble pavilions have been restored, so that in their shade and coolness you can hide from the sultry sun.

Anthony Quinn Bay

This bay is named after a real person - the famous actor of the last century, writer and artist Anthony Quinn. The film “Cannons of the Island of Navaron” was shot in the bay with his participation, but the Greeks themselves fell in love with Anthony Quinn for the movie masterpiece “Greek Zorba”, in which the actor performed a Greek dance, and the melody from which became a hit. The film "Greek Zorba", by the way, received an Oscar.

At the end of the shooting, the actor rented a house in a picturesque bay, and then bought it in order to stay here for a long time. The government was very pleased with the presence of the star, or rather, the effect that its presence had produced - the bay began to attract tourists / fans of the actor like a magnet, so the bay decided to give the name of the actor.

I am sure that even if Anthony Quinn hadn’t lived in this bay, and if it had been called otherwise, tourists would have chosen this place anyway! Firstly, the bay itself, framed by bizarre rocks, as a natural place is very picturesque, the water changes its color from turquoise to sapphire during the day, and secondly, it is easy to get here - there are public transport to the nearest resort towns, from which you can already walk to the bay on foot.

Now Anthony Quinn Bay is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable beaches on the island - clear water, the bay is protected from waves and wind, there are sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and cafes.

Ostrich farm

There is a place in Rhodes that is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are relaxing on the island with children - this is an ostrich farm

and a mini zoo next to her.

At the entrance you can buy bags of corn kernels and feed ostriches - this is the most important entertainment. At the same time, only 2-3 of the calmest males are selected for feeding, who eat carefully, but females are not allowed to visit tourists at all, because they often behave inappropriately)

Ostriches are housed in families on a farm - one male and 2-3 females live in the pen. The males are quite aggressive and if two adult males are placed with the female, they will fight for their status until the last, until one of them dies. But in general, ostriches, it turns out, live quite a long time, about 60-70 years.

Ostriches are grown for meat and for hatching eggs. They lay eggs from 2 to 35 years old, and each hatch for about 40 days, and young individuals are used for meat, up to 1 year.

One ostrich egg weighs about 2 kg, it is enough for about 10 omelets. There is also a restaurant at the farm where you can try omelettes, steaks and ostrich meat patties. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy all sorts of shell crafts, and on the farm you can see the largest beads in the world, also made from eggs, of course, they’re lying under glass)


Most of the vineyards of Rhodes are located around Mount Attaviros, at altitudes reaching 800 m. In the highlands, a white variety of atiri is cultivated, and a red variety of mendaria (amoriano) is cultivated on flat places.

Both those and other vineyards can be visited in order to taste / buy as a gift various wines or just to have lunch with a view of the endless vineyards.

In summer, the grapes are still unripe, so we were unable to eat fresh fruits from the bush 🙁

Crafts in Rhodes

If you see some local production, whether it be a soap factory, a honey farm or a ceramic workshop, do not be shy, you can look everywhere, see and ask the craftsmen.

The Greeks are friendly enough, well, they will bite you))

As a rule, all workshops and farms have their own shop where you can buy products of their craft.


There is another attraction of Rhodes on the island, which, alas, we have not reached, is called the “kiss of two seas”. Yes, that's right, because having arrived here, you can swim in two seas at once - the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

This place is located on the southernmost cape of Rhodes, and the sea is divided by a huge sand spit. The place was chosen by kiters and surfers. I love such places!

So, for us this is at least one significant reason to return someday to the island of Rhodes.


Excellent beaches, well-developed infrastructure, an extensive excursion program, the most picturesque places of the island - all this makes Rhodes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

You can travel to Rhodes both by public transport and by a rented car or motobike, here the choice is yours.

The latest options will undoubtedly make your vacation more diverse and mobile. We looked at all the places described in the article, moving by car, the roads and traffic on the island are normal. Along the way, we discovered and visited several interesting places where we did not initially plan to visit 🙂

Car rental in Rhodes

We looked for a rental car in several places: firstly, we asked on the spot (since the car was needed not on the first day of arrival, we did not book in advance, although we usually do just that), but there was nothing free, or the price were higher or insurance conditions worse.

Secondly, we looked at EconomyBookings - this is the largest aggregator, which almost always has the best prices and conditions, so most often in Europe we rent through them.

But in the end, they booked it in another place altogether - through Myrenatcar service. This is something like an aggregator, but which does not search for large network companies, but manually collects data in small local rental offices. Due to this price, they often get lower (but not always).

They have only 6 countries, we booked through Montenegro through them - there they were almost out of competition, and here everything is not so simple, but it turned out to be more profitable for our dates. We rented a Toyota Aygo with a car, for two it’s a very suitable car. Not very powerful, but it rides well. I also liked at Myrenatcar that they book a specific car, not a class of cars or an analogue, and in addition, we did not have a franchise (but there are quite a few such options).

I do not advise you to book directly on sites, or even more so at the airport at the racks of large companies like Avis, Sixt and others. In 99% of cases, accessing them through the same EconomyBookings is more profitable.

Life hack: Very often, the cost of booking per day very much depends on the total duration of the rental. So, for example, a car can cost $ 42 / day, when renting for 1-2 days, and when renting for 3 days - a day will cost $ 24. Thus, for 2 days you will pay $ 84, and 3 days - $ 72 - a paradox! The same story happens with booking for 6 days - sometimes the price for a week is the same as for 5 or 6 days.

In general, I recommend checking EconomyBookings and Myrenatcar to see where conditions are more suitable for you.

Also read our very detailed article in which we talk about all the intricacies of car rental in Rhodes:

Where to stay in Rhodes?

If your main goal is a beach holiday in Rhodes, then it makes sense to choose a hotel closer to a good bathing beach. On this subject, read our super-detailed article Rhodes Beaches - the most complete overview of the island's beaches and the mark on the map.

We also made a selection of good hotels in different price categories near excellent beaches.

A selection of hotels in Rhodes

  • Saint Amon Hotel
  • Paul's Garden Studios
  • Castello del cavaliere
  • Vergina sun
  • Rea hotel
  • Villa olive grove
  • Bay view
  • Helios aparts
  • Johannes Apartments
  • Mediterraneo
  • Anelia Boutique Apartments
  • Kastri boutique beach
  • Rodos palladium
  • Esperos mare
  • Kouros exclusive
  • Atrium palace
  • Blue dream
  • Porto angeli

From All Inclusive we can recommend

  • Sentido port royal
  • Kolymbia sun

View all Rhodes hotel options

You can rent a house in Rhodes from the locals using the Airbnb website .

A lot of useful information about Greece - where to go, what to do, what to see, etc. can be found on the website of the Greek National Tourism Organization.

Advantageous Flights to Rhodes

Have you been to Greece or specifically to Rhodes? Do you like the island? If you managed to visit Rhodes where we were not, write in the comments, thanks to you, the list of Rhodes attractions will be even more complete!

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