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With the guide of our site it will be easier for you to deal with the most interesting places in Finland. The main attractions of Tampere will not leave you indifferent, many of them are unique historical relics. The connection with the history of the state is reflected in the architectural design of some buildings, so you can feel it just by walking around the surroundings. read more

Of course, it is mandatory to visit the most famous sights of Tampere, as the saying that it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times is fully justified. Do not forget to take beautiful photos and a modern selfie on their background. However, not only historical places deserve attention. You can visit the new attractions of Tampere, which reflect the modern culture of the people.

Traveling on your own, without a guide, be sure to schedule your “visits” to the most interesting places in this city. The rating of attractions is available on our website. You can read reviews and get something for yourself. It’s better to think about where you’d like to go in advance. Not all establishments work every day, and some open only for a few hours. Tampere, whose map of attractions is available on the pages of our online guide, has made a lasting impression on you. And if you want to leave messages about your impressions after the trip, we will only be happy about it! Supplement our information, write reviews about the sights of Tampere, photos of which you will take during a visit to this city. Perhaps they will help other tourists to decide on visiting interesting places in this country.

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Just as those for whom religion is not an empty sound will not leave indifferent the magnificent buildings of the Cathedral, the Old Church, the Church of Aleksanteri, the Church of Kalev. The churches of the Messiaakul, the Orthodox Church - built in different styles, in different eras, majestic and simple, they have a rich history and serve as bridges between the material and spiritual worlds.

Today, industrial Tampere is becoming more and more a city of IT-technologies and communications, they are working on innovative projects and developing nanotechnologies. One of the districts of the city - Hervanta became a kind of nano-incubator. Here is the research center "Hermia". The Police Museum is located in the Herwant district police school, whose exhibition is interesting to both children and adults. There is also a Spy Museum in Tampere, a Hockey Museum, a Puppet Museum, a Museum of stones and minerals, a Moomin Museum, and many art museums and galleries.

There are many events connected with the city of Tampere, which are described by the adjective “first”. I already mentioned the part, it remains to mention that in 1900 the first Finnish steam engine was assembled in Tampere, in 1909 the first Finnish car, in 1923 the first Finnish radio broadcast was broadcast, the first indoor hockey stadium was built in 1965, in 1974 in the year the first call in the world of the “NMT” mobile system was made, in 1984 an operation using the first biodegradable transplanted tissue in the world was carried out at the University Hospital, the first call in the world of the “GSM” mobile system was again from Tampere in 1991 and the first communicator tori gave the world in 1996 by Nokia.

Residents of Tampere are not in vain proud of their city and are always glad to see their guests. Come, you will surely find what to see and where to visit!

Interesting places Tampere

The site contains Tampere attractions - photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Tampere, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Tampere.

Lenin Museum

The Lenin Museum is the first Lenin Museum created outside the Soviet Union, and currently the only permanent museum outside of Russia dedicated to the life and work of the leader of the revolution, as well as the era of socialism.

This museum was founded on January 20, 1946 on the anniversary of the death of Lenin (January 21). A proposal to create a museum was made already in the 1920s, shortly after the country gained independence. After the collapse of the USSR and the closure of the Central Lenin Museum in Moscow (1993), the museum in Tampere remained the only Lenin museum in the world, which is constantly open. In 1993, the museum was visited by the smallest number of tourists, but subsequently the growth in the number of visitors resumed. In many ways, the news from Reuters that the Lenin’s body was supposedly transferred to this institution (in fact, it turned out to be a joke of the museum director Aimo Minkkinen) influenced the revival of interest in the museum.

Tampere Airport

Tampere is one of the largest cities in Finland, founded in the eighteenth century on the shores of Tamerkoski. Original Finnish architecture, magnificent landscapes, mountain ranges formed by retreating glaciers, virtually untouched forests and crystal lake surface make this city attractive for tourists.

Tampere Airport is located seventeen kilometers from the city, near the village of Pirkkala. This is Finland’s third largest passenger traffic, with over six hundred thousand passengers passing through it every year. The airport was opened in 1979 instead of the airport in Härmälä, which could not cope with the growing load. The length of the airport runway is two kilometers seven hundred meters. The geography of accepted flights is very wide - Helsingi, Stockholm, Riga, Copenhagen, Bergamo, Edinburgh, London and others.

The airport is connected to Tampere by shuttle buses of V & # 228 in & # 246 Paunu Oy, you can also use the services of a local taxi or car rental service.

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Museum of espionage

The espionage museum is located in Finland in the city of Tampere; it was not accidentally opened in Finland. The country is located between west and east, which makes it an excellent platform for espionage. Its opening took place in 1988.

Inside the museum are various photographs of all the famous spies, such as Richard Sorge, Mata Hari and others.

All exhibits are allowed to touch, use and conduct experiments on yourself, here you will find a lie detector, and various devices for changing your voice and many interesting things.

The museum has departments that were created so that everyone chooses what he likes.

The departments are represented in it: “Undercover Agents”, “Women Spies”, “Ninja”, “Weapons of Spies”. The museum also has a special department dedicated exclusively to Russian spies, and their biography can be read in Russian.

The espionage museum often hosts various thematic exhibitions. At the exit from the museum, everyone will be able to visit a spy shop and buy some interesting things from memory: a pen with invisible ink or a compass and much more.

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Apia Public Park is located on the lake and includes the Summer Theater. Adventure park, swimming area and sports center with pool.

The park is located just a few minutes walk from the city center.

Here you can go in for sports, lie on the beach, and children can spend time in the Adventure Park - splashing around in shallow lagoons, playing in towers and bastions.

On the lake there is a skate park and a beach volleyball field, as well as a sauna.

In winter, people are invited to swim in the ice hole. A walking trail with a length of 3.3 km is laid along the shore of the lake; in the evening, the road is illuminated.

Hervant Ski Center

Hervanta Resort is a small ski resort, the twin of the neighboring resort of Mustavuori. Located 8 kilometers from Tampere city center.

The resort is equipped with three ski slopes 350 meters long, including one for children.

On the slopes there are two ski lifts, a multi-lift, with a total capacity of 2800 people / hour, evening lighting of the slopes, snow cannons, a restaurant, a rental, ski and snowboarding schools.

The maximum length of the descent is 350 meters, the maximum vertical drop is 59 meters. The resort also has a 16-kilometer trail for lovers of flat skis.

The slopes are open for visitors on weekdays from 14:00 to 20:00, on weekends 10:00 to 19:00.

Ski center Mustavuori

The ski center Mustavuori, which is translated as Black Mountain, is located 11 km west of Tampere.

The resort is equipped with three small ski slopes 350 meters long, including one for children. There is a snowboard park with jumps.

The slopes are equipped with two tow lifts, one multi-lift, with a total capacity of 2800 people / hour, evening lighting, snow cannons. The difference in height is 69 meters. Equipment rental is available, there is a ski school and a snowboarding school, where you can use the services of an instructor.

The slopes are open daily on weekdays from 14:00 to 20:00, on weekends 10:00 to 19:00.

Lakeside Golf in Tampere

Lakeside Golf (literally translated as Lake Golf) is a diverse 36-hole golf course in western Finland, near the city of Tampere. The golf club offers everything in order to enjoy the game: personalized service, pleasant atmosphere and excellent opportunities for your favorite hobby.

The playing field at Lakeside Golf exceeds all expectations. The picturesque landscapes are some of the best in Finland: sparkling views of the lake, green forests, rolling hills, beautiful nature.

Getting to Lakeside Golf is not at all difficult - the road from Tampere will take no more than 30 minutes. If the game of golf will tire you, then at your service a cozy hotel located near the field.

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Hatanpyaya Arboretum

Hatanpää Arboretum - Hatanpää Arboretum, located in the Finnish city of Tampere, combines three parks on one territory of about 11 hectares. This is, first of all, the Hatanpaya mansion with the old Cartano manor park surrounding it.

Here you can find plants planted back in the 18th century, when the Baron owned the mansion. The manor park dates back to the 19th century - it is easy to notice that its layout was influenced by English gardens, which were in fashion at that time. The path from the mansion is curving down to Lake Pihajärvi.

On the way there are two old Canadian spruce trees with majestic crowns, which they nicknamed the Hat and Hat. As expected, they were planted in the 18th century during the reign of political parties of the same name.

On the south side of the Hatanpaa mansion, which today functions as a Puppet and Costume Museum, there is a small rose garden in a beautiful place. It was created on the site of the former orchard, which is reminded today of several of the remaining adult apple trees.

The Latin and Finnish names of each plant are written on the tablets here. There are also information boards that suggest which plants and where you can find in this part of the park.

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