15 interesting sights of Varna


Varna is one of the famous Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. It attracts thousands of people annually, the city can surprise with its historical and cultural heritage. He is the birthplace of the popular Russian pop singer Philip Kirkorov. In the article I will tell you what sights you should definitely see and where to go for a tourist in one day.

Armenian Church of St. Sarkis

One of the 10 Armenian churches in Bulgaria, operating today. The interior decoration is simply mesmerizing, on the walls you can see the Byzantine painting. A feature of this church is the lack of an iconostasis in front of the altar.

The main decoration of the church is the modest drawings of St. Sargis, episodes of the life of Christ. Visitors can hear recorded religious songs of the Armenian people. In 2002 there was an extensive restoration of the temple.

Assumption Cathedral

The largest temple in Varna is the three-nave domed cathedral. It was built in 1886 in memory of Russian soldiers who liberated the city from the Ottoman yoke. The cathedral is located on the central city square of Cyril and Methodius. It presents a collection of ancient icons, stained glass windows and frescoes.

Its grandeur strikes with the richest paintings of the vaults, carved and openwork design of the throne of the patriarch. The murals of the cathedral were completed in the post-war years, and in the late 60s. designed stunning stained glass windows. On holidays and Sunday, parishioners and tourists can listen to the singing of the church male choir.

Roman baths

In the II-III century AD Roman baths were built in Varna. This is the best preserved monument of Roman culture in Bulgaria. These baths are the largest in the whole country and 4 in size in Europe.

From the surviving fragments, one can understand the scale of the Roman Empire in those days. You can find these historic ruins among the residential quarter. Entrance to the territory is paid - 10 lev.

Varna Zoo

Walking in the Seaside Park is definitely worth a visit to the zoo. This is not to say that this zoo is remarkable for something, it is small and can be avoided in an hour or two by a leisurely step.

It will be interesting to visit it for families with children, because it is here that you can touch nature and get acquainted with animals brought from different parts of the world. Beasts live in concrete enclosures, you can watch them from afar. Entrance to the zoo for an adult costs 1.5 leva, for children and adolescents - 0.5 lev.

Varna Aquarium

An integral part of the tourism program is the Aquarium in Varna. It has been open since 1932, the exhibition is divided into several rooms where visitors can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Black Sea.

The museum exhibits not only living abodes of the sea, but also presents skeletons of ancient fish, having studied which young visitors will be able to learn in detail about the life of marine inhabitants. The cost of admission is 4 leva.

Varna Dolphinarium

For families who come to Varna with children, we recommend visiting the dolphinarium. The dolphinarium building itself was built in Soviet times in 1984, the pool is relatively small (12 * 15 m), there lives a "family" of 5 dolphins that were brought from Cuba.

City guests are invited to watch a fascinating show featuring these cute mammals. This dolphinarium is also notable for the fact that already 2 dolphin cubs have appeared in its walls, which today actively participate in performances.

The schedule of the show is constantly changing, you can watch it on the official website.

Archaeological Museum

For small Bulgaria, this is a rather large and rich museum, in its collection of more than 55 thousand exhibits. It is located in an elegant mansion made in the Neo-Renaissance style. Here are collected unique finds from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, a collection of tools and weapons of the Stone Age.

This museum presents a collection of gold items 9 total weight of 5, 5 kg), which were found by archaeologists during excavations of an ancient burial site in the city.

Ethnographical museum

The Renaissance building housed one of Varna’s most interesting museums. The Ethnographic Museum was opened in 1974. This place will be interesting to visit for those who are fond of history and culture, here are presented objects of culture and everyday life of this region in the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries.

On the 1st floor the main types of occupations are presented - animal husbandry, agriculture, fishing, viticulture, crafts, etc. On the second floor, visitors can get acquainted with folk costumes.

Aladzha Monastery

17 km from Varna and 3 km from Golden Sands in the Golden Sands National Park is an interesting cultural and historical attraction. For those who are keen on ancient history, you should definitely visit the Aladzha Monastery, hidden from prying eyes in the caves of the rocks.

about the XVIII century. it was a functioning monastery, since the mid-50s of the last century it has been called a monument of Bulgarian culture. In the 40-meter rock, all 20 rooms of the monastery and 3 churches are carved.

Naval museum

The national tourist attraction in Bulgaria is the Naval Museum. You can find it on the coast, in the city Sea Garden. The entire history of the country is in the museum’s collection: the creation of a powerful fleet, key stages in shipbuilding and shipping.

Particularly noteworthy is the destroyer Daring, which in 1912 sank the Turkish cruiser Khamidze. Tourists can see with their own eyes the surviving fragments of ships found at the bottom of the sea. You can also see desktop models showing the diversity of the fleet.

The museum operates in the season (from April to October) from 10 to 18, and in the rest of the period from 9-30 to 17.30.

Park Museum "Vladislav Varnenchik"

On the outskirts of Varna there is a park and a memorial complex of the national hero Vladislav Varnenchik. The museum presents knightly armor, equipment and weapons of the XV century. Found on the battlefield, as well as works of art dedicated to the Battle of Varna. This place is sure to impress lovers and connoisseurs of history.

Museum of History

In one of the old houses of Varna there is a museum of history, the exhibits of which will acquaint visitors with the cultural and economic development of the city from 1878-1939.

The museum was founded in 1969. Here you can see many historical things: the first loom, sewing machines, musical instruments and much more. Photos of old streets and houses of the city are also exhibited. The museum will be interesting to those who are interested in the history and culture of the Bulgarian people.

Retro Museum

A little-known attraction of Varna is the retro museum of the socialist past. It is definitely worth a visit for absolutely everyone, because it has something to see. Those who wish can find it on one of the floors of the Grand Mall Varna. Here you can see a gorgeous collection of cars, household appliances, posters, toys, household items produced by the USSR and NRB and other countries of the former Union.

The pride of the museum is a collection of retro cars. Another asset is the wax figures of the socialist leaders who were created in Madame Tussauds studio. You can make a couple of shots with Brezhnev, Fidel Castro and others.

Seaside Park "Morska Gradina"

This park stretches along the coast for several kilometers. "Morska Gradina" is rightfully considered the "lungs" of the city, there are a huge number of plants and trees. Visitors and locals stroll leisurely in the shade of numerous alleys. All roads will certainly lead here.

The park requires restoration, everything here has remained untouched since the times of the USSR. On the territory of the Seaside Park there is a dolphinarium, a zoo, a planetarium, a terrarium, the Naval Museum, etc. You should definitely visit the Summer Theater, where festivals are often held and concerts of world stars are organized.

Stone forest

18 km from the sea capital of 70 sq. Km. there is a natural wonder Valley "Stone Forest". There are stone columns up to 7 m high and diameters up to 3 m .. amazing. You should definitely come here to see this natural phenomenon with your own eyes.

To visit the Stone Forest, it is better to choose not a hot day. to take a leisurely stroll and take unique pictures. Many visitors say that there is some kind of special energy. You can get here on your own from Varna to the village of Aksakovo, and then by taxi.

What sights to see in Varna in one day

If you get to Varna for just one day, this time will be enough for you to get acquainted with the sea capital of Bulgaria. In the first, we recommend going to the Seaside Park, there you can not only hide in the shade of trees, but you can also visit the Aquarium, the Dolphinarium, the terrarium, the zoo and the Naval Museum Complex.

For those who are interested in the history of the people and want to learn more about culture, we recommend visiting the stunning museums of Varna: archaeological, ethnic, history and not forgetting about the retro museum, it will pleasantly surprise you with its collection of exhibits.

One day will not be enough to explore Varna

If you have more than 1 day to get to know the city, we advise you to visit the natural wonder “Stone Forest” near the city. For 2 days you can plan the Roman baths, as well as the Aladzha Monastery, cathedrals and temples.

To come here is not only to plunge into the warm Black Sea and soak up the beach, there is something to see for both families with children and lovers to visit museums. If you have time, we recommend visiting such equally interesting cities as Burgas, Nessebar and Sofia.