18 best sights in Abu Dhabi


The luxurious capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, has grown amid the barren desert in just a few decades. In the late 1960s. last century in its place was an unremarkable settlement of fishermen and pearl hunters. After the discovery of generous oil reserves, a “golden rain” poured onto the city. In just 40-50 years, it has become one of the most expensive, technologically advanced and pretentious cities in the world.

During the construction of Abu Dhabi skyscrapers, the latest technologies were applied and the most daring architectural solutions of the future were implemented. That is why the city looks like a figment of the imagination of a science fiction writer. Striving to surpass each other in brilliance and wealth, Arab sheikhs are constantly investing in the construction of grand mosques, lush hotels and shopping centers of incredible size.

What to see and where to go to Abu Dhabi?

The most interesting and beautiful places for walking. Photos and a brief description.

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The mosque was erected in 2007 and named after the founder of the UAE - Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan al-Nahyan. In architectural terms, the building is a mixture of Moorish, Arabic and Persian styles. The floor of the mosque is covered with the largest carpet in the world with an area of ​​more than 5.6 thousand m². The hall is decorated with seven huge chandeliers decorated with Swarovski crystals. The building can accommodate up to 40 thousand believers.

2. Etihad Towers

A modern architectural ensemble consisting of five skyscrapers. It is located in the western part of Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf. The tallest building reaches 300 meters. The complex has residential apartments, shops, offices, conference rooms, restaurants and a luxury hotel. In one of the towers on the 74th floor there is an observation deck with a panoramic view.

3. Al-Bahar Towers

Twin skyscrapers erected in 2012 in the eastern part of Abu Dhabi. The facade design was developed in partnership with the British company Arup Engineers. Architects brought to life the idea of ​​a harmonious combination of traditional features of Arabian architecture and cutting-edge design, which gave the towers an unusual futuristic look. The outer walls of the buildings consist of sliding panels that move when exposed to sunlight.

4. Skyscraper "Capital Gate"

The skyscraper is built in the form of a “falling tower”. Its external facade consists of a reinforcing mesh, on which glass diamond-shaped panels are fixed. The construction was erected in the period from 2007 to 2011. During the implementation of the project, the latest developments in the field of environmental construction and energy-saving technologies were used. The building houses commercial offices and a five-star hotel.

5. Skyscraper "Aldar HQ"

A unique skyscraper, repeating the shape of a seashell. The walls of the building are symmetrically curved surfaces made of concrete, steel and glass. The construction reaches a height of 110 meters, it installed innovative automatic life-support systems. Inside is the office of Aldar. The building is a recognized masterpiece of modern high-tech architecture.

6. Embankment Cornish

A well-maintained coastal strip stretching along the coast of the Persian Gulf for 10 km. On the promenade are numerous parks, gardens, fountains, hotels, clubs and restaurants. The place is perfectly adapted for walking, jogging and cycling. The best time to visit the Cornish is considered to be the evening hours, when the magnificent backlight turns on.

7. Shopping center “Marina Mall”

One of the largest and most visited shopping centers in Abu Dhabi, which is located near the Emirates Palace Hotel. For visitors there is a real skating rink, a cinema, a bowling alley, children's playgrounds, numerous restaurants and shops located at several trading levels. The Marina Mall even has its own observation deck, located on top of the tower.

8. Theme Park "Ferrari World"

Amusement park, opened in 2012. The theme of the place is connected with the history of the famous automobile brand “Ferrari”. Very unusual attractions are located inside, such as a carousel from prototype cars, 3D shows about the work of Ferrari engineers, ultra-fast roller coasters. Also in the park there is an exhibition gallery of cars, an interactive theater, a children's racing school and much more.

9. The race track "Yas Marina"

The track adapted for the Formula 1 competition, which is located on the artificial island of Yas near the yacht harbor, the Yas Mall shopping center and the Ferrari World park. Since 2009, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been held here. The length of the route is 5.5 km. The maximum speed that a car can develop while driving is 317 km / h. The stands are designed for 50 thousand people.

10. Water Park "Yas Waterworld"

The water park is located on the island of Yas, which is a popular tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. YasWaterworld covers an area of ​​15 hectares. On its territory there are more than 40 attractions, some of them are unique. In the design of the water park, the main role is played by the “pearl” theme, since in the past the inhabitants of the emirate traded mainly by the extraction of pearls on the shores of the bay.

11. Historical and ethnographic village

Ethnographic complex consisting of traditional Bedouin dwellings. The open-air museum was created in 1997 to preserve the historical heritage of Abu Dhabi. In the village you can learn a lot about the traditional crafts of the inhabitants of the emirate, look at the life that was typical of this area before the onset of the oil era. Around the historical complex there are several five-star hotels.

12. Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi

The clinic specializes in providing veterinary assistance to falcons. This bird is one of the national symbols of Abu Dhabi due to the sheikhs' special love for falconry. Since 2006, the clinic began to treat other species of birds, and since 2008, pets. Tourists can go to the territory of the medical institution on special days, visit the local museum and watch the birds in special enclosures.

13. National Automobile Museum

Private collection of cars of Sheikh Abu Dhabi Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, which everyone can visit. Among the interesting specimens of the exposition is a rare Rolls-Royce, which once belonged to the British royal family, a Dodge of five meters height, a huge “house on wheels”, created in accordance with the preferences of the owner, and many other exotic models.

14. Fort Al Husn

The creation of the fortress dates from the beginning of the XVIII century, which makes it one of the oldest buildings in Abu Dhabi. The structure was erected on the site of a fresh spring and gradually turned into the center of a growing settlement - the future city of Abu Dhabi. Until 1966, the residence of the sheikh was located on the territory of the fort. Since 2007, full access to the fortress has been opened for tourists. Very quickly, it turned into a popular attraction.

15. Cornish Beach

The public beach of Abu Dhabi, divided into family, women and free public areas. The place is marked with the international “blue flag”, which confirms its cleanliness, security and well-developed infrastructure. The beach stretches for 4 km along the Persian Gulf. In the high season and during the weekend there are quite crowded. Near the beach there is a cozy park and ample parking.

16. Saadiyat Beach

A strip of dazzling white sand stretching for several kilometers along the bay, which is located on the island of Saadiyat - one of the tourist centers of Abu Dhabi. For visitors, there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay: changing rooms, showers, deckchairs with umbrellas, cells for storing valuables and other infrastructure elements. Near the beach there are several 5 * hotels.

17. Zoo Abu Dhabi

The zoo was founded in 1968. Overhaul was carried out in 2006. Since then, he has become one of the largest menageries in the Middle East. Lions, tigers, gazelles, monkeys, kangaroos, snakes and other species of animals brought from Africa, India, Australia and neighboring regions of the UAE live here. In a separate zone, the inhabitants of the Arabian desert live, who lead mainly a nocturnal lifestyle.

18. Mangrove Reserve Abu Dhabi

A green oasis in the middle of a vast desert where you can enjoy freshness and coolness. The reserve’s ecosystem is under strict state protection, therefore all vehicles with an internal combustion engine are prohibited here. Tourists are offered mini rides on boats with electric motors and kayaks. The reserve is inhabited by flamingos, turtles, crabs, black herons and other representatives of the fauna.

19. Hotel Emirates Palace

The most luxurious hotel complex in Abu Dhabi, reminiscent of the sheikh's fabulous palace. For tourists who are not its guests, entry inside is possible only with a guide. You can walk freely in the vast parkland that surrounds the building. In the lobby of the Emirates Palace there is a detailed layout of the city, which shows the stages of development of Abu Dhabi since the 60s. XX century.

20. Observation deck “Observation Deck at 300”

The site is located on the 74th floor of a skyscraper (300 meters above sea level), which is part of the Etihad Towers complex. This is the highest point from which you can admire the magnificent panorama of the city. It offers views of the Persian Gulf, skyscrapers, islands and the Emirates Palace Hotel. The Observation Deck at 300 has a small restaurant with various drinks, desserts and light snacks.

Who will be interested in visiting Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is just a haven for shoppers. Here are the world's largest shopping centers with boutiques of legendary brands. There are about 20 of them, and in each shopping center you can spend the whole day enjoying shopping and visiting entertainment areas. In the capital of the UAE, there is even a gold shopping center where only jewelry is sold. And you can buy locally made goods and souvenirs in one of the major markets of the city.

Those who are interested in visiting historical places or seeing the world’s masterpieces of architecture with their own eyes will also not be bored. Abu Dhabi is rich in buildings with interesting modern solutions and more. You will find the National Automobile Museum, the Arabian Louvre and a dozen more interesting museums.

Amusement rides will especially enjoy Abu Dhabi. It offers 5 large-scale theme parks - some of them are recognized as the largest in the world.

Beach holidays are also on top. White volcanic sand does not heat up in the sun, and the gentle entrance to the water is ideal for families with children. The beaches are equipped with everything necessary; rescue teams operate everywhere. There are chic promenades that are beautiful at any time of the day.

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi

The Arabian Louvre is a very interesting solution, and it is not a branch of the Paris Museum. But for a 30-year lease of this name, the Arabs paid the French about 400 million euros. Compared to other architectural structures of the capital, the Louvre is not particularly noticeable, but inside the tourists there is a real delight! The openwork roof creates a shadow, like palm trees in an oasis, and the snow-white walls of the museum halls are surrounded by water, creating the feeling that the museum is in the open.

The exposition includes about 300 exhibits rented from the Louvre, Versailles, the Georges Pompidou Center and the Orsay Museum. The main idea of ​​the exposition is to show common themes and ideas that unite all cultures of the world.

Historical and Ethnographic Village of Abu Dhabi

The open-air museum, created to preserve the ethnographic heritage of Abu Dhabi. Tourists in the village can get acquainted with the traditional crafts of the inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates, look at their life before the "oil era" and at the traditional dwellings of the Bedouins. Not far from the historical complex is the village of Pearl Catchers and the Palace of Qasr al-Hosn.

Qasr al-Hosn Palace

The oldest building in the city. This attraction preserves the heritage of Abu Dhabi. Behind the fortress is a snow-white palace, and in the neighborhood is a historical ethnographic village. You can visit Qasr al-Hosn on any day except Friday.

Ferrari World Park

The world's largest indoor theme park is called Disneyland for adults. The World of Ferrari is located on one of the artificial islands of the UAE. The topic corresponds to the name and is associated with a well-known brand. The park has more than 20 attractions, a roller coaster, racing simulators, separate thematic zones, a museum and a cinema.

The fastest roller coaster is also here. Trolleys on the ride accelerate to 240 km / h! Fans of more relaxed entertainment are offered a car ride on a real Ferrari along the imitated Italian tracks. There are also rides for children and even a children's racing driving school.

Amusement Park - Warner Bros

A completely new park, which opened in the summer of 2018, looks like a city under a roof with an area of ​​more than 150 thousand m2. The basis of his idea was the romance of the Hollywood film studio "Warner Brothers". There are six districts: in each there are real streets, houses, cafes and shops, decorated based on famous films.

On the streets of a fabulous town you can meet famous heroes, for example, Superman or Batman. The park is located on the same artificial island as Ferrari World. There are 29 attractions, and the infrastructure allows you to spend in the city all day. By the way, all the souvenirs that are sold at WB are created exclusively for this park.

Yas Waterworld - water park

The artificially created island of Yas is being built up with cosmic speed! Several large-scale attractions of the capital are located on it at once. Yas Waterworld Waterpark is one of them. You are waiting for 43 attractions, 5 of which have no analogues in the world. Slides are divided into 4 levels of extreme.

Fans of surfing will enjoy the attraction with three-meter waves. There are also children's areas with safe slides and shallow pools. The theme of the park is dedicated to the girl Dana, who, in search of a pearl, met with sea monsters and passed their tests.

Formula I track

Favorite place for speed fans. The track is notable first of all for the competitions “Formula 1 Grand Prix”, which many motorsport fans dream of getting into. But in addition to spectacular competitions, there is something to do between the races. On the Yas Marina you can go karting or sports cars. And lovers of cycling can ride the bike on the track, and for free.

Promenade and Cornish Beach

The cleanest beach, 4 km long, is divided into women’s and children’s and common areas. Moreover, there are both paid and free places. The beaches are equipped with everything you need, there are good areas for football and volleyball. The depth is shallow, the swimming area is surrounded by buoys. The place is marked with the international “blue flag”, which confirms its environmental friendliness, safety and well-developed infrastructure.

The 10 km long promenade of the same name is perfect for walking, jogging and cycling. On its territory there are many gardens, parks, fountains and restaurants. It is best to visit the promenade in the evening, when a beautiful light comes on.

Yas Mall - a shopping and entertainment complex on the island of Yas

Yas Mall is the largest shopping center in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the second largest in the country. There are 400 shops, 90 restaurants, cafes and fast foods, several amusement parks, a Geant hypermarket and a VOX Cinema with 20 halls (the most innovative in the Middle East). From the shopping center you can go directly to the Ferrari World Park via a foot bridge. Yas Mall itself has wide boulevards and streets, and in its center is a green garden with fountains.

Aldar HQ Skyscraper - the most unusual building in the world

Aldar HQ is the world's first circular building. The skyscraper was one of the first environmentally friendly office buildings in Abu Dhabi, thanks to maximum natural light, its own water supply and a vacuum trash system.The building looks simply amazing - like a huge bright blue lens that dominates the surrounding landscape.

Shopping center "Marina Mall"

Marina Mall has long been in the TOP of main attractions in Abu Dhabi. It is easy to spend the whole day in this complex, since there are more than 400 shops and restaurants, various events are held daily. Inside, there is a Bounce trampoline park with phenomenal 40-meter slides, the latest slacklines, a zipline for extreme sportsmen and an 18-meter free fall attraction. There is also a large cinema, an ice rink, an observation deck with panoramic views, a bowling center, several music fountains and playgrounds.

Top 10 most interesting sights of Abu Dhabi

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. A snow-white building, famous for its expensive marble decoration and a chandelier with a diameter of 10m.
  2. Embankment "Cornish". 8 kilometers of walking area, sandy beach and unusual fountains.
  3. Hotel Emirates Palace. The palace has 114 domes surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens.
  4. Skyscraper "Aldar HQ". The first round skyscraper in the world.
  5. Al-Bahar Towers. The complex is equipped with a cooling system in rooms without air conditioning.
  6. The Louvre. Museum with a 180 m diameter dome overlooking the open sea.
  7. Ferrari World The construction of the roller coaster at a speed of 240km / h.
  8. Fort Al Husn. The fortress that served as the foundation of the city of Abu Dhabi.
  9. "Yas Marina." The track where the Formula 1 race takes place.
  10. Waterpark "Yas Waterworld". The entertainment complex contains wave rides and a hydromagnetic waterslide.

Architectural objects and monuments of Abu Dhabi

1. Presidential Hotel Emirates Palace

The hotel, built in 2005 as a demonstration of Arabian luxury, is surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens. The height of 114 domes reaches 80 m. For interior decoration, designer John Elliott Riba chose crystal, gold, stone, marble, and handmade wall carpets. In the lobby you can see the layout of the development of the city from the XX century.

Guided tours are provided for tourists around the hotel, and you can walk around the gardens on your own. On the territory there are parks, fountains, water pools with imitation of a river and a private beach. The hotel is located on the Corniche promenade.

2. Etihad Towers

The complex, located opposite the Emirates Palace, consists of 5 skyscrapers. One of them was the highest in Abu Dhabi at the time of opening - 305m. In 4 skyscrapers there are residential premises and hotels, in 1 - offices. Construction, the cost of which is 2.5 billion dirhams, lasted from 2006 to 2011. The project was handled by the DBI Design bureau, which built houses on the water in Dubai.

Towers featured in the American movie Fast and the Furious 7.

3. Al-Bahar Towers

The twin twins built in 2012 are located on Al Salam Street next to the mangrove park. The 145-meter skyscrapers house the Abu Dhabi Investment Council.

The architectural bureau Arup Engineers solved the problem of abandoning air conditioners at 50 ° C. The shielding gratings of the building rotate depending on the position of the sun, keeping the rooms cool. Heat input is reduced by 50%. About 2,000 modules are powered by solar energy and controlled by the program.

Lattices are a reference to the Arab element of Mashrabiya, which is a patterned insert outside the windows.

4. Skyscraper "Capital Gate"

The tower, located in the Embassies District, fell into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest slope in the world - 18 °.

The angle is formed due to the diamond-shaped grid fixed on the pile foundation with a depth of 30 m. The wavy shape of the building, reflective glass and a visor made of steel exclude room overheating. Inside is the Hyatt Hotel and offices.

5. Skyscraper "Aldar HQ"

Abu Dhabi, whose sights and architecture they are trying to distinguish among modern buildings, made an order for the construction of the world's first round skyscraper. The construction of a 23-storey building was conducted from 2007 to 2010. During construction, stability problems arose due to location on the reclaimed area and wind load.

The 110-tall building is circular in shape and should, with its entire area, resist wind currents. But the MZ Architects bureau brought the project to life and received the award for "Best Futuristic Design" at the "BEX" competition. The skyscraper uses independent water supply and waste disposal using vacuum.

The building can be found in the Al-Rahah area. It houses Aldar Properties, a construction company.

Historical Monuments Abu Dhabi

1. Fort Al Husn

"White Fort" was built in the XVIII natives of Libya. The walls of the fortress protected the fresh spring from enemies. Gradually, a city appeared around the fort, oil was being traded. Until 1966, the Sheikh’s residence was here. Since 2007, full access for tourists has been open. Visitors can stroll through the grounds, the inner garden and climb the towers.

The building houses the Historical Foundation, which contains old documentation, manuscripts. The fund has over 2,000,000 books at its disposal. Indoors are fairs and film festivals that broadcast English paintings. Al Husn Fort is located on Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street in central Abu Dhabi.

2. The historical village of “The Heritage Village”

The museum near the Marina Mall reproduces the life of the Arab peoples. The exposition was organized in 1997 with the support of the Emirates Cultural Heritage Club and the government of Abu Dhabi. The objects on the territory are arranged by theme, here you can find tents made of goat hair, dwellings made of bricks and bamboo, Bedouin parking in the middle of the desert.

Pottery masters, glassblowers, weavers offer to try their hand at traditional machines. There is also a collection of ancient tools, including for catching pearls. The shipyard talks about the principles of creating Arab boats. On two stages of the courtyard are theatrical shows.

On Fridays, the work of the traditional oriental market is recreated, where you can buy dried herbs, sweets and souvenirs.

Museums in Abu Dhabi

1. The Louvre

The construction of an art museum located on the island of Saadiyat began in 2009. The opening date was postponed 3 times (2012, 2015, 2016), it took place only in 2017. The architect is Frenchman Jean Nouvel. According to his plan, the building creates the feeling of being in the open sea. The construction covers an area of ​​24,000 m².

The museum is covered with an openwork dome with a diameter of 180 m. It is formed by 8 metal layers with a thickness of 7 m, due to which sunlight is scattered. The design weighing 7500 tons rests on only 4 supports. Between the white cubes, which are a reference to the Arab settlements, there are water channels.

The museum collection consists of paintings by artists:

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Pablo Picasso,
  • Henri Matisse,
  • Paul Gauguin,
  • Rene Magritte.

The exposition also contains finds from Ancient India, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Congo and Jordan. Abu Dhabi, whose sights are always unique, paid France $ 400,000,000 for the name of the Louvre.

2. National Automobile Museum

At 45 km from Abu Dhabi, Hamim Street is a pyramid-shaped automobile museum. The $ 180,000,000 collection is owned by Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan, called Rainbow. The exposition of 200 cars contains rare models: Lamborghini LM002, Dodge Power Wagon, Big Foot W116, W />

There are cars with a rainbow transition and Mercedes, painted in different colors for every day of the week. On the street there is a four-story mobile home in the shape of a globe, the diameter of which is 26 meters. Models featured in the Top Gear program. A visit will cost 50 dirhams.

Mosques in abu dhabi

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The mosque, opened in 2007, bears the name of the first ruler of the UAE. President Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan has united 6 territories (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujer, Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah) into one state.

On any day except Friday, everyone is allowed into the Muslim temple. On Fridays, a service is held during which the mosque seats up to 40,000 people. Free tours are available from Thursday to Sunday. The building is located next to Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed.

The mosque is one of the six largest in the world. The carpet, woven according to the sketches of the artist Ali Khaliki, covers an area of ​​5627 m2. To create it, 1200 weavers were attracted, the weight of the carpet made of wool and cotton is 47 tons. A chandelier with a diameter of 10 m is suspended inside, encrusted with gold and Swarovski crystals.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque consists of four minarets up to 107 m high and 82 marble domes. The interior area of ​​the mosque with an area of ​​17,400 m² is lined with white marble tiles with floral patterns. Pools with a total area of ​​8,000 m², located around the perimeter, reflect all the facades of the building.

In the dark, the backlight turns on, depending on the phase of the moon. Evening tours begin at 16:30.

2. Al-Aziz Mosque

The mosque is located on Hazza Bin Zayed Street in the northeastern part of Abu Dhabi. The modern vision of mosque architecture belongs to the APG Architecture and Planning Group bureau. The building, made in the style of deconstructivism, is decorated with 207 LED elements. At night, on the concrete facade, they depict the hieroglyphics of 99 names of Allah, and it seems that light is passing through the buildings.

The mosque has 3 floors: on two floors there are prayer halls for men, on the 3rd floor there is a hall for women.

3. Khalifa Mosque

The building is located on Al Bada Street. A distinctive feature of the mosque is the presence of two enlarged minarets. At night they are highlighted in green. There is a prayer for women.

4. Salem Mazer Mosque

A mosque with a black dome and one minaret is located next to Nad Kawas Street. The facade is decorated with sand-colored sunken arches.

5. Mosque of Mother Jesus, Mary

The name of the mosque, located next to Al Karamah Street, was chosen in honor of Mary as an encouragement of religious tolerance. The building consists of 4 minarets with a sharp peak and 5 domes. In front of the mosque there is a small area lined with black and beige tiles.

The Catholic, Orthodox, Orthodox and Evangelical churches of Abu Dhabi are located in this area. Attractions are nearby, highlighting the diversity of religions.

6. Al Basit Mosque

The mosque, located in the Khalifa City area, has a 60-meter minaret and a ribbed dome. The facade is made of alternating rough and smooth stripes. The dome is also rugged in zigzags. There is a prayer room for women and men, an Islamic library, and reading rooms for the Koran.

7. Al Aleem Mosque

The construction of the building was carried out with donations from Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed. The sandy mosque has completely smooth walls. The decor has been removed to show a clean Arabic style.

Parks, gardens and squares Abu Dhabi

1. The promenade and the Cornish beach

8 km long promenade is located in Al-Khubeira. Here you can ride on bike paths, visit the many cafes. There are playgrounds for children, bike rental is available. The promenade has been awarded the Blue Flag, an outstanding clean and comfortable beach. In the evening, the backlight turns on.

Awning canopies are installed on the promenade, some have the shape of a bird. On the shore there is an artificial cascading waterfall. The sandy beach is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, rescue towers.

2. Saadiyat Beach

The beach belongs to the island of Saadiyat. Bissa turtles nest on the white dunes, employees keep their population under control. Construction is prohibited on the territory, the entrance to the beach is done on wooden flooring.

For visitors, showers, deckchairs with shadow canopies, locker rooms and lockers for things are installed. There are yoga classes, windsurfing and sailing. The restaurants serve Mediterranean cuisine.

Those who wish can join the Beach-club, which includes a spa, pools and bars. Nearby is the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel, where for a fee of 1500 AED you can swim in 4 pools, one of which is about 100 meters long.

3. Zoo Abu Dhabi

The zoo in the Al Bahya area contains more than 1,400 animals. There is a bird park, avenue of snakes, a department of primates, giraffes and reptiles. Predators also live in spacious enclosures: Siberian tigers and Amur leopards. A cooling system works for them, supporting the usual coolness.

The zoo is open year round. You can stay at the Emirates Park Resort, whose balcony overlooks the zoo and the city.

4. Mangrove reserve Abu Dhabi

The reserve is located on the coast of Al Salam. You can only move around the territory with electric boats or kayaks so as not to pollute the forests. Turtles, octopuses, flamingos, herons, stingrays, shrimps nest here. Abu Dhabi, whose attractions usually cannot boast of a natural component, is going to create 4 more such parks until 2030.

5. Park "Green Mubazzarah"

Jebel Hafeet's green zone is interesting for its healing springs. Bathhouses are divided into male and female. The visit time is not limited, although it will not be possible to sit for more than 15 minutes in one hot spring. Healing water is recommended for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The park has picnic areas, playgrounds and a lake where you can go boating. For a fee, visitors can ride a camel. When climbing a mountain, observation platforms are organized.

6. Khalifa Park

Park on Eastern Ring Road was named after the Sheikh. The opening took place in 2007. The green zone, which absorbed the features of Arab culture, cost the city $ 50,000,000. The territory is permeated by artificial rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Each plant is served by an individual irrigation system, allowing you to store moisture in the desert.

There are many lawns in the park, which are encouraged to run, play and have picnics. Visitors can find an amphitheater, a large aquarium and a separate pool where men are not allowed. Entrance to the park costs 5 dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Fountains

Water bodies are distributed throughout the city:

  1. Fountains of the Cornish embankment: “Volcano” (with orange light in the evening hours), “Coffee pot”, “Swan”, “Pearl”, “Cannon”
  2. Dancing fountains at the Yas Mall on Yas Island.
  3. Fountains on an artificial lake in Formal park.
  4. Fountains pounding from the ground in front of the main entrance of the Emirates Palace.
  5. Fountains of Khalifa Park.

Modern objects to visit

1. Ferrari World Indoor Theme Park

The indoor park on Yas Island, established in 2010, covers an area of ​​86,000 m2. In a glass tunnel there is a Formula 1 race simulator. Another G-Force attraction shoots a capsule with passengers through a roof to a height of 62 m. The park has the fastest roller coaster in the world: Formula Rossa at a speed of 240 km / h.

Since the theme is dedicated to the Italian racing brand, its corner has been recreated here with the Coliseum, Venice and the restaurants Trattoria, Mamma Rossella, Cavallino. For children there are small Ferrari carousels and a track for driving instruction.

2. Observation deck “Observation Deck at 300”

The observation deck is located in the Etihad skyscrapers on the 74th floor. From a height of 300 m, a panorama of the Persian Gulf, towers and five-star hotels opens. The cost of inspection is 95 dirhams. You can also dine at the restaurant where tea is served.

3. Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi

The first clinic for falcons, opened in 1999. The building contains 200 chambers, allowing treating 6,000 birds per year. In the Falcon hospital, you can visit the museum, which tells about the falconry among the Bedouins, as well as observe bird manicure. Located along Sweihan Road.

4. Waterpark "Yas Waterworld"

The water park is located on the artificial island of Yas. The water park area of ​​more than 15 hectares accommodates more than 6,000 people at the same time. In addition to 38 main attractions, there are 5 more that have no analogues in the world.

Fans of extreme entertainment will not be indifferent to the attraction "Bubble’s Barrel", whose waves reach three meters in height. Here are the biggest waves for flow and bodyboarders “Falcon’s Falaj”, which translates as “falcon hill”, the first attraction in the world with a flight in the water.

On the territory there is a 238-meter hydro-magnetic slide with a tornado effect called “Dawwama”, a dead loop “Liwa Loop” and a 550-meter “Bandit Bomber” with lighting effects. The main theme of the water park is pearls. The reason for this is the main craft of the indigenous people in the past - pearl mining and bottom fishing.

5. Shopping and entertainment center “Marina Mall”

The shopping center is located in the elite area of ​​the city of Marina. It combines the comfort of an Arab city and marine themes (“marina” from Latin - sea). In a 4-story building with an area of ​​390 m2, there are more than 140 boutiques with world famous brands. Boutiques are popular among the elite part of the population: Monsoon, Pinco, Promod, Boogi, Ascots & Chapels.

But for middle-class and high-end buyers, there are shops to their liking such as Ecco, Mango, Coast. On the ground floor there is a children's play area and a supermarket. On the upper floors are cinemas, bowling, boutiques and restaurants. The building also has its own observation deck.

6. Raceway "Yas Marina"

Every year the island accepts Formula 1 since 2009. The length of the route is 5554 m, since the number 5 in Islamic countries is lucky. 1 m was lost during the construction process. The maximum speed is 317 km / h.

Abu Dhabi, whose attractions are famous for entertainment, has 4 indoor stands. Spectators can also watch competitions from yachts or from the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Hotel. The glass passage of the building hangs directly above the race track.

Excursions in Abu Dhabi

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Sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi.

The tour starts from the Bedouin village of Heritage Village. The indigenous population of the country lives in it, the main craft of which is pearl fishing and fishing. Next is a visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque with the world's largest handmade carpet. The tour ends with a place called Emirates Palace. 8-story hotel with an area of ​​850 thousand square meters. m is in the desert. Tourists will have the opportunity to try "Camelino" - a cappuccino made with camel milk.50$35$ Excursion on the highway "Yas Marina".

Behind the scenes of the Formula 1 racing, you can learn about all the nuances of the race and its preparation. Visitors will have access to the pit stop areas (temporary stop of the car), the race control center, as well as a bus ride along the famous track and its main points, accompanied by a professional guide. The tour will end with a photograph with a trophy on a pedestal.40$40$ Safari.

Tourists who prefer outdoor activities, this tour is suitable. Professional jeep drivers will take you to the most majestic desert in the world - Rub al-Khali. An exciting ride through the dunes is complemented by riding on a sandboard - a sports board designed for riding on sand, for professionals - riding on ATVs. The trip is followed by dinner in a Bedouin village with a special program including belly dancing and a male dance called Tanura. Here you can smoke a hookah, make henna painting and ride camels. The same drivers will deliver to the hotel.50$35$ Musandam. Sea cruise.

A 11-hour water excursion takes place on the national ship Dow, from which you can fully enjoy the fabulous landscape of the Musandam Peninsula. The program includes acquaintance with the third largest emirate of Sharjah, a tour of the carpet market and a full boat trip, during which you can immerse yourself in the underwater world and see its flora and fauna in all its glory. To do this, visitors need to bring a bathing suit and towel. After lunch, which is included in the price of the excursion, you can ride a banana in the lagoon or keep company with fishermen and participate in bottom fishing.90$55$

Top 5 places to relax with a child

  1. Children's Park "Umm Al Emarat Park" on Airport Road. There are attractions, carousels, fountains and a playground.
  2. Waterpark "Yas Waterworld". On the territory there are shallow pools and children's slides.
  3. Khalifa Park. The child will enjoy the children's railway, which covers the entire park area. In addition, there are many lawns on the territory where you can run and play.
  4. Zoo Abu Dhabi. The zoo contains many wildlife representatives, as well as a contact zoo where pets can be touched.
  5. Theme Park "Ferrari World". For children, not only separate rides are arranged, but also a special track with a driving instructor.

Hiking route

The route can be started from the north-eastern part of the Cornish embankment. On the way there are fountains “Volcano”, “Coffee Pot”, “Swan”, “Pearl”, “Cannon” and parks: “Family”, “Lake park” and “Formal park”. From the promenade of Abu Dhabi, a view opens onto the Persian Gulf, high-rise buildings, and, reaching the end, the route passes through the Etihad towers.

If you wish, you can climb to the observation deck. Further, the path goes to the Emirates Palace Hotel, where you can go on a sightseeing tour of the buildings and relax in the gardens. If you have the time and energy, you can walk to the Marina Mall, ride a ferris wheel or sit at the fountains.

A visit to the capital of the UAE is best planned for the period October - April, as in summer the air warms up to +49 ° C. In Abu Dhabi, cultural attractions coexist with entertainment, making the city suitable for both solo travel and for families with children.

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