Attractions Oviedo


Spanish Oviedo Astur. Uviéu
Flag d Coat of arms d
43 ° 21 ′ s. w. 5 ° 50 ′ z d. H G I O L
A country Spain
The mayorWenceslao López Martínez
History and Geography
FoundedNovember 25, 761
Square186.65 km²
Center height232 m
TimezoneUTC + 1, in summer UTC + 2
Population220 567 people (2016)
Digital identifiers
Postal codes33001 — 33013
Car codeO (Spanish)

Oviedo (Spanish Oviedo Astur. Uviéu, lat. Ovetus) is a city in Spain, the administrative center of the autonomous community of Asturias. The municipality is part of the Oviedo district (mosquito). A large commercial and industrial city. Known as a true reserve of pre-Roman architecture of the VIII-IX centuries.

In the world there are several cities called Oviedo, and all of them are located on the American continents. There is Oviedo in Mexico, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and Florida.


Oviedo was founded in 761 by the monks who laid the monastery of St. Vincent, and is located on a hill in the middle of a plain, surrounded by orchards.

After the conquest of Spain by the Arabs, Alfonso II transferred his yard to Oviedo, and thereby the city turned into the capital of Christian Spain and a major pilgrimage center. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias and the center of the Reconquista. On September 21, 1608, a university (Spanish) was opened in Oviedo. .

Oviedo confirmed the combat past in the 20th century: in 1934, miners' strikes took place here, on the border of the coal and iron ore mining area, and after successful long resistance from Franco, the city is considered the stronghold of the anti-fascist and trade union movement.

Climate edit |How to get there

The best way to get from Russia to Oviedo is air travel. Moving over a distance of almost four thousand kilometers by land means of transport, not to mention the sea route, will take an excessively large amount of time, money and effort. However, for those who have the time and money and at the same time are afraid to fly, I can suggest considering a train ride. True, in total it will take almost a round-trip.

In Asturias, the capital of which is Oviedo, there is one airport. It is called - the airport of Asturias and is also listed in the air search, despite its abbreviation OVD. The airport is located 47 km from the capital near the city of Aviles. You can get to Oviedo by Alsa bus, it takes 45 minutes and costs 8 EUR. A taxi will cost about 55 EUR.

There are no direct routes from Russia to Asturias, so you will have to select flights with transfers. From Moscow, the most comfortable connecting flights of two airlines seemed to me: Iberia and Tap Portugal. The flight will take about 12-14 hours, including a transfer in Madrid or Lisbon. The cost of the flight is about 300 EUR.

From St. Petersburg is more difficult. There are practically no flights with one change. British Airways offer the best option, prices start at 330 EUR. When flying with this airline on the way from St. Petersburg to Asturias, you will have to make two transfers: in London and Madrid. The return trip is a bit more convenient, with one change in London. It will take about a day, since mostly stopovers in London are nightly.

If you take off and land twice in one day for you too much, you can consider a combined trip plane-train with a transfer in Madrid. The time and money benefits for Muscovites are negligible, but those who get from St. Petersburg can significantly reduce time costs.

Flight from Moscow to Madrid is direct, travel time is about 4 hours, cost - 200-220 EUR minimum. From St. Petersburg with one change you can meet 7-8 hours and 240 EUR. The main airlines are Aeroflot and Iberia.

You can see the price options for flights here.

The fastest and cheapest way to get from Madrid Airport to Atocha Train Station is by the suburban train, the trip will take half an hour and will cost 1.85 EUR. You can see the schedule here, trains run often, every 8-10 minutes.

From Madrid to Oviedo we continue by train. About 5-6 trains leave per day, travel time from four and a half hours. When buying a ticket, you can save in advance: the cost of the promotion starts from 20.5EUR.

The train station in Oviedo is located in the city center.

In total, a combined trip from Moscow will take from 10 hours and will cost at least 260 EUR, from St. Petersburg - about 16 hours and 280 EUR.

Traveling by train, as I already mentioned, is a costly method both in time and in money:

  • We leave from Moscow to Paris, the cost of such a 38-hour journey starts from 300 EUR one way.
  • From Paris - to Barcelona, ​​you can drive for 70 EUR and 7 hours. From Barcelona we are already going to Oviedo. The last segment will take 10 hours and about 50 EUR.

Comparing train schedules, I came to the conclusion that a train from Moscow to Oviedo could not be reached in less than 3 days. The cost of such a round trip will be more than 800 EUR.

Bus is a budget way to travel. If we consider it at such distances, then at the cost it goes into the category of luxury, which can not be said about comfort. So I highly recommend not going by bus.

By car

Also not the best option to go to Oviedo from Russia in your own car. However, if you can not imagine a vacation without personal transport, and also plan frequent trips from Oviedo, you can consider the option of arriving in Madrid. In Madrid, rent a car and go to Oviedo on it. This is just our option, we almost always go there. The cost for two is comparable to a train, but can be seen more along the road.

Part of the roads on the way from Madrid to Oviedo is paid, the total amount of fees will be 22.5 EUR. Planning to move on toll roads in Spain is convenient on this site. The track is magnificent throughout the journey, the last stretch, beginning immediately after Leon, will delight you with beautiful mountain landscapes.

When is the season. When is the best time to go?

The best season for a trip to Oviedo is from June to September. Most of the Spanish cities at this time are not very disposed to measured sightseeing, however, the northern part of the country is a pleasant exception. A trip to another time of the year will also be justified, since the city is very pleasant in any weather. But no matter what season you decide to visit Oviedo, you need to take an umbrella. This is the price to pay for the green beauty of these places.

Oviedo in the summer

In summer, Oviedo will show you in all its glory. At this time, it becomes much drier, not so frequent rains give the already elegant city even more bright colors. The air temperature is very comfortable: from + 22-24 degrees in June to + 26-28 degrees in August. Of course, there are cooling and morning mists, and sometimes hot days happen. But above +30 is more likely an exception than the norm.

In summer, in Oviedo, the maximum concentration of tourists, but compared to many Spanish cities, it is not so crowded. Housing prices are rising slightly. The difference in cost is small, since Oviedo is not located on the coast, and most tourists go to the sea.

Oviedo in the fall

Autumn, in my opinion, is the most picturesque time of the year in Oviedo. It incredibly harmoniously complements the city's palette with its colors. Until November, the weather is very warm, as it gets closer to winter it gets more and more rainy. The air temperature gradually drops, fog falls from the surrounding mountains onto the city. There are fewer tourists, prices are lower. The average daily autumn temperature is from +22 degrees in September to +15 in November.

Oviedo in the spring

In spring, Oviedo blooms. In the city there are many parks and alleys, flowering trees and flower beds at this time of the year very decorate the city. However, rains are a frequent occurrence, and the air temperature is unstable. You can find wonderful warm weather in March, up to + 16-18 heat, and you can freeze in May.

Oviedo in winter

Winter is not the best time to travel to most European cities, and Oviedo is no exception. Of course, if you are tired of snow and frost, then in winter you can find pleasant autumn humidity and + 5-10 degrees of heat. However, it happens that the temperature drops to almost zero and snow falls. Fortunately, this is very rare. There are almost no tourists at this time, so you can get acquainted with the real life of the townspeople.

Areas. Where is better to live

Oviedo is small, so the choice of hotel location is quite simple. From any part of the city, the center can be reached on foot in a maximum of 20 minutes; in my opinion, there are no disadvantaged areas in the city.

  • Tourists are most convenient to stay in the center, this is the area indicated on the map by the number 1. Hotels and apartments in Oviedo are quite inexpensive, a double room with a private bathroom can be rented from 35 EUR, and for this money you can find a modern hotel, for example, Ibis. For the same price, you can rent a good studio apartment from private owners. Due to the low prices for hotels, hostels in this city are not widespread and in the center there are practically none. There are no clearly defined preferred zones in this area of ​​the city, but if you plan to travel in the vicinity, then you should prefer hotels in its northern part It is closer to the bus station. Oviedo is not the most noisy city in Spain, and yet, when choosing a place of residence, pay attention to the presence of bars nearby, on Friday and Saturday, fun can interfere with your restful sleep.
  • By number 2, I noted Ayre Hotel Oviedo, which is not quite in the city center, but deserves special attention. The fact is that it is located in a building designed by one of the greatest architects of our time Santiago Calatrava. The hotel has design rooms, a spa center, in the same building there is a large shopping mall. You can rent a room from 70 EUR, sometimes there are discounts and promotions.
  • With number 3 I marked the area in which we once stayed. Very nice modern building. Parking was free and unlike the center was not a problem, the price of housing is low, and the path to the main attractions took about 15-20 minutes on foot along the pleasant streets. It would be possible to get on the bus, but we did not use it even once. I recommend this area to travelers on a budget, here you can rent a hotel room or apartments from 35-40 EUR.

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