Maninau Lake


Indonesia, Sumatra Island, Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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Lake Mananjau is one of the most popular tourist spots in Sumatra. A soothing, pacifying place where you can just sit and enjoy the scenery for hours.

The lake is located 40 kilometers west of the city of Bicketing. The city has the opportunity to rent a car or moped. Buses constantly leave from the bus station to the lake, the journey will take about an hour. The first buses begin to run at 7:00, and the last bus from Lake Mininjau to the city leaves at about 17:30.

The road to the lake passes along a picturesque mountain serpentine, through endless rice fields. The serpentine consists of 44 sharp turns, all turns are numbered on billboards. There are several cafes along the road where you can stop, have a snack and enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Mininjau.

There is everything for a relaxing holiday, you can take a dip in the clear water of the lake, go for a walk, rent a boat and go fishing or climb the slope of the crater and enjoy the sunset.

Mininjau Lake is more than just a beautiful, picturesque place, it is an integral part of the local cultural heritage.

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Maniniau Lake is located 36 km west of the city of Bukittingi, which is part of the province of Western Sumatra. “Danau Maninau” in translation from the language of the people of Minangkabau means “look from above, observe.”

The lake is of volcanic origin and was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred about 52,000 years ago. The area of ​​the lake is about 99.5 sq. Km, approximately 16 km long and 7 km wide. The average depth of the lake is 105 meters, but sometimes the depth reaches 165 meters. The oval-shaped lake is located at an altitude of 480 meters above sea level. The water in the lake is fresh and there are a lot of fish. The Antokan River is located on the western side of the lake; excess water from the lake falls into this river.

Most of the people who live around Lake Maninau belong to the ethnic group of the Minangkabau people. The population grows rice, fruits (durian, jackfruit - Indian breadfruit, rambutan, langsat, Javanese apple), spices and fishing.

Maninau Lake is a popular tourist attraction on the island of Sumatra due to its beautiful scenery and mild climate. The lake is known among lovers of paragliding - you can fly at an altitude of 1200-1300 meters above sea level when the west wind blows. It is believed that for flights it is better to choose the time from May to September. You can also swim in the lake.

In 1948, this lake was visited by the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno. He was fascinated by the lake and the surrounding landscape and wrote pantun - a small verse in which he described the beauty of the lake.

My vacation on Lake Manangeau

I arrived in the evening and spent one night in a small house, without amenities for 40 thousand rupees, and then I moved here to such an empty house with a shower and toilet for 70 thousand rupees, which seemed expensive to me. The cracks in the house were a finger thick and I was afraid that a snake or insects would crawl into it. Here is its own special idyll and silence. You don’t have to run anywhere, you can not think about anything at all, but just swim in the lake and enjoy life. The weather is not hot, and the water was about 22 degrees. This is the beach at the guest house Muaro Beach, where I stayedThe next day I tried to find better housing, but even a hotel located on the lake for its expensive price did not attract me. But on the way I had lunch in a home cafe with a strange at first glance 44 name - by the number of turns of the road - the home stay serpentine in the home stay looked at the rooms and even did not want to change 40 thousand rupees. Although I liked the food in the cafe, my aunt made me a wonderful soup. And this is their beach. There are already fish bred in the vicinity. One morning, we went with a German that he lived nearby in a house, on a short way - gardens, as they say, more precisely through the grass, through a neighboring, then overgrown, plot. And he lifted a small brown snake twenty inches long and 8mm in diameter from the grass. She was dead. And I stumbled across a slipper in slippers. And after a few meters I found a huge coconut - apparently recently fell from my own gravity - that's lucky! I took it.

Well, that I rested for three days at Lake Maninjao and it's time to continue the journey further - Indonesia is big, and time is left a little more than a month. In the morning I left for Bukittingi again by bus. Goodbye Lake Mananjau. The bus, surprisingly, was very decent, not to compare with those that I have come across so far from the city of Dumai when I was traveling to Lake Toba or from Medan to Bukittinggi. But this one is small for locals. And again 44 turns just now up.
It was only the third week of my trip to Sumatra from two months of an independent trip to Indonesia, while for almost three months I traveled to Southeast Asia, after Myanmar, Thailand and a bit of Malaysia.

Now I was traveling to the city to get to Java from there on my own, because, as I already said, while still on Lake Toba I decided to get to the Kelimutu volcano on the island of Flores, through all of Indonesia.

Cost: In total, I spent 238 thousand rupees in three days, taking into account housing, food, plus 30 thousand for a bus from Buckingtings round-trip, totaling 268 thousand rupees.

An independent journey through Indonesia continues - I took the bus to Java to get to the city of Yogyakarta, renew my visa there, and at the same time look at Borobudur, about an existence that I didn’t even know to my shame and go on. Be sure to read about how I rode the bus from Sumatra to Java. Share with friends, they will also be interested, contribute to the development of the site in this way. And if you are planning a trip, then choose and buy yourself insurance.