Sights of Zaozerny in Yevpatoriya


Zaozernoe (Zaozernoe) - A village on the western coast of Crimea on the Black Sea, 6 kilometers from Yevpatoriya and 80 kilometers from Simferopol and the airport (Zaozernoe on the map of Crimea). Previously called - The Seagull. The village is small, the population is slightly more than four thousand people, and often perceived by tourists simply as a suburb of Yevpatoriya. It has moderately developed tourist infrastructure and is popular with tourists as a place for a relaxing beach holiday.

Rest in Zaozernoye

Zaozernoe is a popular beach resort. It is distinguished by good long sandy beaches, moderately developed infrastructure and a very quiet calm environment. There are almost no attractions and very little entertainment, there is no promenade and promenade, in the evenings there is nothing to do, but there are many sanatoriums and boarding houses, including children's ones. There are no industries in the village, the population is small, and therefore it is believed that the water here is clean, and in general the environmental situation is satisfactory.

For youth or outdoor activities, the village is not at all suitable. But for families with small children, elderly people, and those who are looking for peace, tranquility, and relaxation like “hotel-beach and nothing else is needed”, it will be comfortable here. Also, tourists and local residents from Yevpatoria come to the beaches of Zaozerny to relax for a day, since the coast here is long and not crowded.

Zaozerny beaches

The main advantage of Zaozerny are its sandy beaches. They are very long (more than five kilometers), sand is large, yellow. Beach entertainment is minimal, and only in the highest season. There are cafes on the public beaches, sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, but all also to a minimum.

Unfortunately, most of the beaches are not cleaned by utilities, therefore, after bad weather and storms, garbage and algae are thrown ashore, which rot and emit unpleasant odors until water and nature itself take them back to the sea.

The depth here is shallow, great for relaxing with young children. But on beaches that do not belong to sanatoriums, there are no rescue workers on duty, therefore, it is still necessary to look after the children carefully.

There is another minus of the beaches - the fact that they can not be called beautiful. The terrain here is steppe, so there is little greenery. The coastal strip is divided into sections between medical and children's sanatoriums, access to which is legally limited, and public beaches. And although you can safely walk along the coast for many kilometers, these sections are separated by rusty fences, which do not add picturesque views, the sediment remains. Another unpleasant thing is that the beaches themselves are separated from the road by rickety concrete fences or rusty nets. It is not clear why this is done.

Access to the coast from some areas of the village is also difficult. The coastline is more than five kilometers long, but due to the presence of sanatorium fences, it’s 500 meters to go to the beach from the main street (Druzhba Alley), and there are far from passages everywhere, and you still have to get to them from your hotel. The roads on the way to the beach are dusty and "killed", so such walks to the beach will suit only the most unassuming vacationers.

Infrastructure in Zaozernoye

The infrastructure in Zaozernoye for tourists is available: there are many hotels and resorts, there are cafes, sales offices for excursions on the main street Friendship Alley. But despite this, it seems that the village was stuck in the 80s of the last century, back in the USSR. The situation here is dull and not every active tourist will be satisfied. There are practically no entertainments, there is no sense of celebration, there is no pedestrian tourist zone, just like the promenade. The only amusement park with simple attractions for children is located on the Friendship Walk. To have fun and feel the atmosphere of fun, you have to go to Yevpatoria, which, however, will not be difficult to do on the city bus number 8 in 30 minutes and 14 rubles.

There are no large shops and supermarkets in Zaozerny, only small grocery stores, liquor stores, shops, and pharmacies. Opposite the sanatorium "Chaika" in the area of ​​the village council there is a collective farm market. During the holiday season, fruit, ice cream, drinks and cheap souvenirs are sold along the paths to the beach with trays. For more or less serious purchases, you will have to go to Evpatoria.

Hotels and accommodation in Zaozernoye

The first line is occupied by children's sanatoriums, which are difficult for independent tourists to get to, you can only come by ticket. Therefore, only the second line remains, further beyond the street Alley of Friendship. It offers hotels and accommodation in the private sector. When choosing, keep in mind that due to the development and fences of sanatoriums it is not always possible to freely go to the beach, you will have to get around. Convenient walkways to the beach pass along Latyshev Avenue and ul. October.

Previously, the Dolphin camping site worked for car travelers in Zaozernoye, but for several years it has been redeveloped into an ordinary sanatorium, so travelers can only find a tent for cars on the outskirts of the village.

When you search for hotels in the Crimea on, you will most likely receive a message - “No options found”. This is a limitation due to sanctions. But getting around it and booking accommodation in the Crimea is very simple, you just need to enable the “Travel to work” checkbox. Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea on in spite of sanctions.

You can find and book hotels, apartments or apartments in Zaozerny through the following sites or the Hotellook search form:

Sights of Zaozerny, Evpatoria: Moinaki lake and lighthouse

Moinak Lake is a body of water that has a fairly shallow depth of just one meter, with a width of 900 meters and a length of 1.8 kilometers. This place is famous for the healing mud and mineral composition of sea water.

Tourists who come to the lake apply healing mud to the body, wait for it to dry, and then wash it off. Self-treatment with mud is prohibited, so as not to exacerbate existing diseases and not provoke their transition to the chronic stage.

The mud of Moinak Lake is collected by doctors to conduct mud therapy courses in sanatoriums and boarding houses under the supervision of experienced specialists.

Another attraction that is located on the coast of the Gulf of Kalamits is the iron lighthouse. Given that there is no natural hill, a special red and white striped tower was created there.

Its height is 52 meters, which allowed to raise the lighthouse lamp. Among the features of the lighthouse, it is worth noting that it is made of metal, as well as the ability to deliver radio signals. It is they who help ships navigate the sea, determining their coordinates.

Antique heritage

The village of Zaozernoye in the vicinity of Yevpatoriya is also rich in ancient historical monuments, which are real sights and the pride of the peninsula. Some of the ancient ruins are located in the vicinity of the lighthouse, where archaeologists managed to find several ruins of buildings and estates.

Also within the limits of Zaozerny is the ancient settlement Chaika, founded in the 4th century. BC. Scythian tribes. Then he was captured by the Greek colonialists and settlers, who erected a rectangular, well-defended fortification on the Scythian settlement.

It had defensive, defensive towers in the corners. In the 3rd century BC. the settlement was destroyed, its strengthening functions were no longer restored. The ruins were discovered in the late 1950s, when scientists conducted geological exploration in Zaozerny.

After that, archaeologists constantly work here, who constantly find new artifacts, study the ruins of the ancient settlement, which allows us to establish the history of this Scythian-Greek settlement.

In Zaozerny are the ruins of the ancient settlement of Kerkinitida, which was one of the Greek colonies. Remains of buildings, seaport, market, sanctuaries, defensive walls are perfectly preserved. Outside the city, a necropolis was found.

Where is Zaozernoye located on the map

Zaozernoye is located on the West Bank of Crimea, on the Yevpatoriya cape near the Kalamitsky Gulf. The nearest settlements to Zaozernoye are Evpatoria in the east, Cozy in the north, Dairy in the west. Here, the hilly steppes of the peninsula abut directly into the Black Sea. The main advantage of the village, from the resort point of view, are the wonderful beaches covered with golden sand. Summer in Zaozernoye is hot, and the number of sunny days per year exceeds 250. Its population is a little more than 4 thousand people.

Pensions and guest houses. Food

Tourists from Yevpatoriya arriving in the village of Zaozernoye have no problems finding housing. There are many hotels, guest houses and pensions in the village. You can comfortably stay in houses or apartments provided in the private sector. There are few intermediaries here, which means prices are quite affordable.

Hotel Del Mar is a great place to stay with your whole family. Its rooms are in good repair, comfortable and equipped with everything necessary. Near the beach and a huge park area. On the hotel territory there are swimming pools for adults and kids, a playground. There is an original fish pond. It features a summer cinema, table tennis and bicycle rental. Complex nutrition is produced, but you can cook it yourself.

Pension Grand Mary provides guests with the opportunity to stay in rooms of varying degrees of comfort, from apartments to comfortable rooms that can accommodate a large family. There is a bar for adults and children, a dining room where three meals a day and a sauna are organized. In the evenings, discos are arranged for guests.

The recreation center "Comfort" provides a budget accommodation option. There are no frills, but everything you need is available. Residents cook their own food in the kitchens available in the houses or rooms. It is easy to have a picnic in the surrounding area by renting a barbecue or barbecue.

Where to eat

In a small restaurant "Tortuga", decorated in a style that is consistent with the name, you can have a good lunch with seafood dishes for every taste. The menu is very diverse, and the best varieties of Crimean drinks are presented in the wine list. Here guests are always welcome and serve quickly.

Greenwich Cafe will delight visitors with delicious treats of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Such borscht, as here, in Zaozerny not to try anywhere. The cooking is very decent, and the prices will simply please. The waitresses are polite and attentive to customers.

Cozy atmosphere and attentive staff await visitors to the Liga Club cafe. Despite the discreet interior in the institution you can sit perfectly in a cozy atmosphere. The menu presents dishes of Ukrainian, Russian and European cuisine. Serves large, but low prices.

Zaozerny attractions and entertainment

The most recognizable landmark of Zaozerny is the lighthouse located in the village of Yevpatoriya. The first navigation tower made of metal appeared in its place as early as 1861 and regularly served until the Great Patriotic War. In the post-war years, the building, which was badly damaged by shelling, was demolished, and a new lighthouse was built of brick. It is considered the highest in the CIS, having a height of about 21 m.

An interesting excursion to the ruins of the ancient ancient city, discovered during the construction of the boarding house "The Seagull". Then the builders, developing a sand pit, stumbled upon the remains of structures. Archaeologists called in began excavations, as a result of which it was possible to find the foundations and the remains of the walls of various rooms dating back to the 4th century. BC e. During the work, many artifacts were discovered that are now stored in the museums of Yevpatoria.

Separately, it should be said about the beaches in Zaozernoye. They are wonderful, amazing conditions have been created for children by nature to build sand castles. On the coast, you can easily book a boat trip, ride a catamaran, a jet ski or even a yacht, although there are more of these offers in Yevpatoriya. On the West coast of Crimea, by the sea, as well as on the South Coast, there are a lot of entertainments for children - water slides, inflatable pools, etc. The best beach areas are the Cote d'Azur, Super Aqua, but entrance to them is paid.

3D panorama of beaches in Zaozernoye

To the list of sights of the village, many also include a number of salt lakes - Yaly-Moynak (near Moynaki), Small and Big Yaly-Moynak. Lake silt, of which there is a huge amount, has healing properties and is used by sanatoriums.

What else to see in Zaozernoye? For cultural activities, you can visit the House of Culture, where the villagers organize various performances and give concerts. Not far from the Village Council there is a Cinema and Concert Hall, and a monument to the Mig-21PFM Aircraft stands at the Rybatsky Dock Hotel. In the northern part of the village you will find the Porfiryev Church and the Great Patriotic War Memorial.

Where to go with children

An excursion by the whole family, including children, to the so-called “Second Site” will be very interesting - this is an abandoned military unit where you can shoot post-apocalyptic films. Landscape in the style of Tarkovsky. There are huge radio telescopes, the diameter of the bowls of which exceeds 32 m. They were used to study deep space. There are legends that they sent signals in search of alien civilizations.

It is worth making a short trip to Yevpatoriya, 10 km long, to bring the child to the Shark aquarium. Entering it, you find yourself in a huge underwater cave. The interior is amazing. The supporting columns are stylized as deep-sea cliffs, the lighting of the aquariums creates an atmosphere of mystery. Here you can see more than a hundred species of marine life collected from all oceans. Great memories are provided.

Evpatoria will also delight kids with the presence of two water parks at once - Banana Republic and U Lukomorye. A variety of slides and slopes, interesting entertainments and pools, adrenaline fun for adults - all this and not only awaits you here. In the Evpatoria dolphinarium, your child will be delighted with watching bottlenose dolphins - graceful Black Sea dolphins.

How to get (get there)?

From Evpatoria to Zaozernoye there is a regular minibus number 8, stopping at different points in the resort village. You can go out where you need to - at least on the seashore, at least in the north of the village.

By car you can get here yourself like this:

Rest in Zaozernoye will not make you regret the time spent. Measured and quiet, on beautiful beaches, it and the healing air of Crimea will help your health stay strong all year. In conclusion - a video in the topic of the post, enjoy watching!

Zaozernoe: excursions and events

You can explore all the sights of the Zaozernoye village in a few hours, so many tourists go to the neighboring city - the resort of Yevpatoriya to get to know the history of the region, its architectural and cultural monuments.

The excursion program in the village of Zaozernoye will be limited to exploring the ancient settlement "Chaika", a complex of antennas and a walk on the village tram. Many tourists go sightseeing on their own without ordering excursions.

Vacationers in pursuit of new experiences leave for Yevpatoriya, where they acquire the most diverse excursions.The most popular excursion route is “Small Jerusalem”, where ancient monuments of architecture belonging to different periods of time are concentrated.

In Evpatoria, several unusual museums are concentrated: “Pirates of the Black Sea”, “museum - pharmacy”, “Sea curiosities”. Of great interest to tourists are the picturesque natural sites located in the vicinity of the city: salt lakes, Atlesh and quiet bays.

Climate in Zaozernoye

Climate in the resort village Zaozerny coastal - steppe. The Black Sea has an important influence on the formation of climatic features. In summer, the soft sea breeze softens the dry steppe air, and with the onset of the winter period, the sea gives off the heat accumulated during warm days, preventing severe frosts from dominating the village.

Zaozernoye is one of the sunniest resorts on the peninsula. There are approximately 270 fine days here. Rainfall is unevenly distributed throughout the calendar year; the maximum amount falls in the winter months.

Located in the steppe region of Crimea, the village is not protected from the unrestrained influence of the winds, which are sometimes quite strong. The largest number of windy days is observed in February. See detailed weather in Zaozernoye for months.

Zaozernoe: entertainment and outdoor activities

In the coastal zone of the resort Zaozernoe concentrated all the water activities of the village. Here you can ride a jet ski or a catamaran, go on an exciting journey on a pleasure boat, play beach volleyball.

Near the village there is a large water park "Banana Republic", which will be interesting to visit not only for children but also for adults. A free shuttle is provided from the village, buses run at certain hours and deliver everyone to the water park for free.

The outskirts of the village of Zaozernoye are known for their popular entertainment center, Photon, where interesting shows, concerts are held every day, and at the end of summer rock music lovers visit it, as the site of the Photon center temporarily becomes the arena for the international festival Rock -wave". Those who find it not enough entertainment can go to Yevpatoriya, the road will not take more than 30 minutes.

Many people visit Zaozernoye not only to soak up the sandy beaches of the resort, but also to improve their health. The favorable microclimate of the resort, combined with unique medical and health factors contributes to the faster healing of all those in need. The resort is narrowly focused, it specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. In hospitals, a special approach is used to diagnose and treat childhood ailments. In the health resorts of the village of Zaozernoye, mud from Lake Moinaki and brine from the saline reservoirs of the region are widely used.

Transport features of Zaozerny

The resort village of Zaozernoye stretches along the Black Sea coast. The transport network inside the village is not developed, as there is no urgent need for this. You can get to the city of Yevpatoriya from the central part of the village by bus number 119 in 30 minutes. The frequency of flights increases during the beach season and significantly decreases during the off-season.

Tourists and locals walk around the village on foot or move solely on a personal vehicle. Vacationers can always use the services of a local taxi, which operate daily and around the clock. The cost of a trip from Zaozernoye to Evpatoria by taxi will be approximately 250-350 rubles.

The local attraction and at the same time a vehicle in the village is the village tram, which connects Zaozernoye and the village of Molochnoe. The route runs along the coast, so passengers have an excellent opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery during their trip.