Gdansk - attractions, cafes, bars and shopping in a guide


I have to say right away, before setting off on a 5-day trip to Gdansk, we examined the reviews of restaurants and cafes and immediately noted the places where to look.


Opening hours: from 12 to 23, daily

The oldest restaurant in Poland, was opened in 1918. We went here on the first day of our trip to celebrate the wedding anniversary. The restaurant has several spacious halls and a porch, on Sunday evening it was not very crowded and quiet. The classic-style interior is decorated in warm brown tones, on the walls are photographs of the last century, the atmosphere is complemented by playing the piano.

During dinner, we met a couple of Poles aged 60+, the man spoke Russian, and after half an hour we were already sitting at the same table and talking about life. By the way, the couple lives in the neighboring city of Gdynia and every Sunday comes to Gdansk to take a walk and have dinner in Kubicki - which is a significant indicator of the level of the restaurant. We learned from the Poles that in the post-war period the restaurant functioned as a night bar, and in fact it was a simple beer house, where noisy groups of students gathered. Since then, much has changed, and now Kubicki is a place with aristocratic manners.

The menu includes meat and fish dishes, we ordered a duck with cranberry sauce, by default we were brought baked potatoes. The portion was huge, the duck is very juicy. Dinner for two with drinks cost 155 zl.

Targ Rybny - Fishmarkt

Address: Targ Rybny 6 ° C

Opening hours: from 12 to 23, daily

The restaurant was opened in 2000, but its name contains history. A fish market has functioned here since the 1340s, and fresh seafood was regularly delivered. Now everything is fine in this restaurant - from the interior to the food. The restaurant’s simple, at first glance, design has added elements that make you feel like a guest in a fishing village. True, the prices here are not at all rustic.

I recommend everyone to take tapas for two, which includes tuna, smoked sturgeon, shrimp, herring tartare, caviar, mix salad and homemade bread. In fact, you and I can fully eat these two, but we also tried a’la marinara shrimp and salmon fillet with vegetable sauté - everything was on top!

Swojski smak

Address: Jana Heweliusza 25/27

Opening hours: from 09 to 00, daily

This restaurant is located at a distance from the old city and the crowds of tourists, but we, having tried once, returned here 3 more times.

Firstly, the restaurant is famous for serving more than 100 types of Polish vodka. A diverse audience of institutions from purely male companies to middle-aged women and families with children order a set of 6 shots of vodka - a must of this institution. In addition, I recommend everyone a dish called “Host's Frying Pan” (Host`s platter / Patelnia gospodarza): for 75 zl you will be served a huge dish for two of 5 (!) Types of meat with potatoes and salads from cabbage and carrots.

We returned here for breakfast to try potato pancakes with chanterelles, but dishes from the main menu are served only from 12:00. In the morning they offer a classic English breakfast and a variety of cereals. A breakfast table is organized at the bar during breakfast, where each guest can independently assemble a plate of their fresh bread to his taste.


Address: Długie Pobrzeże 22

Opening hours: from 9 to 00, daily

This restaurant is very conveniently located on the banks of Motlava, and starting our walk through the old city, we would definitely drop by here for breakfast. In addition, sitting on a nice veranda one could watch the city come to life, sightseeing ships depart and crowds of tourists move.

Goldwasser offers 4 types of breakfasts: Polish Royal, English, French and fitness breakfast. Each of them is good and certainly includes a glass of juice, tea / coffee to choose from, jars of honey and jam, butter and a bread plate (by the way, the restaurant has its own bakery!). An absolute favorite for us was a French breakfast of 2 types of cheese (slices, I must admit that we must!), Croissant, grapes and walnuts. Very tasty, varied and nutritious.

The main menu for every taste - from traditional dishes of Kashubian cuisine to European dishes. The price tag is above average, in the evening it is crowded, you need to book a table in advance.

Literacka - wine bar

Address: Mariacka 50/52

Opening hours: from 13 to 00, Monday - Friday

Here we had a farewell dinner with Gdansk, and were not mistaken in choosing a place. The bar is located on a narrow street behind one of the sights - the majestic Church of the Virgin Mary. On Friday evening it was very calm here, in front of the restaurant classical music was played by an orchestra of street musicians - in combination with the flower cornices of the bar, the ideal atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

Of course, it is worth taking wine here, the price for a bottle is from 90 zl. A very diverse wine list, all positions are served by the glass. The menu is European, a lot of seafood, we took pasta and were satisfied. But this is not the main thing - come here for the atmosphere - enjoy a glass of wine to the sounds of classical music.

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What to see in Olsztyn

Olsztyn Castle, located in the bend of the Lyna River, is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. Built in the 14th century, it was the headquarters of the diocese of Warmia and was under the protectorate of the Teutonic Order. In the years 1516-1521 the administrator of the castle was Nikolai Copernicus. Since 1946, the museum of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship has been located here.
The old city with the High Gate (the only surviving of the three gates), fragments of medieval walls, a picturesque market square is included in the European list of Gothic brick architecture.
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Jacob (Jacob) - a church built in the second half of the 14th century, overlooking the Old Town - the greatest monument of Gothic architecture in Poland, one of the few mentioned in the text of the “Book on the History of Architecture”.

Photo: Old Town Hall in Olsztyn

The Old Town Hall on the market square, built in the middle of the 14th century and restored in 2003 in honor of the 750th anniversary of the founding of the city. A three-story building with a preserved Gothic south wing, which houses the voivodship library with a reading room.
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built at the beginning of the 20th century in a neo-Gothic style. The building has decorative gargoyles; above the entrance portal there is a mosaic depicting Christ with a flaming heart.
Jerusalem Church (1565).
Church of St. Lawrence (end of the 14th century).
The house of ritual cleansing of Beth Tahara in the old Jewish cemetery, built in 1913 by the famous German architect of Jewish origin Erich Mendelssohn, who was born in Olsztyn. The only surviving evidence of the Jewish community of the city.

Photo: New Town Hall

Erich Mendelssohn is the author of the Neo-Baroque building of the New Town Hall with original reliefs of the events of the 1914 war.
The planetarium opened in February 1973, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Copernicus. On a hemispherical screen or “artificial sky” various celestial phenomena are shown.
Astronomical Observatory. The neo-Romanesque cylindrical, brick, unplastered tower is part of the Planetarium complex. The observatory's collection includes samples of the moon’s soil and the Polish flag, which was on the moon during the manned space flight of Apollo 11 in 1969, during which astronaut Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon’s surface.
The BWA Art Gallery (shares the territory with the Planetarium) is an important landmark on the art map of Poland. The gallery organizes exhibitions of famous artists, exhibits works from collections of major museums in Poland and other European countries.

Photo: Planeta Multimedia Center

The Planeta 11 multimedia center, created as part of the Planetarium, is one of six such centers in the world (two located in Poland), which has a huge collection of books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, video tapes, computer games and the like.
The Stefan Yarach Theater in 2005 received the status of a national theater. It is famous for its annual theater meetings in Olsztyn.
Puppet show. The best puppet theaters from all over the country take part in the Olsztyn week of ANIMA puppet theaters every November. A monthly week of student theater is held there.

What to do in Olsztyn

Despite its modest size, Olsztyn offers tourists an excellent pastime. A simple walk through the Old Town with its cobweb cobblestone streets will bring incomparable pleasure.
The charming Phoenix Cafe, located on the main street of the Old Town, invites you to a cup of coffee with sweet masterpieces. Favorites - charlotte, cheesecakes, wafer rolls filled with whipped cream.
In Olsztyn Castle, various events, concerts, exhibitions, shows of knightly tournaments are organized, and Olsztyn's Art Summer is held. Such events as “Thursdays with Copernicus”, concerts of the chamber ensemble “ProMusicaAntiqua” can be noted.
Among the many original exhibits of the museum: on the castle wall are astronomical tables created by Nicholas Copernicus to determine the spring and autumn equinoxes, in the courtyard of the castle is the Prussian “Baba” - a unique monument, a stone statue, half a meter high, reminiscent of the pagan past of the region.

Photo: St. Jacob's Cathedral

In summer, St. Jakub’s Cathedral opens the doors for musicians participating in the annual Olsztyn Organ Concerts event. It is also included in the pilgrimage route of St. James - the cultural symbol of a united Europe. Many valuable works of art are preserved in the church’s museum collection, but the most important treasure is the altar in the southern parish - a triptych depicting the scene of the Annunciation.
The Municipal Cultural Center (IOC) is the organizer of interesting meetings, concerts for the general public, both in the building of the center itself and in the open air in the Old Town. The well-known is the Art Summer of Olsztyn - a festival of music and entertainment, which lasts from June to September every year. In addition, the IOC organizes blues nights, organ concerts, a three-day theater festival.

Photo: Open Air Concerts

The Felix Novoveisky Philharmonic is an exceptional place for fans of classical music. Rich repertoire, outstanding musicians performing world masterpieces. In the summer, employees of the Philharmonic perform in the open-air amphitheater.
Guests of the city can have lunch or reap in the excellent restaurant Warmia Pantry (SpiżarniaWarmińska). Thanks to the modern interior, excellent staff, live music, he has established himself as the best place in Olsztyn. Here you can taste dishes of Polish and international cuisine, enjoy some exotic additions such as foie gras, chutney, Madeira wine. The menu changes every week.
Olsztyn is an exceptional city from a geophysical point of view. Within its administrative borders are 11 lakes, two rivers and more than 1000 hectares of surrounding forest parks. There are 6 hiking trails in the city. Holidays in Olsztyn are represented by 10 sailing and water sports. The rivers are ideal for canoeing. Horse riding centers and ponies are offered at horse riding centers.

Olsztyn shopping centers are popular places for shopping among tourists due to the low prices for quality products. Among them is the largest multifunctional complex "Warmia Gallery", which serves as a commercial, commercial and entertainment establishment. In total, the modern two-story gallery covers 170 shops, cafes and restaurants, a bowling alley, a fitness center, a cinema and an amphitheater.
In the center of the city is AuraCentrum, near it is Dukat, next to the train station you can visit Dekada. Departments selling clothes and shoes are located in all hypermarkets of the city.
Local gastronomic souvenirs - bread, sheep’s cheese, canned foods, syrups, mustard - all this can be bought in the restaurant “Warmian Pantry”.

7 days tour plan

A walk around the Old Town and a tour of historic buildings (the Market Square is decorated with facades of houses built in the 17-19 centuries, after WWII carefully restored, completed on one floor with Baroque features and decorated with modern ornaments).

Visit to St. Jacob's Cathedral: the history of the cathedral is a miniature history of the city.

Art Gallery BWA.

For a bite to eat, check out the Italian Cafe Malta (in the Old Town). On warm days, you can book a table outdoors and enjoy the sights of the Old Town at lunch.

Walk along the promenade.

Dinner at the Polish restaurant "Korchma Yana", located in the Old Town, immediately after the St. Jacob on the Lyna River.

A tour of the castle and a visit to the Museum of Warmia and Masuria.Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory.Dinner at the cafe-restaurant "Ruzhana" (old Polish dishes).

Theatrical evening (theater named after Stefan Yarach).

Rest on the lakes (beaches, attractions, restaurants). Lake Ukel has a beach with a long pier, there are water slides and a volleyball court.Lake Ukel offers excellent conditions for water sports: sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, motor boating and water scooters.

Walk around the lake.

Dinner at the Corner Restaurant in an elegant and relaxing interior. A wide selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has its own ecological plantation and its own fish farm.

Rest on the rivers Lyna and Wadong (the right tributary of the Lyna river). A great way to relax is a canoe rafting that starts in the city center, continues through a forest hollow and ends at an artificial lake above the dam (on average 3 hours), and a picnicAdventures can be continued with horseback riding or with a horse breeder in a cart at Warma Farm.

On the 11 km route along the rivers, where the Yanchary stables are located, a Masurian banquet awaits with great treats and entertainment until the morning.

A trip to Mragowo or the capital of sailors –Mikołajki.

Every year in July, the famous Country Picnic takes place in Mragowo, and Mikołajki is a city that knows no rest during the summer season and offers a variety of attractions, including cruises, cycling, hiking, horseback riding.

Concert at the Philharmonic.
Waterpark "Aquasfera". You can spend the whole day here. The complex includes: swimming pools, water slides, fitness club, restaurant, sporting goods store.Puppet show. Interesting performances designed for both children and adults.Walk around the Old Town.
Catholic church of the Sacred Heart of JesusOrgan concert. Every Sunday in July and August, St. Jakub Cathedral becomes the venue for the festival of organ music under the patronage of the Union of Polish Musicians

After a day immersed in history and culture, the evening can be devoted to delicious and aromatic food and good wine in the cozy atmosphere of one of the restaurants of the Old Town. Listen to jazz music or dance.

Cafes and Restaurants in Olsztyn

The cuisine of the region combines different culinary traditions: Old Poland, Mazuria, Kurpiya region, German, Russian, Ukrainian. A huge variety of tastes associated with the history of the land, which mixed the influences of many ethnic groups and cultures and, consequently, culinary traditions. It is replete with dishes of meat, cabbage, potatoes, pies, dumplings and dumplings. The main wealth of the region is fish (pike, eel, whitefish, perch, vendace).
Typical regional dishes made from fish and meat, which are sourced from small local farms, can be enjoyed in the Olsztyn restaurant, located in an eclectic 19th-century building in the city center. This is a loin a la Mazurso with plum sauce, Warmian dumplings with onion and meat filling with cream sauce, smoked eel.
Another interesting place is the restaurant "Castle", near the medieval castle, surrounded by a park. The stylish interior serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, which is dominated by dishes prepared according to recipes of old Polish cuisine.

Photo: Olsztyn is famous for its beer

One of the regional products that Olsztyn is famous for is beer. It is brewed in the local cormorant, and this is a real find for gourmets. The brewery offers a wide range of varieties (classic, traditional, inspired by recipes from around the world). You can try beer in the numerous pubs of the city.

Where to eat in Gdansk is inexpensive and tasty

They didn’t specially select places in Gdansk where to eat cheaply - so all the decisions were spontaneous, but none of the places, in principle, disappointed. Yes, somewhere it could be cheaper, but somewhere it might be more like hodgepodge, but in general the food was delicious everywhere and, most importantly, inexpensive. On the promenade of cafes and restaurants, dozens for every taste and budget!

The first place we had breakfast on arrival was a cafe in the nearby Madison supermarket. On the ground floor there is a cozy bistro with excellent breakfasts. They ate omelets, oatmeal with yogurt, coffee and rolls - everything was not expensive, tasty, fresh, and the staff was friendly and as usual from Ukraine. Madison Gallery Gdansk - Rajska 10 address. The Madison Gallery is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on weekends from 10 a.m. And yes, this is another supermarket, which is full of shops with clothes, so for shoppers this is another place on the map of Gdansk. The name of the Pellowski Piekarnia Cukiernia Kawiarnia coffee house is a name you can meet more than once throughout Gdansk - pellowski, worth remembering.
Of course, when you live in apartments with a full kitchen, the need to constantly eat at catering points is not so acute, having bought everything you need for a full breakfast at Bedronka or Zhabka, this is the name of the most popular and most affordable stores in Poland, we had breakfast houses. Yogurt, oatmeal, cheese and sausage - what else is needed to have enough energy for the first half of the day. So all tourists who want to visit Gdansk, and Poland in general, should definitely remember the names of these two chain stores Biedronka and Żabka.

Well, in the afternoon you can dine in the restaurant.

The next catering point where we had lunch was called Grass Restaurant. The address of the restaurant "Grass" st. Szeroka 121/122, which is not far from the market. By the way, if you are looking for where the market is in Gdansk, here is the address Plac Dominikański 1. The restaurant tasted the soup of the day, there was hodgepodge, very tasty pasta. Unfortunately, the beer in the restaurant is usually massive, therefore, after a solid and relatively inexpensive meal, we turned around the corner to drink a delicious craft beer. But I’ll tell you where to drink craft beer in Gdansk in a separate section, as it’s worth it.

Remember that on the third day of our stay in Gdansk we went to the Baltic Gallery - a super mall. So there is a great place where you can eat cheap and tasty in Gdansk, called the "place" - Kuchnia Marche Galeria Bałtycka or just Marche. This is a self-service dining restaurant where you can have a great lunch for 20-25 zlotys. In addition, the dishes are delicious, which is most important. The principle is this - you pick up what your heart desires, but at the box office everything is sold at a single price of 4.5 zlotys per 100 grams. I recommend this “dining room” for those travelers who plan to spend their money economically. It seemed to me that it was cheap to eat.

Craft beer in Gdansk

Since we love craft beer, Gdansk is one of the best cities in Poland where you can drink this unusual drink. In Gdansk, there are several wonderful places where they can pour “unusual” beer. In short, we liked three craft beer pubs in Gdansk.

So, the places where you can drink craft beer in Gdansk:

Degustatornia at Grodzka 16

Pułapka - address of Straganiarska 2

Cathead - Powroźnicza address 19/20

All establishments are located in the city center and they have an excellent selection of beer for bottling. At the same time, the cheapest beer in Pułapka.

Of course, this is just a small list of places where you can eat and drink in Gdansk, so to be continued.