Indonesia Attractions


Indonesia is a small state in Southeast Asia, located on the most beautiful islands washed by the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. By the way, today, it is the largest island nation in the world. Man-made masterpieces of civil and religious architecture perfectly fit into the natural beauty of the islands, so today we will visit the main attractions of Indonesia, as well as provide photos and descriptions of the beautiful places of the island state.

Amazing in beauty and unusual in design, the pyramid in the Republic of Indonesia is perhaps the most important architectural attraction of this state.

The Buddhist temple complex on Java was built during the rule of the monarchs of the Silendra dynasty, between about 750 and 830 years of the 1st millennium.

For hundreds of years, the monument was forgotten and abandoned, and after the discovery and restoration of the sacred stupa, laid out of stone blocks, thousands of believers make pilgrimages annually.

Not far from the volcano Merapi, in the heart of the island of Java, there is a beautiful religious complex of Hindu and Buddhist temples.

First of all, tourists visit the grandiose buildings, visible even from afar, which the locals call "Lara Jongrang", which means "Slim Virgo."

Many legends are associated with the complex, one of which tells that the monumental temple was built as a sign of the selfless love of the prince to the beautiful Jongrang, who refused him reciprocity.

Independence Square

The capital of Indonesia, the city of Jakarta, is full of all kinds of attractions, but we will mention the most important one - Independence Square, or Freedom, as it is sometimes called in guidebooks.

The capital is densely built up, and only here for tourists there is free space for walking. In the very center of the large square stands the National Monument, 132 m high. At the base of the high stele is the historical museum.

The square itself is equipped with unique stone benches, as well as multiple walkways for hiking.

Ubud Monkey Forest

The beauty of the island of Bali in the Malay archipelago will begin with a unique forest of monkeys, one of the most popular places of entertainment for tourists.

Since ancient times, the islanders worship these amazing animals, so here the monkeys feel at ease and receive a truly royal treatment.

On the territory of the reserve, among the majestic jungle, a small Buddhist temple is built. The macaques living around act as the guardians of the religious building, and they carefully examine tourists in the hope of finding something to eat.

Bro Lake

Indonesian sights are mainly represented by amazingly beautiful natural sites, which undoubtedly include the majestic lake on the island of Bali.

On the shore rises a wonderful temple, built in the middle of the XVII century. Picturesque landscapes of the lake surroundings attract tourists from all over the world, and pilgrims come here to bow to the sacred objects of nature and restore peace of mind.

His mirror is spread not far from the sacred mountain, and it is believed that if a person plunges into the waters of the lake, then he is ensured good health and longevity.

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Bat cave

In the 11th century, the temple of Goa Lavah was erected on the island of Bali, and it is famous for the fact that there is an unusual cave of bats.

Referring to the information of ancient legends, guides claim that the length of the cave is 25 km, and its secret passages and labyrinths lead to other structures of the island and on the coast. Even more amazing stories tell that the cave itself is the entrance to another dimension.

At the entrance, tourists and locals leave food for the flying inhabitants of a unique tourist attraction, and the tradition originated from the time of the sacrifice to the pagan gods.

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Sources of Bagnard

The magnificent Lovina beach has unique hot springs that are considered sacred by local residents, as they heal from diseases and protect against evil spirits.

The name of the unique object was named after the nearby village, and its main attraction is a huge pool, the water into which comes directly from the ground.

The water in the springs and pools has a specific smell, due to the low sulfur content. Near the springs there is everything for a wonderful holiday - benches, restaurants and playgrounds.

Majur Water Palace

On the island of Lombok, you must visit the unusual water palace built in the distant 1744.

An important strategic object, the walls of which witnessed the most important historical events, has long become one of the island's most visited attractions.

The unusual palace is surrounded by numerous pools and a magnificent park where rare species of plants and trees grow. You can relax in the shady alleys of the park, and those who wish can visit the nearby Buddhist temple.

Mounduk Waterfall

Pictures of this beautiful waterfall, located in the heart of Bali, are decorated with tourist maps and avenues that invite you to relax in the midst of the nature of the Indonesian islands.

Mounduk Falls can be accessed along a narrow path that winds between tropical vegetation along the river. From the site by the waterfall, magnificent views of the valley open, and the surrounding rocks amaze with grandeur and beauty.

Water flows down from a height of 25 m, and the waterfall itself does not dry out during the driest periods, delighting tourists with a magnificent sight.

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Suramadu Bridge

We pass from natural beauties to man-made. Indonesia’s unique and longest cable-stayed bridge connects Java and Madura, with a length of 5,438 m.

The idea to build a beautiful bridge over the strait arose in the 60s of the last century, but only in the early 2000s there was a technical possibility of building such a complex facility.

In 2009, the first cars rushed along it, and the bridge itself became a masterpiece of bridge building and the main attraction and pride of an Asian country.

Monument to the heroes

The Indonesian city of Surabaya is famous not only for its magnificent beaches and entertainment complexes, but also for its many museums and monuments erected in honor of the brave fighters for freedom and independence.

The monument to the heroes, erected in honor of the heroes who died during the war, today acts as an unofficial symbol of the city, which only in 1950 freed itself from Japanese occupation and became part of Indonesia.

Residents sacredly honor their brave liberators, because the very name of the city is translated from local dialects as “brave in the face of danger”.

Jatiluvik Rice Terraces

The real pride of the Indonesians is the vast rice fields cultivated by the hardworking inhabitants of Bali.

To grow the most popular agricultural crop in Asia, they use the most ancient technologies that have not changed for many hundreds of years. The magnificent mountain of Bakutaru rises above the plantations, on which, according to legend, the guardians of the plantations live.

The air here is very fresh, and the islanders carry out various religious rites in the fields, as well as national holidays and festivals.

Mount Kelimutu

The incredibly beautiful volcano on the island of Flores rises above sea level to an altitude of 1,639 m, and is famous for the fact that three lakes formed in its crater, each of which has its own special and unique color.

The unusual color of the lakes is due to the high content of various mountain minerals, and over the years of observation, the lakes have changed their colors more than once. The last time the volcano showed its activity in 1968.

Locals pass on beliefs from generation to generation that the souls of deceased ancestors go into the waters of lakes, while old-timers claim that living and dead water splashes in the lakes.

Quarry Grasberg

The world's largest gold mine and the third largest quarry for the extraction of copper ore is located at the highest mountain of the island of New Guinea.

In addition, it is the highest mountain quarry in the world. More than 19 thousand people are involved in the extraction of gold, silver and copper, and mining exploration is carried out on an area of ​​100 km².

The production volumes, of course, are impressive, and the quarry itself is a bird's-eye view of a huge spiral funnel.

Tsitarum River

We conclude our journey in a rather unusual place, which can only be called a tourist attraction.

Once the waters of the Tsitarum River fed local fishermen with fish, they took water from it for drinking and cooking, and the river itself irrigated rice fields. But today it is a place of ecological disaster, and Tsitarum with its carpet of garbage on the surface is the dirtiest waterway on the planet.

The standard of living of the population living on the banks of a dirty river, on the verge of poverty, and the main source of income is the catch and sale of trash from the river. On a list that includes interesting facts about Indonesia, this dirty river is always mentioned in the forefront.


Note that much in this country can truly surprise. For example, the unusual holiday of Pont in Indonesia is an officially permitted night of betrayal, and is considered one of the most unusual sexual customs of the peoples of the world.

For those wishing to go on a tourist trip to Indonesia, we will give one practical advice. Traveling in this amazing country is best with a guide who knows the area well, because in the labyrinth of islands you just can not find the magnificent sights and beautiful places of Indonesia.

1. Jakarta city

The largest city of Indonesia, the capital. Located on the island of Java. Modern, densely populated, with high-rise buildings. Jakarta has the largest skyscraper in all of Indonesia. The city has about 20 major attractions: museums, a zoo, a planetarium. Here you can find many hotels of different levels of comfort.

4. Bali Island

Tropical island with beautiful landscapes and excellent service. Hotels in Bali can be found on any wallet. It offers exceptional beach vacations and water sports opportunities. The traditional culture and crafts of the island are actively developing and provide tourists with the opportunity to get acquainted with all their diversity.

8. Prambanan

A complex of temples on the island of Java. Built in the 10th century, restored in the 19th. World Heritage Monument. The restored buildings are carvings, grandiose in height and stone decor, visible from afar. Decorated in the traditional style for Buddhist and Hindu temples.

14. Temple of Pura Tanah Lot

Hindu temple located very close to the coast of the island of Bali. The traditional architecture building is built on a small island and is considered the cultural symbol of Indonesia. Steps leading to the temple are carved in the rock. At low tide, the island is connected to land by a narrow shallow. Tourists are not allowed into the temple, only believers.

15. The Temple of Pura Besakikh

The main religious building of the island of Bali. Located in the mountains, at the highest point of the island. The surrounding nature and buildings make up a unique composition that tourists can only admire from the outside. The complex architectural composition consists of 22 temples richly decorated with stone carvings of a traditional style.

19. Bird and Reptile Park Taman Burung

A natural park combined with a "new type" zoo - the inhabitants are in free open-air cages. Exotic birds walk freely in the park and give visitors the opportunity to observe them in an environment as close to natural as possible. The landscape arrangement of the park is rich and diverse. Birds and tourists walk among gardens, flowers and waterfalls.

20. Tirtagang Water Palace

The architectural and park ensemble in the style of Bali. The palace was built in the mid 50s of the 20th century and is a relatively young attraction of the island. Palace buildings and many ponds are located on the site of the "holy river". In organized baths, both locals and tourists are happy to spend time. Carps live in numerous ponds and lotuses bloom. The whole area is richly decorated with sculpture.

21. Water Castle Taman Sari

Taman Sari is located in the palace complex of Yogyakarta, not far from the city of the same name. It is a complex of fifty buildings, some of which have been restored. The castle was built by the sultan for himself and his family. Architects paid special attention to water: the castle had a complex sewage system, fountains, and a bath complex. The monument is protected by UNESCO, has world significance and value.

25. Volcano Merapi

The most active volcano in Indonesia. Major eruptions of this volcano follow regularly, with a period of 7 years. Small ones are more common, but there is always little activity. The volcano is a majestic mountain of black color with a smoke coming from the crater - a spectacle so magnificent that it has become one of the favorite among tourists.

27. Lake Tobo (Toba)

A large lake of volcanic origin (formed on the site of an ancient volcano) on the island of Sumatra. The local small Batak people live on the lake, which has its own distinctive culture and traditions. Tourists can combine traditional forms of relaxation in the lap of nature and learn the features of the unique Batak culture.

The main attractions of Indonesia

Among the islands of Indonesia, Bali and Java are the leaders in tourist popularity. They are known not only for picturesque landscapes, but also for many architectural and cultural monuments. The oldest temple complexes attract the attention of pilgrims from around the world.

Many travelers come to the country to get acquainted with its culture, which is considered one of the oldest in Southeast Asia. The main attractions of the state are bright national holidays, which incorporate the features and traditions of the cultures of all the tribes inhabiting the islands.

Each of the many islands of Indonesia is unique in its beauty and unique in its attractions. The main one is the ancient temple complex Prambanan, located on the island of Java. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the 10th century. The central place is occupied by an ensemble of three main temples, the walls of which are decorated with elaborate bas-reliefs depicting scenes from an ancient epic.

Temple Borobudur

In the vicinity of Yogyakarta on the island of Java is one of the grandest attractions of Indonesia - Borobudur Temple. It is often called the chronicle of Buddhism, carved in stone. The construction resembles a huge pyramid decorated with many statues and bas-reliefs. It was built for about 100 years. The temple was erected on a square base, oriented to the cardinal points.

The bas-reliefs of the historical sites of Indonesia form a strict composition, which traces the storyline of the life of Buddha. On a massive base towers 9 tiers. Their area decreases with height.On the upper tier is the central stupa with a statue of Buddha. Around it are 72 small stupas resembling an inverted bell. In total, there are more than 500 statues on the tiers. Stairs to enter the temple are on four sides.

The landmark of Indonesia was built in the 8-9th century. Scientists suggest that the temple was bombarded with volcanic ash after a powerful volcanic eruption on the island of Java. Its top was discovered at the beginning of the 19th century, after which excavations and restoration work began. The complex is equipped with a drainage system that protects it from erosion of the soil.

Istiklal Mosque

The national landmark of Indonesia was the Istiklal Mosque. It was built in Jakarta at the end of the last century. The main building of snow-white marble is crowned with a dome with a diameter of 45 m. It is decorated with a tall spire with a crescent moon and a star. The dome rests on 12 columns. Along the perimeter of the main prayer hall are rectangular columns supporting four tiers of balconies.

The interior of the attractions of the Republic of Indonesia is made in the style of minimalism. Its main decoration are aluminum plates, with which the hall supports are trimmed. At the same time, 120 thousand people can be present in the walls of the mosque. The mosque is accessible to tourists. They can inspect the hall and take a walk in the cozy courtyard and park with fountains.

Oldest botanical garden

The Botanical Garden on Java is not only a picturesque attraction, but also a favorite family vacation destination in Indonesia. Here is a scientific center in which research is being conducted on the protection and study of local flora. The garden was founded at the beginning of the 19th century. About 6 thousand species of plants grow here. Among them, at least 200 species of palm trees, many evergreens and cacti.

A rich collection of orchids growing in open ground and greenhouses also delights. Thanks to the successful layout of the territory, long shady alleys give way to pretty slides and small waterfalls. Among the lush greenery are benches for relaxation.

Ujung Pendant

In the western part of the island of Java is a unique natural attraction of Indonesia - Ujung Coulomb National Park. It occupies the peninsula of the same name with the adjacent water area. The park also includes the volcanic archipelago of Krakatau. After a strong eruption of the volcano, the island of Krakatoa was almost completely destroyed. Today it is an interesting tourist attraction in Indonesia. However, you can admire the island at a distance of no closer than 1.5 km.

The territory of the park is characterized by a wealth of flora and fauna. Here Javanese rhinos found refuge, of which a little more than three dozen individuals remained on the planet. The park is home to rare species of mammals, reptiles and birds, which are under state protection. An attraction of Indonesia attracts tourists:

  • magnificent natural landscapes
  • interesting routes laid in the jungle,
  • an exciting boat trip on the boat,
  • the best places for diving and surfing,
  • beach holidays on the white sand.

The attention of tourists is also attracted - an open-air miniature park, a safari in the Baluran National Park and the Green Canyon.

Diving in Bali

For many, holidays in Indonesia are associated with the island of Bali. It attracts with its natural attractions - blue lagoons surrounded by lush tropical greenery, snow-white beaches and the best places for diving. The depths of the Indian Ocean are rich in delightful coral gardens, wreckage, wreckage, exotic fish and many other unusual marine life.

Fans of diving can go scuba diving all year round. The water here is always warm, and visibility reaches 25–40 meters. Training for beginners takes place in small convenient bays with a low current. The island has the best diving schools. On small islands there are colorful underwater canyons in which you can meet white-feathered reef sharks or huge ramps. Among the coral atolls, giant turtles swim slowly.

Best surf spots

A popular holiday in Bali in Indonesia is surfing. Surfers from all over the world come here. Due to the stable direction of the winds, the waves retain their shape for a long time. Here everyone can find a wave for their level. You can surf all year round. The highest waves are observed in the dry season. The trade winds on the west coast of the island are directed towards the ocean. One of the advantages of surfing in Indonesia is the safety of the area, unlike the coast of Australia.

Rafting in Indonesia

Leisure activities in Bali provide a variety of opportunities. One of them is rafting among the rocky gorges and mangroves of Indonesia. Along the mountain rivers laid routes of varying complexity, with rapids and rifts. Travel safety is provided by professional instructors. Extreme rafting takes place against the backdrop of picturesque sights - past rice terraces and wonderful waterfalls.

Besakikh Temple

Due to the large number of temples, Bali received the name of the island of the gods. The main religious attraction is Pura Besakih. An ancient Hindu temple built on the slopes of an active volcano to protect the inhabitants of the island. Although most of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, over 80% of Balinese are Hindu.

One of Indonesia's main attractions is the Agung stratovolcano. He is revered by the Balinese as the abode of the gods. The first mention of this place dates back to the beginning of the 11th century. However, the age of many elements of the complex exceeds 2 thousand years. Sacrifices were arranged in the temple, and during the period of natural disasters local residents took refuge in it.

Water Palaces in Bali

One of Indonesia’s most beautiful attractions is Ujung Water Palace. It was built at the beginning of the last century, as one of the royal residences. However, the eruption of the Agung volcano and the subsequent earthquake in 60–70 years. almost completely destroyed the palace complex.

In the architecture of Indonesia's attractions, the oriental and European styles are organically mixed. Geometrically correctly planned paths and ponds alternate with elegant bridges, decorated with decorative carvings and sculptures. From the palace rooms and pavilions a magnificent panorama opens.

Tirta Ganga Water Palace is one of Indonesia's top attractions. It is an amazing interweaving of fountains and ponds along which paths of stone slabs are laid. The palace complex is located on three levels and is surrounded by a lush tropical garden.

Interesting sights of Indonesia in Bali also include:

  • sacred lake in the crater of the volcano Batur,
  • Tanah Lot Temple, located on a cliff overhanging the sea,
  • unique monkey forest,
  • Tirta Empul temple with sacred springs,
  • park of birds and reptiles,
  • rice terraces equipped with irrigation system,
  • safari park, one of the largest in Asia.

Active holidays on Kalimantan

Holidays in Indonesia on Kalimantan promise real adventure. Most of the island is covered by impassable equatorial forests. Scientists still find species of animals and plants unknown to science. The rainforest of the island is about 140 million years old. Many endemic species have survived here, for example, the Kalimantan smoky leopard or orangutan.

Tens of thousands of tourists are attracted by extreme holidays on Kalimantan. Vacationers can go on a trip to the primitive tribes, still living in floating houses and leading subsistence farming. Locals are cordial to tourists and have a traditional dance performance for them.

Rafting enthusiasts choose rafting along high-speed rivers, and mountaineering fans conquer steep cliffs. In coastal waters, you can find suitable places for diving or snorkeling.

Sultan's Palace in Indonesia

Rest on the island of Sumatra allows you to enjoy the picturesque natural landscapes and unique monuments. One of Indonesia’s best architectural attractions is the Royal Palace, built in the late 19th century for the Sultan Al Mamuna. The design of the building combines elements of Islamic, Indian and European architecture.

Al Mamuna Palace is considered one of the most popular attractions in the country. Elegant arched colonnades in two tiers surround the building, creating the illusion of its incredible lightness. The interior of the palace is no less magnificent, representing the same organic mixture of styles. Painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers, marble columns and antique carved furniture complete its decoration. In front of the palace there is a wonderful landscaped garden.

The Great Mosque of Medan

Holidays in Indonesia in Sumatra are associated with a visit to another unusual attraction. An excellent decoration of the city is the Great Mosque of Medan, distinguished by the contrast of a snow-white facade and black domes. The building was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It combines Moroccan and European architectural traditions. The mosque has the shape of an octagon and consists of a prayer hall and utility rooms.

Inside the mosque there are always many tourists and local Muslims. The arches of the corners of the building are crowned with domes. Graceful stairs lead to the prayer hall. Massive marble columns support the main dome, made in the tradition of the Turkish style. Arches and walls are decorated with rich floral designs. Through colorful stained-glass windows, soft daylight penetrates the premises. The mosque holds up to 1.5 thousand believers.

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

One of the main attractions of Indonesia was the Catholic temple, built on Sumatra in the early 2000s. According to legend, the Virgin Mary pointed to this place to two children in a dream. The architecture of the temple combines elements of the Christian and traditional Indonesian style. The two-story building resembles a fabulous palace.

The architectural landmark of Indonesia is richly decorated with religious symbols. The entrance is decorated with two smoothly curving stairs. The main decoration of the interior is a painted ceiling with scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. The cathedral presents a collection of:

  • 12 statues of the apostles
  • paintings on the history of our planet,
  • frescoes on which biblical subjects are recreated.

For lovers of eco-tourism in Sumatra laid interesting tourist routes. They go through the best natural attractions of Indonesia:

  • beautiful waterfalls
  • colorful villages
  • unique nature reserves
  • orangutan rehabilitation center.

Toba Lake

One of Indonesia’s amazing attractions is Toba Lake. It was formed about 70 thousand years ago as a result of a powerful volcanic eruption. Its consequences were catastrophic for the planet. It is believed that volcanic winter threw the course of evolution on the planet 2 million years ago.

The deepening from the exploding volcano was gradually filled with water, forming the lake of the same name. The unique attraction of Indonesia is located at an altitude of more than 900 m above sea level. The surroundings of the lake amaze with beautiful landscapes that are requested in the photo. The depth of the lake in some places reaches 500 m, and the dimensions make it one of the largest reservoirs of volcanic origin. On the slopes of the formed basin, cones of new volcanoes are gradually forming.

Due to the rise of rocks in the middle of the most unusual lake in Indonesia, a large island has grown. Its sights:

  • Batak village
  • ancient royal tombs,
  • Picturesque rice terraces
  • thermal springs
  • 120-meter waterfall.


Sumatra provides numerous vacation options in Indonesia. The largest nature reserve on the island is the Gunung-Leser National Park. Here, rare animal protection programs are being successfully implemented. Among them are the Sumatran tiger, rhino, Bengal cat and the famous orangutans, for which favorable living conditions in natural conditions have been created. Interesting routes have been developed for visitors to the park.

Lombok Island

The unique nature and interesting sights make the island of Lombok one of the most popular tourist sites in Indonesia. The main natural asset is the Rinjani Volcano National Park. Taking part in trekking tours to its top, you can swim in the thermal springs. The Narmada Water Park offers many interesting sights:

  • Hindu temple of Pur Kalas,
  • Canoeing on the lake
  • fountain of youth.

Flores Island

The main attraction of the "flower" island of Indonesia is its unique flora. A huge number of rare plants grow here, which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Flores is Indonesia's most Christian island. The bulk of the local population was converted to Catholicism in the 16th century, when Portuguese missionaries appeared on the island.

Unique architectural landmarks include the Ledalero Catholic Seminary. It was founded in the second half of the 19th century. Seminar graduates work in dozens of countries around the world. In the last century, a museum was opened here. It contains collections of:

  • fossils and tools of primitive people,
  • ancient paintings and clothes,
  • medieval weapons.

Ledalero Seminary is one of the island's most famous attractions and is included in all sightseeing tours.

Colorful lakes

Holidays in Indonesia allows you to see an unforgettable attraction. Colorful lakes on the island of Flores - a real miracle of nature. In the central part of the island there is a mountain plateau on which the Kelimutu volcano is located. Three lakes formed in its crater, which from time to time and independently change their color.

Local residents believe that the souls of the dead fall into the lakes, and it depends on their age and way of life in which of the water bodies they end up. Scientists explain the color of water by the chemical reaction of various minerals.