Lamai Beach The central part - beautiful, lively, fun


Lamai Beach on Samui - This is the second most popular among all the beaches of Samui. It is located on the east coast, a little south of Chaweng Noi. The length of the sandy coastal strip is 4 km. In its center, traditionally hang out young people and everyone who loves active entertainment. For pensioners and couples with children, it will also not be difficult to find a place conducive to a relaxing holiday. A set of water activities is quite traditional for Thailand. These are mainly jet skis and towed “bananas”. The sand is yellowish, rather large. Sunbeds belong to hotels, so their number depends on seasonal workload. The center of the beach is more suitable for swimming, since there are a lot of pitfalls and rock fragments in the south and north.

Lamai Beach on Koh Samui is not as rich in entertainment as Chaweng. However, it is impossible to say that this is a wilderness and the backyard of civilization. If you just want to sit in a coastal restaurant or bar, you will succeed and even enjoy it. You should go to Chaweng only for girls with low social responsibility. The whole nightlife of the beach revolves around a small street of the same name with the beach.

In general, Lamai is a transitional form from the full temptations of Chaweng to the wild beaches of the rest of the coast. The infrastructure is still diverse - there are massage parlors, and shops, and restaurants, but there are not so many people and the atmosphere is more relaxed. Therefore, it is the best choice for those who value comfort and silence. For example, couples, especially with children. Read more about shopping on Koh Samui.

Perhaps the most deserted and therefore calm part of the beach. For the most part, due to the fact that all restaurants, bars and shops are located at a distance of one and a half kilometers from it. If you are not too relaxed, then after 15 minutes you can go from relaxation to drive. The width of the sand strip in different places ranges from 5 to 30 meters. The sea in this place is very shallow, but it is difficult to go into it - stones interfere. During low tide, bathing is further complicated. In order not to injure your legs, we recommend that you get rubber beach slippers.


From the north it is limited by a small brook of unknown origin. A strip of sand stretches from it to the south for about a kilometer, to the hotel Aloha Resort. There are most vacationers here, but because of the wide width - from 30 to 40 meters, finding a quiet place is not difficult. One has only to move away from the coastal restaurant or bar.

Entering the water is pretty cool. Already after five meters you can break away from the bottom and swim. The bottom is clean, so you can swim without fear. The level of ebb and flow does not differ much from each other. In addition to sunbeds, which are concentrated in front of the hotels, there are canopies under which they make Thai massage. The largest number of offers of water entertainment.

It starts where the Bill Resort stands. The length is about a kilometer. If you are interested in what to see on Lamai Beach, then here you are. Since it is here that there is an island attraction - the stones Grandmother and Grandfather. Next to them is an Orthodox church, as well as several small restaurants and shops. A little further from the coast is the Macro hypermarket.

A strip of sand at first 40 meters wide, then it begins to narrow. Sun loungers and umbrellas are in front of each hotel. The entrance to the water is sharp, as in the central part. However, stones come across every now and then. This place is open to the winds, so big waves are possible. In general, it can be described as inappropriate for relaxing with young children. It is not particularly interesting for party-goers, since there is not a single nightlife nearby.

The best Lamai Beach hotels on Koh Samui

Full-fledged hotels near Lamai Beach on Samui began to build relatively recently. They shifted the price bar slightly above the level that was traditionally. Nevertheless, there is a plus in their appearance, as the choice has increased. Those who wish can even rent a separate villa. You can find cheap offers - a guesthouse, a bungalow - all over the beach. But most of them are in the northern part, so we recommend that you start your search from there. There are such numbers in the alleys adjacent to the main highway, but they are becoming smaller and smaller - they do not withstand competition with hotels. You can find your accommodation on the popular hotel booking services - or, and we have placed a selection of the best of them below:

From island airport

Songteo near the passenger terminal you will not find. You can get from Samui Airport to Lamai by minivan - a budget option, but with a little luggage, or by taxi. In the latter case, it is better to book a car in advance, then you will be sure of the final price of the trip lasting no more than 20 minutes. A transfer from Samui Airport to Lamai by companies costs 500-600 baht, and you can book it on the website. All the advantages of this method of moving around Thailand, we described in this article.

From Nathon Pier

From Nathon Pier to Lamai can be reached in half an hour through the entire island. If you have little luggage and the hotel is not booked, it is best to take a private songteo, which awaits the arrival of each ferry.

In our opinion, it is best to take a taxi from Nathon. The advantage is that there will be no stops along the way and you will get there quickly. It is more comfortable - there is air conditioning. The price may seem high, but it's for the whole car, not per person. If you travel with children or with a lot of luggage, then a taxi becomes an uncontested option.

If you catch a taxi directly on the pier, then the price of the trip will be from 1200 baht, as agreed. There are no meters in the cars. Therefore, it is better to book a car in advance. Then you will be met and taken exactly to the place for a fee indicated on the site. With an amateur bomb, you can stray around the island for a long time, which is beneficial for him, but not for you.

From Lipa Noi Pier

Lipa Noah Pier is often called Raja Ferry - after the transport company that serves it. She specializes in transporting buses, so your getting on board such a ferry can be considered a big failure. At least if your budget is small. To get from this pier to Lamai is possible only by taxi. Or on a scooter with a body - a tuk-tuk. You can save only if you cooperate with other fellow travelers. Go to Lamai about the same as from Nathon - about half an hour.

Beach description

The central part of Lamai is one kilometer of a flat line of the beach with the same width, from the Lamai River (in the common people of Rechka-Stinky) to Aloha Resort. In Lamai, the Pongponrat road makes a 90 ° turn.

The sand in this section of Lamai is light yellow, almost white, very loose and mixed with large yellow sand. Along the entire beach are hotels that monitor the cleanliness of their sites. Dirt can be observed only with strong excitement or early in the morning when the Lamai have not yet been cleaned.

Lamai is one of the most popular beaches on Koh Samui, which automatically makes it one of the most crowded and noisy beaches on the island, and its central part breaks all records for the density of pink bodies per square meter of sand. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of beach.

Entry into the water, depth and waves

Entry into the water in the central section of Lamai is ideal. This is the best sandy entrance to the sea on the island, the coast here has a rather steep slope, and the depth grows instantly.

Five meters from the beach there will be no bottom underfoot. Due to its depth, Lamai does not suffer at low tide. The sea leaves literally by 2-3 meters, without affecting the characteristics of the beach in this area. But with a small wind on Lamai, there are good waves that become dangerous when the wind is strong enough.

Sunbeds and shadow

The width of the beach reaches 40 meters, which are open to the sun throughout the central part of Lamai. Opposite each of the hotels are sun loungers and parasols, which can be borrowed. Trees grow very rarely, on the very edge of the coast, where sand ends and grass begins. In central Lamai there is not a single source of natural shade closer than 30 meters from the water.

Beach photo


Mini-markets, Tesco Lotus hypermarket, night and day markets, banks, gas stations, coffee houses, cafes, restaurants of all cuisines of the world, rental equipment, bicycles, children's and clothing stores, laundries, spas, massage parlors and the red light district, water park , children's entertainment center - Lamai is equipped with everything necessary for a complete, interesting vacation and accommodation on Koh Samui.

The central part of Lamai is located in the epicenter of the day and night life of the area. Bars and discos can bother you with music at night. On the beach itself, all possible water sports are offered on Koh Samui. Jet skis, bananas, kayaks for hire. Many bars and restaurants, street vendors and masseurs. Among the nearby attractions on Lamai are the following:

Beach houses and hotels

There is only one old wasteland in central Lamai, about 50 meters of the felled area. The rest of the space is built up by hotels. Self-rental is possible only in the depths of the island, on both sides of the Ring Road. This is one of the richest in private housing areas of Samui.

  • closest to the sea Marina Villa Koh Samui
  • not the most luxurious, but with good reviews. Lamai Wanta Beach Resort
  • spacious and bright Lamai Inn 99 Bungalows

I myself stayed at the Lamai Coconut Beach Resort (here is my review), I really liked it.
Among the luxury hotels with a high rating are:

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or to look for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Samui with good ratings and reviews.

Be sure (and I insist) check for discounts or special offers on the excellent Roomguru service. He will quickly and simply show you discounts in all existing reservation systems. In the same Asia, for example, there are a lot of offers on, which are much more interesting than on exactly the same hotels in

For the lazy, here are direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find a beach

Access to the beach is possible through the territory of any hotel, but if you do not want to talk with security or the administration, you can always turn into one of the many lanes that go to the shore. And do not forget about the wasteland. One of the convenient and successful places is the Bamboo Restaurant, which is located on the shore, and can be reached by scooter. There is also a medium-sized parking lot for motorcycles.

Beach map

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Good day. Better on Lamai. From November to mid-January there can be a lot of rain. Who treats this.

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Hello. We plan to be on Samui from August 5 to 15. What sea at this time of year on Lamai (waves)? Is it possible to relax with a child? Were two years ago in Chaweng at this time - it was excellent.

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Hello. How lucky, but generally in the summer, Samui is calm, compared with Phuket.

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Beach surroundings

Lamai Beach is located in the southeastern part of Koh Samui and has an impressive length (about 5 kilometers). From the north side, Lamai passes into the coastal zones of Cape Nan. And from the south - it is limited by the accumulation of colorful black and gray boulders. This territory is called Hin Ta Hin Yai. Locals nicknamed her "grandfather and grandmother" because of the intricate shape of the stones. From Lamai it is almost impossible to get there on foot, since the entire coastline is built up by private hotels. But you can drive along the road leading from the center of Lamai Beach. The route is about 3 km long.

There you can park vehicles in designated areas and walk along the path to the boulders. On both sides there are stalls with souvenirs, clothes and Thai sweets. At the end of the path is an impromptu observation deck. You can go there for a fee. From it opens a view of the sea and the waves, dissecting on the stones.

Variety of choices

Lamai Beach on Koh Samui is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in this area. In popularity, it is second only to Chaweng, which is located next door, slightly higher on the east side. Lamai Beach is surrounded by a variety of plantations in the form of palm trees, coconut groves and tropical mountain forests.

The right (southern) part of Lamai Beach is characterized by clean and clear water. There are practically no waves. The left one is also well adapted for relaxation, has a good infrastructure. There are stones with bizarre shapes that form numerous bays. The sea in this northern part is rather shallow, with periodic low tides. Therefore, vacationers opt for the central and right parts of the beach.

The central segment is always crowded. It is located parallel to the large tourist street Had Lamai Road. Here is a shore with a comfortable, smooth entry into the water. The beach strip across the entire width is clean.

The southern section of Lamai Beach has a greater depth of water. At the bottom there are stones, sometimes large. In addition, sea urchins are found here. Therefore, you should be extremely careful. Thanks to transparent water, the bottom can be viewed from a distance and not swim in potentially dangerous areas.

Local landscapes and leisure features

Due to the sufficient length and width of Lamai Beach, Samui is not crowded there. And if you want to stay in silence, you just need to walk along the coast - there is sure to be a place where no one will be there, even in the midst of the season.

The beaches of Lamai Samui, except for the north, are practically not affected by the ebbs and flows that are noticeable to visitors. Algae are single. Therefore, neither they, nor marine living creatures do not interfere with enjoying warm water at any time of the day. The sand here is yellowish, not very shallow. Similar in structure to the river with impurities of medium-sized shells. Although in the south of Lamai it is small and takes on a white hue.

The north beach is suitable for families with children. There is a flatter entrance to the sea. The coastal zone is built up almost close to the water. It is occupied by the hotels of Lamai Samui. In the center and south of the beach, the depth of the sea is comfortable for adults. The central part on the north side is bordered by the Lamai River. Through it you can go to the sea along a bridge decorated with flowers.

You should be careful while swimming in the water. In some places on the beaches live cubomedusa.Their collision under water with people can be dangerous to human health. Thais themselves, in order to avoid such incidents, bathe in clothes. The threat is reminded by warning stands located on the coastal zone of Lamai. Fortunately, the sea is crystal clear and the view is good. Workers respond quickly. In cases of jellyfish, a quick reaction occurs with the fencing of the dangerous territory.

There is the opportunity to more thoroughly explore the entire beach of Lamai Samui, a map at the end of the article with a detailed description will help to understand in detail the location of objects and routes.

Services and entertainment at the resort

On the coast, you will certainly be offered different types of massages. To do this, right on the Lamai beach installed unpretentious arbors. The prices are low. Compared with similar services in local hotels, the cost on the beach can be three times cheaper.

The following types of procedures are usually offered:

  • back and shoulder massage
  • Thai,
  • relaxing foot massage
  • persons
  • massages using oils or aloe vera,
  • scrub of individual parts of the body,
  • pedicure.

In specially organized places you can take spa treatments, do yoga with an instructor. The best options are available at hotels or in specialized complexes.

Beach fun - riding on water bananas, scooters, other means of transport. In several places you can take advantage of the rental of certain water transport and uniforms, including skis, wakeboards. Active tourists prefer:

  • Thai boxing - in the main square you can even watch female sparring,
  • karate
  • diving - there are several schools on Koh Samui that will prepare a beginner for the first dive,
  • Hobbie Cat - amateur types of sailing catamarans.
Hobie cat samui

In the dark, animators hold beach parties, a variety of fire shows. Often during the holidays, flying burning lanterns and fireworks are launched.

In the evening, near the McDonalds, they launch a conveyor of national street food. Chefs on special carts will quickly prepare any order. During the day, you can enjoy boiled corn and fruits, which are spread everywhere, right on the sands of Lamai Samui.

To get acquainted with Thai attractions, it is enough to contact any point that conducts sightseeing trips. The following facilities are available for viewing and entertainment.

Temple of Strength Ngu

  • Temple of Strength Ngu,
  • The Golden Statue of Big Buddha is located on Faan Island. It is connected to Samui in the northeast. The sculpture was erected in 1972. The height of the religious building is 12 meters,
  • Lamai Temple - there’s a cultural center
  • Tesco Lotus is a huge supermarket. Great place for shopaholics, as well as for the purchase of souvenirs.

One of the shortcomings of the beaches of Lamai Samui is the presence of stray dogs. Although, according to vacationers, they are not aggressive, but still the presence of animals of this kind on the beaches is not hygienic. They walk, sleep, eat and relieve themselves right in the sand, sometimes close to the water.

To quickly get to Lamai Samui, a map will be very helpful. This beach is attractive to many visitors. Therefore, once in another part of Thailand, you can independently arrive at Lamai Beach without spending time looking for translators and guides.

About 15 minutes you will need to go to Songteo (local public transport) to get from Chaweng to Lamai Beach. And from Maenami and Bophut in this direction you need to get with transfers in Chaweng. Transfer to the minibus with the inscription "Lamai beach" follows the bend leading towards the beach. From Nathon Pier to Lamai Samui will have to go 30 minutes. In this case, check with the minibus driver for information whether he goes straight to Lamai or via Chaweng.

If you rent a car, you can choose the most suitable route on your own and drive with amenities. You cannot get to Lamai from Samui Airport by public transport. Here you need to take a taxi. The beach is a 20-minute drive away. Then move along the coast in order to choose the most suitable place - this will help the map of Lamai beach (the map will be at the bottom of the page).

The main occupation of tourists on Lamai Samui is a beach holiday. Swimming and sunbathing, you can spend your vacation without the daily hassle. At the same time, those who wish can diversify their leisure time with various entertainments that are offered right on the beach, in hotels or on the main street.

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Photo and description

Lamai Beach is one of the most popular on Koh Samui. It has the widest coastline with white sand and presents ideal conditions for a calm and comfortable swimming. Please note that on the north side of the beach is quite shallow, and you will have to walk a little to the deep zone.

There are numerous bars, restaurants, cafes and shops on the beach, making your stay on Lamai even more diverse. It is also very easy to find nightlife with pretty Thai girls here, they are concentrated in the southern part of the beach.

If you have already bought enough, ate and sunbathed, you can go on a tour of local attractions, of which there are enough in Lamai.
Perhaps the most popular tourist destination is two mountains with unusual silhouettes called “grandfather and grandmother” or in Thai “Hin Ta” and “Hin Yai”.

In the south of the beach is the Muslim fishing village of Hua Thaton, in which life was preserved as it was before the development of tourism in Lamai. It still grows rice, vegetables and cattle.

All sorts of rituals are regularly held at Wat Lamai Temple, be it a wedding, a funeral, birth or a national holiday. On its territory, various fairs, film screenings, and much more are often held.

The Culture Center has exhibits telling about the past of Koh Samui. In particular, pottery and an ancient brass drum about 2000 years old found near the village of Lamai are stored here.

In the Buddhist temple Wat Khunaram, the mummy of the most revered monk on Koh Samui - Loon Pordaeng - is kept.

Northern Lamai Beach

Not many tourists go to the northern part. Here you can relax with your children - the depth of the sea is quite small, but upon entering you feel discomfort due to bizarre stones. For security reasons, it is best to roam the bottom in shales. The sand strip in width varies between 5-30 meters. Swimming in the northern part is the most difficult at low tide.

The reason for not the greatest popularity lies in the remoteness from shops, bars and restaurants. Introverts and lovers of measured relaxation feel good here. The northern part offers tourists hotels of various categories: from options for luxury lovers to inexpensive solutions with a range of minimum amenities. Exotic huts and bungalows on the beach attract attention. You can go to the north for lovers for a romantic pastime or enthusiastic about the art of photography - the pictures for the collection are magnificent. This part of the beach is especially good during sunset.

South Lamai

Finding the southern part of Lamai Beach is easy - it starts at the location of the Bill Resort. Lovers of original sights are sent here in order to see the famous stones Grandmother and Grandfather with their own eyes. The infrastructure of the south is pleasantly surprised by the presence of a hypermarket, restaurants, shops and a church for the Orthodox. This is not the most pleasant entry into the water with a lot of stones. Together with them, at the bottom, sea urchins feel comfortable, contact with which promises little pleasant. The sand strip narrows as you move away from the hotel.

Surfers due to regular winds noticed the south of the beach. For other tourists, there is not much interesting here: the conditions are not suitable for travelers with children, and for party lovers there are too few entertainment venues. The southern part of the beach does not have a large selection of hotels, there are not many of them. Umbrellas and deck chairs are installed near each.

What is nearby

Lamai is located near Koh Phangan Island, which became famous for the monthly Full Moon Party. Round-trip transfer costs a little over $ 15. In return, the traveler receives unforgettable emotions from the view of the moon, visiting many dance floors and drinking Thai alcoholic cocktails.

Having appreciated everything that Lamai offers, you can go for a walk in the direction of Chaweng - along the way there are small cozy beaches with a clean bottom. On the borders of the beach there are enough observation platforms to enjoy the panorama of the beach. For departure to the nearest islands, public transport is provided, individual transfers are available along the desired route.

Cafes and restaurants on the beach

In all parts of the beach on the shore there are small cafes and restaurants where you can eat after hours of entertainment on the water. For a Thai resort island, the prices are quite adequate. The average check for two, including food and cocktails, ranges from 15 to 20 dollars. The price of tasty and satisfying dishes that are familiar to Europeans does not exceed $ 6. An additional advantage of restaurants on the shore is a view of the clear sea.

There is a more economical, but less comfortable option to satisfy hunger without leaving the coast - open cafes with small wooden tables and chairs. Do not worry about the quality of food, but the difference in comfort is noticeable from the first seconds of your stay.

Restorany on the shore

Sun beds, shower

Sun beds and umbrellas on the beach exactly as much as you need to accommodate vacationers. This question is best worked out in the central part, which enjoys the maximum tourist attention. It offers both paid sunbeds, sheltered by an umbrella from the scorching sun, with the possibility of renting for several hours (1-3 dollars), and free from restaurants, access to which is available to those who place an order at the institution. You can not only enjoy the natural beauties, but also flip through the news feed - on the beach, take care of free Wi-Fi.

Vacationers can hardly find a few showers, regardless of part of the beach. It is suggested that for this service, tourists must return to their chosen hotel.

The beach offers massage at an attractive price. When comparing with hotels, a more than twofold advantage is recorded ($ 9 versus $ 30). The most expensive of the services on the beach is a scrub. They ask for at least $ 20 for her. The most popular offers:

  • Massage using oil.
  • Thai massage.
  • Massage the back and shoulders.
  • Facial massage.
  • Foot massage.
  • Scrub.
  • Massage using aloe vera.

Each of the salons tries to entice customers with various tricks: promotional codes, discounts when ordering several types of massage, discounts for those who bring new customers. Additional services for girls - manicure and pedicure.


In terms of entertainment, Lamai can be called the pearl of Samui. In addition to standard leisure activities at sea, such as riding a jet ski and a banana, it is possible to take panoramic photos when flying by parachute, to explore the island’s water spaces by canoe.

Fishermen can return to their favorite business at any time of the day or night for only 35-45 dollars. Especially for children, fishing is offered, during which they observe dolphins in their natural habitat without the ability to fish. About $ 300 costs 1 day of a yacht rental - an offer for wealthy romantics.

Beach party lovers are best served by the center. The Bauhaus Club offers daily original contests in the evenings, and organizers organize foam parties at the end of the working week. Super Sub pleases visitors with a large selection of alcoholic drinks and rock compositions.

On the beach there is a water park Coco Splash Waterpark, aimed at a children's audience. Slides and pools here do not quite fit the dimensions of an adult. You can return the spent effort in a small restaurant in the water park.

Impressions of a Thai resort would be incomplete without a couple of days of diving. Entertainment is not expensive, seen with your own eyes coral reefs and colorful fish amaze the imagination, fully justifying every dollar. It is best to dive from January to September, increased demand is observed in July.

Lamai has the best conditions in Samui for fans of surfing and windsurfing. Beginners should not worry - to master skills with the help of two-week courses is as easy as shelling pears.

Wellness treatments are one of the main features of the island. Thai massage, saunas, mud baths and other delights of salons allow you to establish energy flows. Clients are delighted with the ongoing meditation classes.

Tourists do not miss the opportunity to attend Thai boxing exhibition fights. From time to time, women, children and ladyboys show their skills. Representatives of the fair sex who want to learn this art, the services of special clubs are available.

A selection of rated and popular hotels on Lamai Beach

Finding a suitable hotel is not difficult - there are both luxurious five-star and modest three-star options with the best price-quality ratio. But there are hotels, for example, Lamai Beach Samui, which deserve special mention due to their huge popularity.

The Spa Garden, which features calm pastel colors, contains 37 rooms. A good location is complemented by excellent food quality, aromatherapy, massage services and an outdoor pool. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Rooms at Thai House Beach Hotel have views of the lovely courtyard or street. For a comfortable pastime, a swimming pool, a fitness center are provided, the staff makes an excellent massage.

Weekender Resort & Hotel offers guests to learn scuba diving, appreciate the delights of Thai massage and rent a bike. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life on vacation. The hotel offers convenient access to Samui's main attractions.

Samui Reef View Resort does not impress with a large number of rooms, focusing on the comfort of vacationers. Among the interesting features it is worth highlighting an elite restaurant, a room for playing billiards, a compact pool with warm water. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Pavilion Pool Residence Samui is the best choice for those who wish to spend their Thai holidays in a luxury villa. The hotel is aimed at families with several children and the friendly company of vacationers.

According to tourist reviews, Lamai is not much inferior to the world famous Chaweng. The beach offers a full range of services for an unforgettable vacation: stunning natural beauties, a warm and clear sea, a high level of infrastructure development, original entertainment programs. Preference is given to the central part of the beach, however, the north and south also have tangible advantages.

Lamai is good not only for its wide range of services, but also for the optimal price level for them. Here, not only lovers of measured relaxation feel good, but also companies of young people who want to have fun until you drop. Daytime family entertainment smoothly flows into the fiery night parties - it will not be boring.The result achieved in 2018 was made possible thanks to the systematic development of the infrastructure of the island of Samui, which is increasingly rising in the ranking of tourist destinations.