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Good day! I want to tell you about one very interesting place. Having repeatedly visited Tallinn, my husband and I decided to visit other cities in Estonia. The choice fell on the town of Tartu, known for its university. In my review of the vacation in Tartu (you can see it here: review of the vacation in Tartu), I wrote that the city is very small and has not many attractions, and two days will be enough to visit it. Duck - one of these two days, you will spend in the scientific and educational center "AHHAA".

The very building of the scientific and entertainment center is very easy to find: it is located in the city center, not far from the bus station. The building is very large and modern - you will not confuse it with anything.

At the entrance you get a ticket (something about 12-15 euros), they put on a bracelet and you go through the center's exposition.
First of all, you find yourself in the living room of the giants. Here it is impossible not to take a picture))

Next, there is a mirror corridor (try to get out of it!) And a couple of other attractions.

Further, one by one there are several halls. In the first one, you can ride an elevator into the bowels of the earth, climb a swing to the very ceiling, and look at your body temperature using a thermal imager. By the way, at the very beginning of the visit to the center, my nose the thermal imager showed in blue, and in the end - in red))) I warmed up)))

. Take a bike ride. ))) You must be a real hero to decide on this. I reached the end of the cable, and then, without getting off my bike, I rode backwards!

The second room is natural-scientific. Here you can see a huge anthill, skeletons of prehistoric animals, chickens and many other attractions.

The center has a large number of visitors, because such a museum is the largest in the Baltics. We met there guests from Russia (St. Petersburg). I watched the picture, as the fathers ran and frolic in the center like their children. True, it’s a lot of fun there!

Absolutely everything is interactive, everything can be touched and mastered! Also, according to a preliminary set of groups, scientific and educational presentations and master classes are held.
A special line, I want to note the work of the maintenance staff. All employees (cashiers, animators, guides, observers) were smiling and polite. Mostly young people work there, up to 30 years old.
In the center there is a cafe where you can eat for a moderate fee. There is also a store where you can buy souvenirs with AHHAA symbols.

Of course, I recommend the AHHAA scientific and entertainment center for visiting both children and adults. Of course, there is nothing to do with absolutely babies there, but older children will be delighted.

Exposition Center Ahhaa

The permanent exhibition of the Ahhaa Science and Entertainment Center is located in two halls: the technology hall and the wildlife hall. In the first, visitors will be invited to ride a bike along a thin cable at a height of 8 meters and even go down into the bowels of the earth. In the wildlife hall, you can watch the lives of several tens of thousands of ants, see first-hand how chicks hatch from eggs and watch the life of the aquatic world, which takes place in the 6000-liter aquarium, where corals and fish of the Red Sea live.

Numerous workshops also operate in the Ahhaa center in Tartu, where everyone can try their hand at building a periscope, build a working beacon with an LED lamp, learn how to make soap and even open people's eyes! Workshops are designed for people of different ages, so it is advisable to select the appropriate master classes with the help of the center. Ahhaa also has a planetarium and science theater.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, thematic exhibitions and events are regularly held in the scientific and entertainment center. As an additional service, Ahhaa Center offers to rent spectacular exhibits, which it undertakes to deliver to any place suitable for the client. Since 2011, the institution has been located in its own building, which is located in the center of Tartu.

Ant Watching at Ahhaa Center

One of the permanent exhibits of the Ahhaa Center is a huge ant hill, in which tens of thousands of ants live. Visitors are given the opportunity to observe the daily life of forest orderlies without interfering in its natural course. Here you can get acquainted with the developing offspring, as well as see ant kings.

In addition, thematic exhibits of the center introduce visitors to the highly developed culture of ants burial. In the summer, you can watch pasture and milking aphids - one of the main activities of small forest workers. The multimedia program located next to the anthill, composed of texts, photo and video materials, gives an excellent idea of ​​the life of ants.

Anatomical collection of the University of Tartu

Until the end of 2018, an exhibition introducing the collections of the medical faculty of the University of Tartu is open at Ahhaa Center. The oldest exhibit here dates from 1803. The foundation of this collection was laid in 1890 by professor of medicine August Rauber.

The exhibits of the Ahhaa medical exhibition are real human skulls, lungs of people who smoke and abstain from smoking, urinary stones, death masks and much more. The collection is regularly updated with new items. By the way, most of them were previously exhibited at the Anatomical Theater, where over the course of several centuries, prominent medical professors performed demonstrative autopsies for medical students.

Ahhaa Planetarium

Ahhaa Center in Tartu is famous for having the world's only spherical planetarium. Its ball, located on the roof of the building, is clearly visible from afar. Here you can admire the five billion stars that are everywhere: from above, around and even under a glass floor.

The Tartu Planetarium offers visitors two orientation programs: “Journey Through the Universe"And"Space Race". The first is an interactive journey through space, the second introduces the history of space technology. The program is available in Estonian, English and Russian.

Science theater

Ahhaa Center also has a Science Theater, where you can always see informative and entertaining performances. The theater’s repertoire currently has eighteen performances telling about the discovery of light, chemistry of combustion, the wonders of water, air, sparkling electricity and much more. The theater program for the current day can be found in the lobby of Ahhaa on large screens.

Scientific performances are held here twice a day. Beginning of sessions on weekdays and Sundays at 13:00 and 16:00, on Saturdays - at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. The right to attend the performance gives an entrance ticket to the scientific and educational center.

Unusual, exciting and interesting.

The exhibition area of ​​the four-story interactive AHHAA Center in Tartu covers 3 thousand square meters.

Already in the lobby, you can try yourself in the role of a pilot on a flight simulator or try to find a way out of the mirror maze.

The exposition is located in several rooms. In the Technology Hall you can see, touch and experience unique interactive exhibits:

  • take a photo with a balloon explosion
  • see charged particles in Wilson’s chamber,
  • familiarize yourself with the device of an electric vehicle.

But that's not all! Here you can:

  • climb (if you can) to the Munchhausen Tower,
  • check your vestibular apparatus on a special simulator for astronauts,
  • ride a cable on a bicycle,
  • make an unusual journey to the "bowels of the earth" in a special elevator.

In the Hall of Wildlife online you can watch the life of our smaller brothers: Look at the ants with the help of a special camera that you will control yourself, or see schools of tropical fish on a coral reef, try to find its other inhabitants.

Perhaps you will catch the moment when a small fluffy lump is born from an egg on a bird farm - newborn chick.

In the Water world, you can not only splash from the heart, but also:

  • shoot from a water cannon,
  • build a dam
  • create a tornado
  • or do water pipe yourself!

In the temporary exhibition hall once every six months exhibitions are updated unusual and exciting exhibits from all over the world.


AHHAA hosts a variety of workshops for visitors every day. more than 20 programsdesigned for children of different ages - from 4 to 14 years.

Here you can see entertaining physical experiments and intriguing chemical experiments, learn interesting facts from the field of astronomy and biology.

In the process of master classes you can:

  • make chocolate or lemonade yourself
  • make an author’s candle
  • highlight your DNA
  • and even make a model of the solar system!

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4D cinema

The AHHAA 4D Experience Cinema, opened in 2008, is located in the Lounakeskus shopping center - free express buses from AHHAA constantly run there.

In the cinema, spectators with 3D glasses are located on a platform oscillating with the help of the hydraulic system and see the stereo image on the screen.

Kids will be interested in the characters of national cartoons, and older spectators will like space races and chases, high-speed rallies.

Cost of movie ticketslasting several minutes, ranges from 2.50 EUR to 4 EUR.

Cafe "Newton"

Tired of hiking around the Center, you can reinforce your strength in the cozy Newton cafe on the second floor of the Center. Here you can:

  • dine with the whole family
  • order a children's menu,
  • enjoy delicious ice cream and Belgian waffles.

The cafe opens from the windows view of the "Newton's Apple Tree" - intricately interlaced grooves along which balls are rolled.

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AHHAA Services

Scientific and educational center provides its premises for organizing various events:

  • here you can spend themed holidays for children,
  • exciting parties for adults,
  • You can organize a serious conference or seminar - for these purposes, a modern conference hall with 150 seats and three audiences designed for a different number of participants are provided.

AHHAA conducts on-site performances of science theater and practices rental of exhibitsthereby promoting scientific ideas.

Here you can celebrate with your friends an unforgettable birthday (special package "Birthday" is designed for 16 people).

Working hours

Scientific and educational center works daily from 10 a.m.

Sunday to Thursday It is open until 19 hours.

Friday and saturday closes an hour later, at 20 hours.

AHHAA visit is not too cheap - the ticket costs 12 EUR.

  • for pensioners, students of schools and universities its cost is lower - 9 EUR,
  • persons with disabilities can visit the Center for 6 EUR.

If you plan to visit AHHAA with your whole family, it’s much more profitable to purchase family ticket valued at 26 EURthat two adults and all minor children can walk through.

If you want to also visit the planetarium, the cost of a family ticket will increase by 6 EUR.

For a group visit, a reservation must be made one week before the expected date of visit.

Admission ticket allows visit all exhibition halls, workshops and scientific theater, but does not include:

  • a visit to the planetarium - you will have to pay an extra 4 EUR,
  • flight simulator - surcharge is 1 EUR.

Within one day you can leave the center building an unlimited number of times, without removing the bracelet ticket.

It is interesting!

The color of the entry bracelet ticket changes daily.

On the territory of the Center photography allowed (except the medical collections of the University of Tartu), it is free.

AHHAA has a valid day visit mutual discount (20%) with the Aura water parklocated near the Center.

Where is it, how to get there and where to leave the car

AHHAA is located near the Tartu bus station, on ul. Sadama, 1 (Sadama, 1).

Walking from the bus station will take no more than 5 minutes. If you get by public transport, you need to exit:

  • at the Aura stop - for buses No. 20, 6, 24,
  • or at the Turu stop - for buses No. 3, 9, 22, 8, 2, 18, 14.

For traveling by car when traveling from the city, McDonalds will be a guideline - there you need to turn left. When approaching from Turu street, you need to turn right near the Zeppelin shopping center.

Please note that after paying for parking, you must leave the parking lot within 10 minutes.

When purchasing an admission ticket at AHHAA the first 3 hours parking is free, if this time is exceeded, parking is paid at the box office of the Center at the rate of 2 EUR per hour.

This takes into account 10-minute time intervals - for example, for 1 hour 20 minutes you will pay 2.66 EUR.

Great place to spend a day: reviews

  • “Almost all exhibits can be touched, twisted, checking the effect of scientific laws. I really liked the performance with chemical experiments in a scientific theater - a very entertaining sight ”,
  • “One of the most interesting sights of the city. You can safely go with the whole family, even with kids. "The chickens on the farm and the real fire engine aroused great interest and delight in the little son."
  • “Among everything presented, the elevator to the center of the earth and the planetarium were particularly impressed.”
  • “Pleasantly pleased with the discount for students. Riding a bike on an eight-meter height left perhaps the strongest impression. ”

At AHHAA, the region’s largest research and entertainment center, everyone can, combining entertainment and learning new things, join the most amazing secrets and the achievements of the vast world of science.

Time and cost of visiting

A regular ticket to the science and entertainment center costs 12 euros.

You can buy a family ticket for 26 euros, which involves visiting one adult and all children under 18 years of age of this family. The second parent must purchase a separate ticket. If you plan to visit the planetarium, then you should immediately buy a family ticket for 32 euros.

For a visit to the planetarium, an ordinary ticket is paid 4 euros. You can only visit the planetarium without a museum, then the price will be 6 euros.

By the way, the museum has a flight simulator, so if you plan to fly, you should immediately pay for its use with a ticket (1 €). Paying separately, the price will be already 3 €.

After the ticket is paid, they put on a bracelet on hand and visitors can:

  • Explore exhibits
  • become participants in the experiments,
  • ride a tight rope
  • to test the vestibular apparatus on the simulator,
  • go to the planetarium located on the upper tier. It is advisable to pre-register.

If you feel hungry, you can visit the cozy cafe located in the museum, as well as purchase something as a keepsake in the gift shop. Do not rush to throw a ticket to the museum. With him in the cafe there is a 10 percent discount. As well as a 20 percent discount on visits to the Aura water park.

The AHHAA scientific and entertainment center is open from Friday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00, and the remaining days of the week to 19.00. About changing the work schedule and other information is always posted on the official website.

Going on vacation to the center, you will discover many new and exciting, experience the pleasure of exploring the sciences. You definitely won’t be bored here.