Sights of Hersonissos


Hersonissos - A Greek resort town located in the north of Crete and known for its rich history dating back thousands of years, as well as a rich nightlife, crowds of young people and an atmosphere of carefree fun. Hersonissos occupies a good place on the island: it is located only 25 km from the capital of Crete - Heraklion, washed by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Malia, between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Due to the fact that the city is located on a hill, tourists enjoy breathtaking views, and its elongated shape along the coastline has allowed to open a whole strip of bars here so that travelers can get not only aesthetic pleasure!

Basic moments

Hersonissos is considered the oldest city in Crete. Its name comes from the Greek word "peninsula." The first settlements appeared here back in the era of the Cretan Minoan civilization (about 1500 BC). Studying the past of Hersonissos, archaeologists worked in Anissaras - a place that is located near the modern temple of Agia Paraskeva, from the west of the city port. They found many rare Bronze Age artifacts there - fragments of dishes, tools and jewelry.

During the Roman Empire, there were the main sea gate of the island - Port Tiganis. Hersonissos was considered so important that he had his own money. The images of Hercules and the patroness of the island of Crete, the goddess Britomartida, were minted on his coins.

Modern Hersonissos has gained fame among tourists as an unofficial island capital and is considered a noisy and fun place where life is in full swing day and night. There are a lot of restaurants and taverns, Dutch and Irish bars, so the resort town is loved by tourists from England, Holland, Ireland and Germany.

City port at sunset

Active nightlife, beach bars, clubs and discos attract many young people to these places. And at the peak of the tourist season (in July and August), Hersonissos becomes a real center of beach-entertaining youth recreation.

Hersonissos Golf Club

The resort has created a lot of entertainment: a mini-golf course, karting, equestrian center, Star Beach entertainment park, Labyrinth family park and even a small Aquarium. And for those who, during their holidays, want to improve their health, two modern medical complexes and an excellent thalassotherapy center are open in Hernosissos.

The resort town consists of several municipal communities formed on the site of coastal villages. Around the port there are modern hotel complexes and small apartments - Limenas Hersonisu. Construction began here in the middle of the last century, and over the course of several decades, a modern coastal resort has grown in place of a half-abandoned fishing village, becoming a mecca for all tourists coming to Crete.

Labyrinth theme park

In early Christian times, the port settlement suffered greatly from pirate raids, so most of its inhabitants moved to a safe distance from the bay - about 2 km inland. Here, on a hill, they founded the village of Hersonissos.

Today, on the narrow green streets of this small and calm village, there are traditional Cretan houses, two churches, small taverns and cafes. Absolutely national everyone likes this place. Tourists come to Old Hersonissos to enjoy the beautiful scenery, try traditional Cretan cuisine and buy souvenirs. In addition, from the port to the old village on a hill to get at all is not difficult. Walking here takes only 20-25 minutes.

Sights of Hersonissos

From the ancient Roman city to the present day, old civil and port buildings, as well as early Christian basilicas, have been preserved. In some of these buildings fragments of mosaic floors are still visible. In addition, near the village of Potamis you can see the ruins of an old aqueduct, along which the Romans supplied water to the city. And near the resort supermarket are the remains of the foundation of an ancient Roman theater.

One of the visited attractions of the resort town is the Likhnostatis Ethnographic Museum. It is a 15-minute drive from the center of Hersonissos. The museum was created in 1991 and represents the Cretan culture, history, nature and folk art.

Open Air Museum "Lychnostatis"

Unique exhibits are exposed outdoors and in several buildings. Here you can see the traditional house of the inhabitants of Crete, a shepherd’s hut, a windmill, looms, potter’s circles, a grass garden, as well as presses used to squeeze olive oil and wine.

The museum is open daily, except Saturday, from 9.00 to 14.00. On ordinary days, a ticket here costs 6 euros (for children under 12 years old - 2 euros), and on Wednesdays - 12 euros, because on this day the museum hosts a tasting of local alcoholic drinks.

In the western part of the port, above the entrance to the famous Skotino cave, stands the miniature white church of Agia Paraskevi. It seems that this temple is growing out of a cliff. In the Middle Ages there was a small chapel built by the Venetians, consecrated in honor of St. Paraskeva.

Not far from the port, 50 m from the Spar supermarket, there is a small but very interesting Aquarium, which was opened in 1995. It not only shows tourists the inhabitants of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, but also carries out work in the reptile rescue center. From April to October, the Aquarium welcomes guests daily from 10.00 to 18.00. And if you come here at 10.30, you can watch how the animals are fed. Admission to the Aquarium for adults costs 6 euros, for children - 4 euros.

Aquarium in Hersonissos Excursion “train”

Many guests of the resort make an interesting trip on tourist "trains" that start from the city port. A shorter route is designed for 2 hours and passes by the port, along the promenade to Old Hersonissos and back. "Compositions" on it recover every half hour. A trip along this route will cost adults 10 euros, and children 6 euros. Conveniently, you can get off at any of the stops, and then continue on the next “train”. You just need to remember to save the purchased ticket.

A longer journey from the port starts at 9.00. It takes 5 hours and runs along the coast to the resort town of Analipsi, and vice versa. A ticket for such a large route costs 20 euros.

Just 4 km from Hersonissos, there is a large modern family park "Labyrinth", which is dedicated to the legendary ancient Greek myth of Theseus. This entertainment complex is especially popular with tourists having a rest with children.

An intricate labyrinth, mini-farm, pony riding lessons, archery, mini-golf course, mini ATVs and a real pottery workshop await guests in the park. The Labyrinth is open from 10.00 to 20.00. On weekends, the park closes 2 hours later. Entrance ticket for adult visitors costs 8 euros, for children aged 4 to 12 years - 5 euros. And kids up to 4 years old can get here for free.

Hersonissos has regular bus connections between Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos, so it’s easy to make trips from the resort town to almost any corner of the island, for example, to Heraklion to visit the Knossos Palace, the Historical Museum and the Venetian Fortress, as well as to Lassithi and Rethymno.

From the port of Hersonissos, vacationers take boat trips with a visit to the small resort town of Sissi or to the islet of Dragon - Dia. In addition, fascinating sea excursions are organized for tourists on small ships Nemo and Poseidon. They have a glass bottom through which you can observe the life of marine life.

Dia Sissi Island

Beaches and Water Parks

Of course, a vacation in Hersonissos is, first of all, a beach vacation. And, what is nice, you do not need to pay for entry to any of the beaches. The central and largest beach of Hersonissos stretches west from the five-star Creta Maris Hotel. There are several places for renting sports equipment, water sports centers, restaurants, cafes and a variety of beach activities. Renting two sun loungers and an umbrella will cost 5-6 euros here.

Star Beach Amusement Park

The wide Star Beach, which covers fine white sand, is no less saturated with entertainment. There are always a lot of people on this beach, and often have popular foam parties. The well-equipped Drepanos beach is also popular near the Nana Beach Hotel, which is located in the east of Hersonissos.

The only nudist beach is located in Anissar, 2 km northwest of the port, at Cape Sarandaris. The seabed is rocky. And the beach itself resembles a stone slab with patches of sand and pebbles. It is not equipped, and the paved nearby road interferes with privacy.

Stalis Beach Malia Beach Kokkini Hani Beach City Beach Gouvia Beach Drepanos Beach

Local water parks are considered the best on the island and the most favorite entertainment for vacationers. A small “Star Beach Waterpark” is located in the eastern part of the resort town, while the slightly larger “Aqua Splash” water entertainment center is located in the north-west of Hersonissos.

Where to eat

During the summer tourist season in Hersonissos, many taverns do not close in the evening, but work until the morning. The price for one dish in them starts, as a rule, from 3 euros. And you can eat well for 10-15 euros. Conveniently, almost everywhere in the resort the menus are duplicated in Russian.

Many inexpensive restaurants and cafes are open right on the main street of Hersonissos. Restaurants along the seashore are usually more expensive. But there is a more comfortable atmosphere, and the choice of Cretan cuisine is much larger. The portions in any tavern of the city are not small, and the chefs of the establishments often add desserts, fruits or ice cream to the order as a gift for guests.

Street Food in Hersonissos

Prices in Hersonissos are lower than in Heraklion. Here you can buy quality leather goods, relatively inexpensive fur coats and jewelry. There are a lot of fur shops in the resort town, and most of them are located on the main street - along the Old National Road, as well as in the port area. A distinctive feature of Hersonissos is that almost all local trading establishments do not close until midnight.

When buying a fur coat in Hersonissos, you should not pay attention to the clearly overpriced price tag. Almost always you need to bargain, and it is better to negotiate discounts with the owner of the store itself, since sellers yield a maximum of 10-15% of the price. It is also convenient that in each fur boutique you can arrange delivery or pick up the purchased fur coat at the end of the vacation.

Other purchases at the resort are made both in small shops and in supermarkets, the largest of which are the Spar and Select shopping centers. In large shopping centers you can buy clothes and shoes of leading world brands, souvenirs and a wide variety of products. Only the famous feta cheese is offered at least 12 varieties, and they cost from 6 to 12 euros per 1 kg. In supermarkets, a 0.7 liter bottle of wine will cost 2-3 euros. It is curious that for the money in small family stores you can buy 1.5 liters of homemade wine.

Traditionally, travelers try to bring souvenirs from Hersonissos related to the theme of Ancient Greece. These are picturesque ceramics, statuettes of Greek and Roman gods, elegant vases of local production, as well as home textiles. Carpet made from goat and sheep wool, authentic handmade jewelry and paintings by Cretan artists are in great demand among tourists. As a souvenir, many guests of the resort buy quality Greek cheeses, olives, honey and local wines.

In Hersonissos and its suburbs you can travel by green buses, a ticket for which for short distances costs from 1.5 euros, regardless of direction. In addition, the resort is easy to rent a car, scooter, ATV or bicycle.

How to get there

Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport is located in Heraklion and 25 km from the resort town. Both regular and charter flights fly here from Russia. There are taxis and buses from the airport to Hersonissos. A taxi ride will cost 50 euros.

By bus, the resort can only be reached with a change. First, take bus number 1 to the bus station in Heraklion (0.8 euros). Buses to it leave every quarter of an hour from 06.00 to 01.00. In Heraklion, take the bus to Hersonissos. He arrives at the resort in 45 minutes, and a ticket for it costs 3.8 euros.

An old national road passes through Hersonissos. And the main street of the resort, named after Eleftherios Venizelos, is its constituent part. You can get to the city even faster via the new national road. But in order to get to the resort itself, you need to follow the signs to one of the exits to Hersonissos.

Interesting places Hersonissos

The site contains the sights of Hersonissos - photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to questions: what to see in Hersonissos, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Hersonissos.

Hersonissos beaches

The beaches of Hersonissos are located along the entire coastal strip of this city.

The city of Hersonissos is extremely popular among tourists from Europe and is focused on youth tourism. Numerous bars and clubs are located along the coast, and young people from various regions of the country seek to get to the local beaches.

The coast of the Aegean Sea is perfect for swimming, however, it should be remembered that all beaches are pebble. They are surrounded on all sides by restaurants and bars, which makes the space for relaxation very narrow.

On local beaches, you can enjoy all kinds of water activities - from a catamaran trip to a yacht charter.

Lychnostatis Museum

The Lychnostatis Museum is located in Greece on the island of Crete, near the outskirts of Hersonissos.

The Lychnostatis Museum is an open-air museum. This is the museum of the history of Crete - little Greece, located on a hectare of land.

The museum presents the life, life and folk culture of the inhabitants of Crete. It is noteworthy that this is a private museum. He was collected by an ordinary Greek family solely at his own expense. Here you can get acquainted with Greek crafts, with everyday life. The museum has a mill, a shepherd’s hut, an apiary, a weaving workshop, and a winery. There is also a cafe in the museum where you can taste traditional Greek drinks, in the preparation of which you can also take part. Once a week there is an excursion where sightseers can participate in the preparation of wine and brandy.

The museum is open every day except Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00.

And what sights of Hersonissos did you like? Next to the photo area there are icons, by clicking on which you can evaluate this or that place.

Water Park "Star Beach"

Water Park "Star Beach" - a water amusement park with a full range of sports and entertainment services, which is located in the south-eastern part of Crete on the seashore. The water park belongs to the hotel chain of the same name.

Here is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities: you can do bungee jumping, diving, parasailing.In addition to the "classic" sunbathing and bathing, visitors can enjoy the services of pipes, bananas, flying fish, an inflatable cheesecake, and much more. Cozy restaurants and bars are located on site. There is everything you need for a family vacation with children: a children's pool, small water slides, a huge trampoline and a playground. And besides this - a jacuzzi, showers, changing rooms, toilets and the adjacent golden sandy beach.

Additional services include American and Russian billiards, SPA-center, tattoo and piercing salons, mini-golf, paragliding center, etc.

From 16.00 until late at night, the party territory is open, on Sundays popular world DJs perform, noisy parties are held with competitions for adults, body art and striptease. In the evenings, every Wednesday, a romantic “Dating evening” is arranged on the shore.

The park is open from April to October, entrance to the territory is free - entertainment is paid separately according to the price list.

In photo mode, you can view the sights in Hersonissos only by photographs.

Waterpark "Aqua Plus"

Aqua Plus Waterpark is the oldest water and entertainment complex in Crete. On the vast area of ​​the water park there are many different attractions: from children's slides to extreme slopes. There is also a beautiful garden, and all attractions, pools and cafes are hidden under a weeping willow, and all kinds of games are held between palm trees, bougainvilleas and flowers of French marigolds.

The undoubted advantage of Aqua Plus is that it is located on a hilltop, which offers a beautiful panorama of the surroundings.

Hersonissos Embankment

Hersonissos embankment is a sea of ​​entertainment with sea views. Numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs are spread out over several kilometers.

Mostly overlooking the sea are restaurants where you will be offered fairly cheap cocktails. For example, “pina kollada” will cost 3 euros here, while almost all the owners try to thank visitors with some refreshments at the expense of the establishment.

On the street opposite the restaurants are a variety of discos, bars and pubs. Entrance to the dance floor is free - with the expectation that visitors will buy cocktails.

In addition to dancing and a wonderful dinner on the promenade of Hersonissos, you can play billiards, visit establishments where football fans are regulars.

Amnesia club

Amnesia club was opened in 2001, and changed the night life of Hersonissos forever! Located in the city’s busiest place, the club is full of youth every night who wants to dance for hours on end to the exciting rhythms of DJ's Ntino R. and George Pitoo.

Amnesia also hosts many special parties and events throughout the summer, with famous DJs and amazing shows.

All the roads of Hersonissos lead to the Amnesia club, where lovers of fun and dance are always welcome!

Stables "Arion"

Stables "Arion" - a place where you can not only book horseback riding, but also visit the tavern with excellent cuisine.

The facility is located in Hersonissos. The owners of the Arion stables do not cooperate with travel agencies, so you can book your trip by e-mail. Walking is organized individually - there will be no unknown people on the horseback tour. The type of trip is selected according to skills and desire.

The food in the Arion stables tavern is very tasty, local residents advise you to book a table in advance - before the trip. And after a horse ride, you can have a great time in the restaurant and enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.

Restaurant "Majestic Arabian Bar"

In the restaurant "Majestic Arabian Bar" you will find an exquisite oriental interior, a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. This is the only Arabic restaurant in the area. For 10 years, Majestic Arabian Bar & Restaurant has been open for guests and offers the best oriental-style relaxation in Hersonissos.

The cafe consists of 3 verandas, a bar and a lounge on the second floor. In the hall with a bar, guests can spend an unforgettable evening to the mesmerizing melodies of Arabic and European dance music, regular performances by belly dancers will entertain you all night.

The lounge with a bar is open for guests from 10 am to 7 pm in cafe mode. The club atmosphere of fun reigns in the evening hours. The veranda on the top floor is a beautifully decorated place for guests who want to enjoy drinks and hookah in a more relaxed atmosphere.

It offers guests from 10 am to 23.00 - dishes for every taste, all day long and until late at night - drinks and a wide range of hookahs. From the Veranda by the sea offers a picturesque view of the sea and the port of Hersonissos. Here guests can also enjoy an assortment of food, drinks, and, of course, hookahs!

The garden veranda with bamboo furniture, waterfalls and flowers is designed for a relaxing relaxing holiday on a hot day.

The most popular attractions in Hersonissos with descriptions and photographs for every taste. Choose the best places to visit the famous places of Hersonissos on our website.

Skotino Cave

Excursions do not go here, visits are not officially allowed. On the side of the entrance is a chapel built on the ruins of an ancient one. In the bowels it is cool, a little dark - you need a flashlight - bizarre rocks, stalactites, stalagmites. It’s scary to walk alone, nevertheless you should take someone from the locals. The cave was a refuge for Christians; once a year, Avi Paraskevi's day is celebrated near it.

Water park Acgua Plus

Extreme slopes on the slides "Water Slalom", "Kamikaze", "Crazy River" add adrenaline to the blood. The local paparazzi removes all of them, immediately hanging them on the stand - it is fun, leaving the water park, to look at the screaming man. The park is open, a unique opportunity to admire the surrounding landscapes. Some are located on lawns, there are no prohibitions - rest as you want.

Water Park Star Beach

Entrance to the beach is free, but for a lounger and an umbrella they ask for five euros, cafes and pizzerias with reasonable prices. Inside there are several children's pools with slides, for adults - canopies, slides, drinks. A “Lazy River” has been arranged, a shallow channel for children to swim, the elders are also not averse to splashing there. Exit to the beach, quad biking, golf course - the whole tourist package.

Aquarium Aquaworld

Aquarium-terrarium with a large family of reptiles and all sorts of reptiles - give a touch, hold on hand. A pool with turtles is allowed to play with them, there are few people, you can sit at least half a day. At the entrance give a ticket, which is allowed to come all week. There is an action - adopt an animal and look after it, the payment is moderate. Most likely, this is an animal rescue center - they help cats found on the street, hedgehogs find a family, arrange travel out of the country

The owner of the terrarium John speaks Russian, communicates with children, a big Blondi tortoise crawls under his feet, the place is ideal for children and adults who themselves turn into babies.

Knossos palace

This place breathes antiquity, it stores a terrible story, as the wife of King Minos gave birth to a monster from a bull with a human body and the head of a bull. He was locked in a labyrinth and fed with girls and boys. When Theseus was locked in a maze, he killed him. Ariadne (the king’s daughter) fell in love with a young man and gave him a ball of thread, with which he got out of the maze. The expression "Thread Ariadne" has become a household word.

It is believed that the palace was the largest building under the Minoan civilization, only ruins remained from it, but the architects restored part of the premises - if you do not know, you can not distinguish the new from the old. Beautiful drawings on the bottom of the walls, Minoan mosaic, marble stairs. The fifteenth century BC was already plumbing - something we do not all know from history.

Arion Stables

To ride horses, you should call in advance and agree, because there is always a full house. The instructors are attentive, the horses are calm, they always accompany me on a trip. Cost 35 euros, pony 20.

This place is especially suitable for children: riding a pony enthralls them. And feeding lambs and other animals for babies is the best entertainment. There is a cafe on the territory, and of course, wherever you go - you need to take water, a hat, glasses with you.

Labyrinth Park

In the Labyrinth Park, it is easy to lose touch with time and spend the whole day there. Directly rebuild the maze from the plank walls every day, so if you want come again. If you pass it in a certain time, you will receive a prize. You can wander as much as you like, there is an elevation inside, you climb up the ladder and look where you are going.

Additionally, the park has a golf course, a children's track for ATVs, a horse yard where horse riding lessons are given. Maybe someone wants to learn how to shoot a bow - the basics of this art are taught here. There is a mini farm where all kinds of herbs grow, a watermelon lies on the bed. Pottery workshop shows how to learn how to make a jug.

Ancient ruins on Spinalonga

To go with a guide to Elounda, if you wish, you can stay there for a whole day - a beautiful view of the Mirabelo Bay, without taking your eyes off. Small coffee houses, restaurants. An interesting point, if you arrive early, you can see how boats with fish caught and fishermen arrive, how they unload it at the cinema, selling it on the spot. From the pier, boats leave for Spinalonga, you can take a tour.

At the entrance, a cynical inscription from Dante "Leave the hope everyone entering here." This is a terrible and sad place, no children should be brought here.

What sights to see in Hersonissos and the surrounding area on your own

It is worth visiting the small towns of Upper Pines, Skisma, Mauritio from a completely different time, their residents work in Elounda, and here they keep their history. On the way back, stop to see Malia, the first mention of the village of the Minoan era dates back to 1900 BC.

The city was destroyed, then restored, now excavated and shown to tourists. Quite well-preserved walls, fragments of houses, many private houses, the remains of the palace. Admission is six euros, but there is no guide, just watch.

Call in the town of Malia - the old cozy, all the houses have blue doors, quiet and beautiful. Go to the Aposelemis gorge - see the endemic plants: the gorge is overgrown with evergreen fluffy calicata, hermes oak and tree milkweed.

The nature, history and hospitality of the local population of Hersonissos and Greece as a whole are commendable. Rest in the city is suitable for young people who love constant parties, for parents with children and senior citizens. If you have time, we recommend visiting cities like Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos or Heraklion.

Attractions and entertainment

Active tourists will definitely not be bored in Hersonissos in Greece. On its territory there are entertainment complexes of different directions, which successfully help to diversify the rest. First of all, pay attention to the following

Among the attractions of Hersonissos in Crete is the Aquaworld Aquarium. This is a small, but noteworthy natural spot, where you can get acquainted not only with representatives of the underwater world, but also with the inhabitants of the land. The facility was founded in 1995 by John Maclaren and was of a charitable nature. Many of the inhabitants here were saved from imminent death and subsequently found a new home in Aquaworld. The aquarium is primarily unusual for its policy of direct contact of visitors with animals.

Everyone here has the opportunity to touch local pets - the Blondie tortoise and the iguana of Mark Anthony. In addition, various types of snakes and lizards, as well as the Nile crocodile, await you in the aquarium. By the way, you can chat directly here with a real python. The complex will be greeted by friendly and friendly staff who lovingly care for all its residents. It is best to visit the aquarium in the morning, around 10:00, when animal feeding begins. Taking pictures with the inhabitants is not prohibited.

  • Address: Filikis Etirias 7, Hersonissos 700 14, Crete, Greece.
  • Opening hours: from April 1 to October 31, the attraction is open daily from 10:00 to 17:15. Sunday closed. In winter, the aquarium does not work.
  • The cost of visiting: adults and adolescents - 8 €, children - 4 €.

The water park is located on one of the best beaches of Hersonissos in Greece, which allows tourists to combine water slide activities with beach vacations. The complex has 5 pools and several attractions, including the Kamikaze slope. In addition to skiing, you can enjoy water sports here: ride a banana, go parasailing and experience bungee jumping. The water park also has a children's area with a playground and a miniature pool. In between breaks, visitors can grab a bite to eat at one of the cafes, which serves mostly national dishes. There is also a spa and a small shop on site. The safety of tourists is monitored by professional rescuers, so families with small children are resting here calmly.

  • Address: Themistokleous 5, Hersonissos 700 14, Crete, Greece.
  • Opening hours: The attraction is open from April to October every day from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • Entrance fee: 8 €.

This is another attraction of Hersonissos, which is definitely worth a visit, relaxing in the resort. The private museum, which is located in the open air, will tell you about the history and culture of Crete, will acquaint you with its traditional architecture. Here you will learn a lot of interesting information about the life of rich and poor Greeks, about their crafts, as well as about the flora and fauna of the island. Among the architectural exhibits of the museum are a mill, a church and a school. Wine and oil production installations are also on display. It is noteworthy that it is in this gallery that you can see the world's first jet ski.

A tour of the museum is accompanied by an audio guide in Russian (for a fee), and navigation through the exhibitions is quite convenient. The ticket price includes watching a film about the life of the island. There is a miniature cafe and a souvenir shop on site. It is especially interesting to visit the museum on national holidays, when dances and treats are held here.

  • Address: Anichto Mousio Lichnostatis, Hersonissos 700 14, Crete, Greece.
  • Opening hours: The attraction is open daily from 09:00 to 14:00. Saturday is a day off.
  • The cost of visiting: adults - 7 €, children - 3 €, audio guide - 2 €.

In Hersonissos in Greece there is a rather unusual place - the Labyrinth theme park, which will be interesting to visit for both children and adults. The park complex spreads over an area of ​​1300 m². The labyrinth is a structure of plank partitions, which in total stretch over a distance of 1 km. To be in the center and find a way out is not an easy task, so even adults take at least 30 minutes to figure out the right way. Each visitor uses his own strategy in the maze: someone goes at random, and someone uses special towers that overlook the nearby paths.

It is interesting that all participants who have found a way in a certain time are entitled to a special gift from the park. Every day, the employees of the complex change the design of the maze, so you can visit the object several times. In addition to this entertainment, the park offers a host of other activities: vacationers ride horses, shoot arrows, play mini-golf and even learn pottery. And all history buffs go to watch an entertaining film about the Minoan civilization.

  • Address: Labyrinth Park, Hersonissos 700 14, Crete, Greece.
  • Opening hours: The attraction is open from April to October from 10:00 to 20:00.
  • The cost of visiting: adults - 10 €, children - 6 €.

Star Beach is conveniently located right in front of the water park of the same name. This is the resort’s most popular place, which is a whole entertainment complex with a variety of water attractions, so it’s always crowded here.The beach has a sandy coating, clean and warm sea.

The beach is equipped with all amenities, including showers and changing rooms. Each visitor has the opportunity to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There is a bar right on the coast where you can have a pizza snack or order Greek food and drinks. Star Beach is suitable for both lovers of passive relaxation and for seekers of water entertainment.

Another of the beaches of Hersonissos in Crete is located west of the city and is called West beach. First of all, the place is visited by tourists who love snorkeling. Actually, West Beach is not quite a beach: here the territory is covered with concrete slabs, on which a few tourists usually sunbathe.

The beach is located near Cape Sarantaris, about 2 km from the port of Hersonissos. The place is suitable for those tourists who prefer to sunbathe without wearing bathing suits. Since the coast is near the road in a busy part of the city, it is always noisy here.

The beach is covered with sand mixed with pebbles. The entrance to the sea is rocky; special shoes will be required. Naturists Beach does not have any infrastructure, so they come here with their beach accessories. There is no cafe on the coast itself, but the only Saradari restaurant is a couple of minutes walk from the beach.

This is the widest and longest coast in Hersonissos, stretching between the city port and Cape Sarantaris. Its length is more than 1.5 km, and its width reaches 50 m. Limanakia consists of several separate beaches located in small bays, which are characterized by a sandy coating and the absence of waves. Some areas are equipped with sun loungers, others are more like wild beaches. As a rule, there are cafes near the equipped beaches that offer traditional food and drinks.

In the photo of Hersonissos you can see many miniature beaches huddling on a small strip of land. This is the coast near the Creta Maris hotel, where there are several swimming areas with sunbeds and umbrellas, but there are also wild islands. The coast is covered with small pebbles, however, rather large stones are found in the water at the bottom, so coral slippers will not interfere here. The area is notable for its shallow water, which is why many families with small children relax here. On the very shore of cafes and restaurants you will not find, but if you go on the road east of the hotel, you will find several good places.

On the west side of the port of Hersonissos you can see another beach. The coastline here is very narrow, but quite long. The place is very popular, so it is always crowded with vacationers. The coating consists mainly of sand, in some places small stones come across. The coast is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers, which are closely pressed against each other, which for some may cause discomfort. Numerous cafes and bars lined the coast: some of them are right on the beach, others are across the road. Also on the opposite street is a couple of hotels and a supermarket.


Hersonissos in Crete in Greece is ready to offer more than 150 accommodation options at the most varied prices. If you are primarily interested in beach vacations, then when choosing a hotel it is important to pay attention to the remoteness of the property from the coast. In addition, it is worth considering that the city center itself is located at least 3 km from the coast, and we are interested in the coastal area - Hersonissos Limenas. Among the resort hotels you can find both budget options and expensive hotels.

Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel

So, in the midst of the season, on average renting a double room in a 3 * establishment will cost 40-60 € per day. The cheapest option in this segment will cost 23 €. The resort and the surrounding area have more than 20 five-star hotels, the average cost of living in which is 150-200 € for two per day. Thrifty tourists always have the opportunity to stay in private apartments. The price for booking a room in such establishments starts from 19 € and ranges from 30 € per night.

If you are looking for affordable accommodation options on the seashore, we advise you to pay attention to the following hotels.

Acropolis apartments

  • Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel ***** is a five-star hotel on the sea coast with its own spa, fitness center and pool. In summer, you can settle here together for 83 € per day.
  • Mari - Kristin Hotel **** - the property is located within walking distance from the beach, has its own pool and restaurant. In high season, room rental is 63 € per day.
  • Acropolis Apartments *** - Aparthotel, located just 150 meters from the beach, has a private pool and provides free parking. Room rental in the summer months will cost 45 € per night.

Weather and climate

The best time to visit Hersonissos in Greece is from June to September. Although in May the air temperature warms up to 24 ° C, the sea remains cool (20 ° C). In June, you can find the most comfortable weather conditions when it is warm in the afternoon, but still not hot, and the temperature of the water rises to 23-24 ° C.

High season in the resort occurs in July, August and September, which are considered the sunniest and hottest months. At this time, the air temperature does not drop below 28 ° C, and the sea pleases with comfortable bathing water (25-26 ° C). Swimming in Hersonissos is quite possible in October, because the water in the sea still does not have time to cool down and keeps at around 23 ° C. In winter, it makes no sense to visit the object, as not only its beaches are closed, but also most of the attractions.

How to get to Hersonissos

From Heraklion Airport you can get to Hersonissos by renting a car, ordering a taxi or transfer, or by bus. Heraklion Airport is 20 km from Hersonissos - a 15-minute drive along the new National Road.

From the port of Heraklion You can also order a taxi, book a car in advance and ask her to drive to the port, or walk 500 meters on foot to the bus stop. Buses run every half hour from morning until late in the evening.

From Chania and Rethymnon to Hersonissos can be reached along National Road. The road goes towards Heraklion, you need to drive a little further to Hersonissos. The journey from Rethymno will take about 2 hours, and from Chania - 2.5.

From Agios Nikolaos to Hersonissos You can also take the national road; the journey takes half an hour.

From Kokkini Hani, Gouves, Gournes, Analipsi and Anissaras You can reach Hersonissos by the old National Road. These resorts are within easy driving distance. Buses run rarely and you can take a taxi. Due to the short distance it will be inexpensive. Same goes for Stalis and Malia.

Where to stay in Hersonissos

There are about 300 hotels in Hersonissos. Of these, only 6 are five-star, and they are located 1-2 km from the city itself. The bulk are middle-class hotels - 4 and 3 stars and about 30% - inexpensive 2-1-star hotels and hostels.

When choosing a hotel do not pay attention to the nearby beaches. Hersonissos has no hotels with private beaches. All beaches are open to visitors, and you can come to any of them. You can also rent apartments in Hersonissos from 1500 rubles per day, using the service Airbnb.

Save on housing by renting a local apartment with Airbnb. Get 2100 rub. as a gift for the first reservation.

Beach in the west and east of the port

The main and largest beach of Hersonissos is 300 meters away. There are a lot of tourists during the high tourist season. Sometimes the wind blows strongly here. All beach accessories and popular sports are also here.

On the outskirts of the main beach you will find the Skubakreta Diving Center. He organizes daily trips to the most successful diving sites. Here you can rent equipment. If you are a beginner, you can use the services of local trainers.

Beach at the Nana Hotel

Nana Hotel has 2 beaches. One big sandy one, it is located in a beautiful man-made bay, where the sea is always warm and calm. It is ideal for lovers of a relaxing holiday and families with small children. The other is smaller with a rocky and slippery bottom. Due to the presence of freshwater sources, the water here is quite cold.

Star Beach, Crete, Hersonissos - Star Beach Water park

Lovers of outdoor activities can not find a better place in Hersonissos than the popular Star Beach. There are many water activities, a pool for children with slides, good restaurants, there are even bungees (jumping with a rubber rope) for thrill-seekers. The sand is very nice here. There are several trendy nightclubs on the beach, so in the evenings and nights there is always a lot of fun and lots of people.

What to do and where to go in Hersonissos

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You will definitely enjoy your holidays in Hersonissos with children, you will find entertainment for young travelers. In addition to a beach holiday, there are modern entertainment centers. If you like interesting walks, I advise you to ride on local buses, stylized as trains. The route of these buses goes through all the picturesque places on Hersonissos.

Very popular entertainment center Kartland. Most people come there in the evening when the heat subsides. Here you can have fun with the whole family.

Hersonissos has a fun nightlife. The most fashionable night club in the resort is Matrix. Admission is free for everyone, a large selection of cocktails at affordable prices.

Near the promenade you will find Club Bio Bio. He has a team of professional animators who organize interesting entertainment programs every evening.

Hersonissos is great for shopping. There is a market, shopping centers and several interesting shops with a unique assortment of goods. A striking example of this is Museum Shop Idoliowhich is very similar to the treasury, thanks to the design. In addition, shopping in Hersonissos will be a success if you want buy a fur coat - fur coats and leather goods are sold here at almost every corner.

Hersonissos has a big good water park Acqua Plus Water Park, entrance costs 27 euros. Better take the "buns", because the water park is old, there are joints on the slides, and scratching the back is not very nice. There are usually not many people here.

On the same street 4 km from the water park there is Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Center. If you come with a child, then be sure to go. Here you can pet / feed the turtle, iguana, snakes and other reptiles, as well as look at fish and octopuses. The ticket is reusable, you can come at least every day.

Not far from the outskirts of Hersonissos can be found Open Air Museum - Lychnostatis. This is Greece in miniature. Here you can get acquainted with the life and crafts of the Greeks. The museum has a shepherd’s hut, weaving workshop, mill, apiary winery and cafe. The museum is open every day except Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Significant No attractions in Hersonissos. But despite this, you can easily explore the interesting corners of Crete by buying an excursion from Hersonissos from local travel agencies, of which there are many. Large hotels have their own excursion centers.

You can even buy a guided tour from Hersonissos to Santorini. If you want to get from Hersonissos to Santorini on your own, you will need to get to Heraklion, and then catch a ferry. Read the details in the article.

Car rental in Hersonissos

Booking a car in Hersonissos is no different from a rental in Crete as a whole. You can go to the rental office on the spot, or you can choose a car online, and they will drive you wherever you want - at least to the airport of Heraklion or Chania, even to the hotel. The main thing is to leave your contact details. And already by car from Hersonissos, if desired, you can go around the whole of Crete.