Liptovsky Mikulas


If you intend to travel outside the city, then the hot waters of the thermal pool in Besenova will surely please you. Interesting are the Demyanov caves near Yasna, waterfalls in the Vayskovo valley.

The medieval cities of Kosice and Bratislava are interesting for research and photography, and the landscapes of the Carpathians are simply magnificent. The region is known for hospitals in the villages of Luchki, Lyubohnia, Koritnitsa. The folk architecture of the Liptov region is peculiar.

The sights of Liptovsky Mikulas itself are not limited to ancient buildings. The city, of course, is quite small, and you can easily go around it in a few hours. But if you want to see all the most interesting, a map with the sights of Liptovsky Mikulas will help you.

Marcin S. Sadurski

Pay attention to the old synagogue, where exhibitions are held. Photos of Liptovsky Mikulas sights must capture the church of St. Nicholas.

To find out all about the sights of Liptovsky Mikulashan in Russian, contact your local guides, they will surely tell you a lot of interesting things. Be prepared to visit the Museum of Hunting and Fishing on your own.

The description of Liptovsky Mikulas includes the art gallery of Bogun and the center of Koloman Sokol. Tickets here are around 1-2 EUR. The old Liptovsky Mikulas scheme with sights will show you where the walls of the ancient city were. Now they are not there, only symbolic signs remained.

In the city center you will find an incredibly beautiful fountain. There are Lutheran churches and ancient monasteries of Franciscans and Jesuits.

Some sights of Liptovsky Mikulas and the surrounding area with dreams can be found here.

How to get there

You can get to Liptovsky Mikulas either by Intercity train, which follows from Bratislava to Kosice, or by intercity bus. The sad moment: you cannot completely trust the schedule of buses or trains, everything needs to be clarified in each specific case.

Bus and railway stations are located 500 m from the city center, which can be reached on Gurbanova street.


The town is small, but it has everything you need: shops, hotels, restaurants, a bank, a post office. There is a large, cozy pedestrian zone where you can idly wander around and enjoy the city landscapes, or you can sit in thought on the porch of one of the many restaurants. There are a number of attractions, but how not to be in such an old city? Especially on the main square, which in Liptovsky Mikulas is called the Liberators Square (Námestie Osloboditeľov).

For a global purchase of souvenirs, it is better to go to the Nicolaus shopping center, on ul. Garbiarska.

Entertainment and Attractions

The old synagogue remembers a lot, and now it hosts a variety of numerous exhibitions and cultural events. Several museums in the city will welcome visitors, who, frankly, are few, although the museums are quite interesting, and the Museum of Hunting and Fishing is completely unique.

The Boguni Art Gallery (the second largest collection of exhibits in Slovakia and the center of Koloman Sokol (entrance 2 EUR adults, 1 EUR children) will be very interesting for lovers of fine art. By the way, the interesting center of Koloman Sokol itself is located in an old building - the second oldest in Liptovsky Mikulas - the home of the Pongrács family. The church of St. Nicholas is the architectural dominant of the historical center. Once upon a time, the city’s powerful fortress walls approached it, but now there is a memorial birth.

In the very center of the city (which has been completely reconstructed and maintained by the townspeople in almost perfect condition), the picturesque fountain of Metamorphoses was built - a tribute to all the great people who came from Liptovsky Mikulas. Other attractions: Lutheran Church, Gothic Franciscan Monastery. St. Peter in the outskirts.

A little away from the city center, on Školská street, stands an elegant baroque building. This is an old Jesuit monastery, which was built in the period from 1757 to 1764, but was practically not used for its original purposes (as a monastery). Already in 1787, the Jesuit brotherhood left the building, the former monastery began to serve as the residence of the Liptovsky Mikulas administration, and today it houses the interesting Speleology Museum (entrance 7 EUR, children 3.50 EUR).

There is another house that is worthy of the attention of tourists - this is the old hotel “Black Eagle” (Čierny orol). In the 19th century, a theater was made from a guest house, thereby turning the building into a cultural center of the city. From here, the Mikulash socialists “pushed speeches”, Jan Chalupka directed his comedy here, today Black Eagle is a branch of the Liptov Museum, where an exposition telling about hunting and fishing in the region is exhibited.

The main museum of the city is the Janka Kral Museum, which is located in the former Ileshgazi estate. The exposition tells the history of the city from 1286 to the present day. Entrance 2 EUR, children 1 EUR.

The general atmosphere of the city is quiet, calm, a bit sleepy. Perhaps, nightlife lovers will find it boring, but for those who value a relaxing holiday in ecologically safe regions, Liptovsky Mikulas is a very good choice.

It is worth adding that due to its geographical location, the city can be an excellent starting point for traveling around Slovakia. It is necessary to take into account, traveling alone, that various types of trains run on the Slovak Railways. And the Slovak language is such that the names of the types of trains are somewhat puzzling. Therefore, it is necessary to make an effort to understand the nuances of loosers, vlaks, specials. However, on any of these trains comfort, cleanliness and breathtaking views are guaranteed.

Water park "Tatralandia"

The water park is located just 2 km from the city of Liptovsky Mikulas and is open all year. It uses hot water from local thermal springs, so visiting it is not only pleasant, but also beneficial. Many diverse slides, pools and all kinds of water rides await visitors. By the way, fans of relaxation in the water park can settle in the immediate vicinity of this one, in the "Holiday Village Tatralandia" - a large hotel complex, which includes many bungalows and apartments with modern facilities. Full-day ticket from 22 EUR adults, 15-19 EUR children.

Prices on the page are for October 2018.


The Liptov region is not only picturesque, it is rich in a large number of thermal springs. The consequences of glacial activity are numerous lakes, the most famous of them are Lake Vrbitsky, Rachkov Lakes and Jamnickie Lakes. Local rivers are perfect for rafting and rafting. Not far from the city, the Liptovská Mara reservoir was built, which is the largest reservoir in Slovakia.

About a dozen villages were flooded, the railway line and the highway were relocated in order to implement this project, the purpose of which was to protect the region from floods and generate enough electricity.

In addition, not so far from the city are the most popular ski resorts in the country - Jasna, Strbske Pleso, Donovaly and Smokovec (no more than 1.5 hours on the way).

Caves of the Demyanovskaya Valley

About 10 km from the city, in the Demyanovskaya Valley, there are places that attract the attention of not only amateur cavers, but also professionals: extremely interesting and picturesque Ice Cave and Liberty Cave. Connoisseurs are unanimous: such intricate stalactites and stalagmites, as here, can be seen extremely rarely.