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Jellyfish lake

Jellyfish Lake is a lake in the Rocky Islands archipelago of Palau.

The lake is located in the very east of the island of Eil Malk, 20 kilometers southeast of Koror. The area of ​​the lake is 0.057 square kilometers, and the maximum diameter is 460 meters. It is a slightly salty body of water that is separated from the ocean by a strip of land about 200 meters. Its depth reaches up to 50 meters.

Lake Medusa was formed about 12 thousand years ago as a result of the mobility of the earth's crust.

The lake is famous for its population of two types of unique scyphoid jellyfish — and the lunar one. For the entire existence of the lake due to the lack of natural enemies, jellyfish multiplied to about 2 million individuals. In addition, the tentacles of jellyfish have lost their stinging cells, which attracts many tourists - diving enthusiasts.

On the island of Eil Malk, there are about ten smaller lakes, also inhabited by jellyfish, but diving is allowed only in Lake Medusa.

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Babeltoap Island (Babeldaob)

The main attraction is the large island of Babeltuan, which occupies 90% of the territory. The whole active life of Palau is concentrated here. It is covered with pyramids and mysterious structures erected by unknown forces in antiquity. So, Palau is a kind of unique wonder of the world.

The surface of the island is covered with monoliths, forming a labyrinth that conceals many mysterious corners. The island is of volcanic origin and is known for its beautiful beaches. Since most of it is occupied by impenetrable jungle, we can say that all of it is an ancient artifact.

Angaur Island

Tourists are attracted by many green mines flooded with water and teeming with crocodiles. In the northwest is a statue of the Virgin Mary, as well as a Buddhist memorial. The deserted village of Ngaramash is the capital of the island.

On the west coast is a harbor with crystal clear water. A little north you can see the Japanese lighthouse on the hill, drowning in the thickets.

Freshwater Lake Ngardok

This lake is the only one in Micronesia that has a natural origin. Thanks to the untouched ecology, it is rich in flora and fauna. The main inhabitants of the lake are combed crocodiles, characterized by an elongated muzzle. The length of the male reaches six meters, and the weight is about a ton. This species is dangerous to humans.

Capitol Building

The building is located in the capital and is famous for what resembles the Washington Capitol. However, unlike its copy, this building is surrounded by the jungle and the ocean. Right here you can try the diving safari, which tourists enthusiastically respond to.

Rock Islands

The island is a maritime museum where you can see many jellyfish and other marine life. This is a favorite diving spot. It is here, at a depth, that you can witness with your own eyes the whole variety of underwater exotic Palau. In addition, you can book an excursion to underground caves filled with canals.

Ethnographic Museum of Palau

This is a collection of rich expositions of jewelry, coins, ancient shells and other wonders. It even houses straw houses in which the ancient inhabitants of Palau huddled. And the head of a 5-meter alligator crowns the entire exhibition.

Cultural History Museum (Etpison Museum)

Since the culture of Palau has been imprinted by other cultures, in particular European, the museum has something to see. Etpison museum - This is an excursion into history. Its exhibits contain retro-style photographs to better understand the culture and life of Palau.

World War II Expositions

Peleliu Island It is particularly admired by tourists. Describing the last place of fights, we can only say that it needs to be seen. Here, the strip with which American and Japanese planes took off was preserved in its original form. This is a large military monument interesting from all points of view. So there are guns and tanks on the island.

What else to visit in Palau?

Natural Wall of Remembrance - 300 meter wall of Ngemeliscovered with black corals. And the island of Kayangel is inhabited by artisans making souvenirs, which can only be purchased here. These works will make up the pride of the tourist and decorate any living room. Visit the Art Gallery on Koror Island, which displays contemporary masterpieces by local artists.

A big plus is traveling to Palau - no poisonous animals live here. You should definitely visit the north of Palau, famous for its blocks of basalt, because according to legend, they served as a support for the divine "bais".

Flight to Koror

Koror, located on one of the islands belonging to the state of Palau, is eight hundred kilometers from the Philippines. Since there is a rather significant distance from Moscow to this island city - more than ten thousand kilometers, direct flights to Koror are not operated. Absolutely all Moscow-Koror flights operated by Korean, Delta Air, Uzbekistan Airways, China Airlines connecting flights, performing transfers in various cities of the Asia-Pacific region. The flight time to Koror is approximately fifteen hours.

General Information about Koror

Koror - The largest city of the island state of Palau, located in the Philippine Sea, belonging to the Pacific Ocean basin. Until 2006, Koror was considered the capital of the state, and today it is the most economically significant city in the country. The state of Palau is associated with the United States, which means de facto independence from a larger state, but implies common views with it on foreign policy and the combined armed forces.

Koror has a fairly developed tourist infrastructure - there are numerous hotels, dive clubs, restaurants. The climate of Koror is one of the main factors that attract tourists from the USA and Japan here, since even in winter periods (which last from about the end of April to September), the thermometer never drops below plus twenty-five degrees. Koror is especially popular with divers, because these places have been repeatedly recognized as the best diving resort in the world.

Eighty percent of the entire population of Palau, or about sixteen thousand people, live in Koror. The country has two official languages ​​- English and Palau, which have been spoken by almost all the inhabitants of the islands since birth. Most of the population of Koror profess Christianity, but the greatest influence on the life of Aboriginal people is exerted by their own spiritual cult, whose roots go back to prehistoric times.

Attractions Koror

Of course, the main Landmark of Koror and in general Palau in particular, is their unique, almost untouched nature. There are numerous caves, each of which is amazing in its purity and uniqueness. In one of these caves there is a rare mandarin fish.

In the vicinity of the island are the remains of wrecks from the war. Thanks to the shallow coastal waters of the ocean, every diver with his own eyes can see them, as well as perfectly preserved guns and military equipment.

National Palau Museumlocated in Koror, it has a unique exposure, the funds of which include many wonders, including the giant crocodile head - the largest individual caught in these places - its length reached an incredible five meters.

Here, near the island of Koror, is located Dolphin Center. Everyone can swim with these amazing creatures, as well as watch the performances with their participation. Nearby is the Coral Reef Research Center, which consists of several aquariums, each of which is inhabited by local waters, including a rare nautilus fish.