TOP-20 attractions of the resort city of Anapa


The largest resort in southern Russia is famous for its beaches on the Black Sea and unusually beautiful nature at the junction of the mountains and the coast. The coastline of Anapa stretches for almost 40 km, and the number of sunny days per year tends to 300! A city of military glory, a climatic and balneological resort - guests are welcome here all year round. Sanatoriums, water parks, museums and entertainment centers work for them. The number of Anapa attractions is constantly increasing!

Day and night, life is in full swing. The most visited resort site stretches for 5 km between the mouth of the Anapka River and the lighthouse. Central or Novaya embankment is a 1,600-meter stretch between the main beach and the sea terminal. At 2 km around - only large and tiny hotels, hostels and large hotel complexes, with a total number of over 200. You should start exploring the city from here - everything interesting for tourists is within walking distance, and cafes and restaurants stretch along the embankment in two tiers.

The entertainment complex has been operating since 2001 in the central part of the city near the main beach. It is famous for its magnificent panoramic views of the sea. Inside - 20 various water slides - from extreme to gently sloping, a children's town “Treasure Island”, a unique reservoir “Storm Wave” with imitation of sea currents and waves, and three pools connected to each other. Opening hours - every day from mid-May to mid-September.

The octagonal gray building with three horizontal black stripes 21 m high, built in 1909 at the highest point of the city, is the key attraction of Anapa and the symbol of its embankment. The lighthouse was built on the site of an ancient mound, and today it sends light signals up to a distance of 30 km. The original building was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, and after restoration it became even 5 meters higher. Tourists like to take pictures with the lighthouse against the backdrop of the sea panorama, it is impossible to get inside.

Near the new promenade in the square to them. I.V. Gudovich is a building built in 1909. Inside - a museum collection of exhibits covering the history of these places from the era of the Bosporus kingdom to the present day. Together with archaeological and historical expositions, guests are invited to see exhibitions dedicated to the development of viticulture, spa business, as well as the unique nature of the Black Sea coast.

A natural attraction of the Temryuk region in the Akhtanizovsky estuary between Temryuk and the village of Akhtanizovskaya, 40 km from Anapa. A huge fresh water reservoir with an area of ​​110 km 2 is the largest in the Krasnodar Territory. The best time to visit is July and August, when the lotuses open. Inspection of the estuary is carried out in the form of a boat trip, starting every 20 minutes from the pier in the village of Strelka.

The largest zoo in Russia with a collection of fifty crocodiles, as well as turtles, monitor lizards, and snakes. The complex includes two crocodile and alligator farms 200 m from each other. In one, from June to October, daily entertaining shows are held for children, and in the other, from November to May, animals are shown in closed enclosures. A unique entertainment is crocodile fishing, during which children and adults can feed an alligator with a fishing rod.

The archaeological museum-reserve was erected 110 years ago at the excavations of the ancient city, occupying 35 hectares. Over the season, over 150 thousand tourists interested in ancient culture come here specially. The museum will find the history lovers of all the attractions of Anapa the most interesting - a huge number of unique artifacts of the disappeared Bosporus civilization are located in the open air and in three museum buildings: the remains of buildings, columns, sarcophagi, wineries, fortress walls, sculptures, weapons, jewelry, paintings and much more .

A monument of Ottoman military architecture is all that has been preserved from the Turkish fortress of Anapa, built in 1783. The Russian huge stone gate is named after the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Anapa from the Turks in 1828. The eastern entrance to the ruined fortress is located at the end of Pushkin Street opposite Park 30th anniversary of Victory. Turkish cannons are installed on both sides of the passage. Selfies on the background of the Russian Gate are part of a traditional excursion program in the historical part of the city.

The main entertainment area of ​​the city is a multifunctional recreation area where you can find something interesting for all categories of visitors - children, adults, youth, elderly people. Well-maintained flowerbeds and lawns, shady alleys, benches - they drop in here even for the rest from the scorching sun. Exhibitions and museum sites, monuments and a summer stage, attractions and souvenir stalls, a tunnel aquarium and a Ferris wheel, cafes and eateries - you can spend a pleasant day here.

The monument erected in 2007 on the main avenue of the 30th Victory anniversary park today has become not only an Anapa landmark, but also an unofficial symbol of the city. Photoshoots are held next to him, various events are organized, and dates are set. A headdress with wide brimmed white marble rests on the corner of a tall boulder. According to local signs, if you touch the hat, you will soon have good news.

The entertainment complex is located on the Central Embankment. Here you can see and touch the exact copies of life-size dinosaurs. Part of the sculptures is moving robots, which leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Several trampolines, a contact mini-zoo, an exhibition of 3D paintings, two sandboxes for archaeological excavations, cafes and shops were installed for the children. Throughout the territory - free photo and video shooting, and the Dinopark works until 24:00 h!

In the ethnocenter located in the village of Fadeevo, guests will enjoy a complete immersion in the culture of the Circassian people. In the tourist entertainment complex, visitors are greeted by horsemen and escorted to the stands to see the show program of horse stuntmen led by Sergey Shaporov, Caucasian dances performed by the Sindika ensemble, and the bride’s matchmaking ceremony. After the show, guests are invited to visit a sauna, a cafe in the style of the 19th century, a souvenir shop, and themed master classes. Those who wish can stay for a few days, settling in the hotel.

From June to September, the entertainment complex offers guests a full range of water activities: family and children's water slides, pools, attractions, a cafe, a bar and a dining room. Unlike many water parks, those who have passed on a ticket here can be inside and use all the attractions without restrictions all day until the close at 20:00. Families with many children and birthday parties get discounts, and disabled people get free admission.

The best observation platform of the city in the nearby village of Supsekh is sought by Russian and foreign tourists to see the panorama of Anapa Bay with their own eyes. Paragliders fly from here, and at the top there are balls of a radar station - also a peculiar attraction of Anapa, clearly visible from almost everywhere. The second name of this place is the Swallow's Nest, since the mountain slopes are a favorite nesting place for swifts. A steep metal staircase called the 800 Steps leads down to the rocky beach.

The park, planted in the post-war years with all kinds of nuts, at the beginning of the century, was landscaped and turned into a vacation spot beloved by the Anapans. Coniferous trees and roses saturate the air with a delicate fragrance, mingling with the aroma of a sea breeze. There are no attractions and shops here, people come here to sit in the shade on a bench, walk along cobbled paths, ride a bike, meet and chat with friends.

The temple appeared in Anapa in 1964, and was located at its current address in a new building in the Pskov-Novgorod style quite recently - in 2014. Today, the cathedral has become the focus of the resort's spiritual and cultural life. There are church schools, an Orthodox library, the Krug youth association, a volunteer center and the House of Mercy. Services are held every day at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Opening in 2011, the dolphinarium in Anapa instantly gained immense fame. In it under one roof there is an arena of performances of bottlenose dolphins, sea lion, walruses, beluga whales, fur seals, and also has its own aquarium, terrarium, penguinarium. The auditorium seats 1000 guests at the same time. Performances of artists with a magnificent show program are held three times a day every day except Monday. Group and individual dolphin therapy sessions are also held here.

On the central square near the city administration building there is a highlight of Anapa at night - a complex of singing fountains that demonstrate a water-sound-light show every day at 22:00. 308 LED spotlights and more than 300 nozzles are installed in five fountains. The largest is opposite the administration building, and four others are stretched in a line towards Gorky Street. The show includes 10 programs, during which the movements of water jets, flashes of spotlights are synchronized with classical musical compositions.

Anapa's natural sandy landmark - the Bugaz spit - stretched between the village of Blagoveshchensk and Vyselkovka farm. On one side of it is Anapa Bay, and on the other is the Kiziltash estuary. 13 km of wild beach attract fans of relaxation against the backdrop of natural nature, as well as kitesurfers. Entrance is free, but entry to the car is paid.

In the building of the sanatorium "Nadezhda" there is a cozy lounge for the smallest. A shallow pool with water slides operates in the pavilion year-round. Glazed walls and ceiling create the effect of being outdoors. Only children bathe in it, because the depth is only 30 cm. On a cloudy day, you can come here to give the kids the opportunity to splash and chat with their peers.

This oceanarium differs from others in that not only fish and marine animals live here, but also real living corals. Twenty aquariums have enormous biodiversity: sharks, mollusks, octopuses, algae, starfish and hedgehogs, and deep-sea exotic fish. In the largest 4000-liter aquarium, black-feathered sharks with their indispensable companions are sticky fish. Visitors are offered to feed the fish, take photographs without restrictions, and souvenirs in memory to purchase souvenirs in a local shop.

From the top of Lysaya Gora in the village of Su-Psekh, not far from Anapa, a steep metal staircase leads to the rocky beach, which received its name - “800 steps”. Those who happened to make such a descent claim that in reality there are a little more steps. Those who decide to make a descent from a height of 130 m should keep in mind that you can return back only in the same way!

Russian gate

They are a fragment of the Ottoman fortress. Now it is just a monument. The fortress itself was erected in the eighties of the eighteenth century. These gates were restored in the late nineties of the twentieth century. Inside the gate is a commemorative stele. In order to find this attraction, you need to go to the end of Pushkin Street. Not far from the park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory there will be a gate.

Anapa Lighthouse

The structure itself has the shape of an octahedron. Its height is two tens of meters, painted in two colors: white and gray. A lighthouse can fire at an altitude of forty-three meters above sea level. The signal of this lighthouse is visible at a distance of almost thirty kilometers. It still performs its functions, is equipped with a diesel generator and a radio navigation system. Beacon signals automatically.
Previously, an ancient mound was located on the site of the lighthouse. Then a structure was erected that would allow the ships to navigate at the entrance to the bay. During World War II, the lighthouse was captured by the Germans, who subsequently destroyed it in order not to leave a strategic object for the enemy. The lighthouse was rebuilt in the middle of the twentieth century. Many ships owe him a safe return home, and the inhabitants of the city consider him their symbol.
Tourists also do not bypass the building, not missing the opportunity to take photos at Anapa sights.

Gorgippia Museum Reserve

The territory of the museum is an excavation of the city of ancient times. It existed in the first centuries of our era and was a fairly large point. This city existed until the third century AD, then was destroyed by fire. Subsequently, Anapa appeared in its place, and a small area of ​​the remaining ancient civilization was equipped as a museum reserve, which stores the history of ancient ancestors.

Gorgippia Museum in Anapa

Temple of St. Onufry the Great

His appearance is obliged to the decree of Nicholas II, who decided to build the Russian church in the thirties of the XIX century. This building was destroyed during the Crimean War and was ravaged by the Bolsheviks in the 1930s. In the nineties of the 20th century, the church was transferred to Orthodox communion and in a few months I would become divine services. Now they continue in the usual manner.
Now the temple is a one-headed building and a tent bell tower. In fact, the style in which it is built is pseudo-Russian, when the architecture combines the elements of architecture of Ancient Russia and Byzantium.

Temple of St. Onufry the Great

Thirty Years Victory Park

This place is rightfully considered the most visited in the whole city. Finding it is very simple: the beginning of the park lies a hundred meters from the resort administration square.
First of all, the attraction zone attracts attention. Various swings, sale of goodies such as cotton candy, bright design. An adult, not to mention children, cannot pass by her.
A coniferous alley awaits travelers at the entrance. They were planted by pilots and astronauts of the Soviet Union. Previously, it was a bit abandoned, now visitors will be greeted by a well-kept lawn and fresh signs with the names of those who participated in the tree planting.
The sightseeing wheel enjoys the special love of tourists - it makes it possible to explore the city and its surroundings and of great height.
An information board also helps to organize relaxation, on which climatic parameters are displayed in detail: air and water temperature, humidity level.
The park also houses the White Hat monument, near which you can take pictures for memory.

Park named after the 30th anniversary of victory

Musical fountains

They were opened four years ago. Five colored musical fountains appear to the travelers. The entire complex is almost a kilometer in length. Fountains are accompanied by a sound and water show, illuminated by light music.
The design of this structure consists of several hundred nozzles. The latter allow you to control the intensity of the jet. Thanks to such a rich set of tools, the master can bring a truly magnificent show to life. Viewers can hear both the works of great classics and internationally recognized compositions, for example, Louis Armstrong.
During the show, music is synchronized with water and light, representing a single organism.
The fountains themselves are divided into five sections: one dominant and four auxiliary.

Waterpark “Golden Beach”

It is the largest outdoor entertainment complex in the whole city. Located in close proximity to the Black Sea coast. It is convenient primarily due to its location - there are a large number of hotels near the water park, the infrastructure is also developed, namely attractions and shops. For lovers of beautiful views, a stunning panorama of the seashore opens.

Waterpark “Golden Beach”

Museum of Local Lore Anapa

Previously, in the building in which the museum was located, there was a gymnasium. In the first decade of the twentieth century, a museum was organized. In it you can learn about the era of the Bosporus kingdom and the Russian-Turkish wars. In addition, exhibits are presented testifying to the natural wealth of Anapa. The permanent exhibition offers to get acquainted with the decorative arts and equipment of the Circassian horsemen, also has historical photographs.

Museum of Local Lore Anapa

Dolphinarium "Nemo"

The institution itself does not exist separately, but as part of the complex. The latter includes a terrarium, a pigwinarium and an aquarium. Visitors have the opportunity to watch a performance several times a day. However, it is worth remembering the lively queue in which you have to spend time. The dolphinarium organizes stunning shows in which various animals participate: bottlenose dolphins, lions, fur seals, walruses. In addition, visitors can take the opportunity to swim with these amazing animals by ordering a dolphin therapy session.

Lotus Valley in Anapa

Tourists who prefer the beauty of nature to human buildings must definitely visit the lotus valley. It is located several tens of kilometers from Anapa, in Taman. However, this valley has a man-made origin: during the time of Catherine the second locality was unsuitable for farming, because it was flooded with salt water. In order to solve this problem, they laid the sleeve of the river delta and changed the landscape, so that the water and soil became more fresh. Later, in Soviet times, scientists conducted experiments, trying to grow exotic plants in local conditions. The lotuses not only took root, but also grew to two square kilometers. The lifespan of one lotus flower is several days, however, all the lakes are completely covered with a carpet of these flowers, so when one fades, another changes its place. You can watch the blooming pink-green carpet in mid-summer to early fall.

Lotus Valley in Anapa

Chapel of the Prophet Hosea

Recently built, however, has a rich history. There used to be a temple with five chapters in its place. He was destroyed by the Communists, who were against religion. The construction of the modern chapel was made at the expense of people who wanted it. The government has not allocated money.

Chapel of the Prophet Hosea

Lion Head Castle

The castle features an arena where staged knightly tournaments are held, a courtyard equipped with a torture chamber, a small arena where performances are held, and an external courtyard. At the last tourists are greeted by a forge, a shooting gallery, a tavern, a pottery workshop, a souvenir shop. Travelers will be able to plunge into the world of the Middle Ages and enjoy its atmosphere: knights, performances, a real ancient castle. In all institutions, life is constantly seething, which creates the complete illusion of an ordinary medieval town.

Lion Head Castle

Central promenade

It starts right at the maritime station, ends at the Anapka River. For one and a half kilometers, guests of Anapa can enjoy beautiful views, landscaped spaces and a number of attractions, including the Anapa Lighthouse, the Gorgippia Museum, the Russian Gate, the Pushkin Monument, the Budzinsky Monument, and the Square of Glory. In addition, strollers can ride on rides and visit interesting monuments. The central promenade is the place where Anapa combines attractions and entertainment.

Sea aquarium "Bathyscaphe"

Represents curious tourists the inhabitants of the deep sea of ​​the Black Sea and the Kuban reservoirs. The exposition presents rare, even unexpected inhabitants of the depths. The aquarium itself is arranged like a tunnel. Aquariums are separated from each other, but connected. Thus, it seems to visitors that they were briefly on the seabed.

Sea aquarium "Bathyscaphe"

Monument “White hat” and a vacationer

Appeared on the waterfront just ten years ago. The monument has a comic significance and has already managed to become an informal symbol of the resort city. Why exactly a white hat? It is such a head unit that is able to protect visitors from scorching sunlight.
The monument dedicated to tourists is also made in the same style. He is a man who enjoys basking in the sand. Only one part is covered - the most indecent. The man’s “clothes” are a white hat. This sculpture is located at the entrance to the Central Beach and cheers visitors, recalling the main occupation on vacation.

Monument “White hat” and a vacationer

Bald mountain

It gives travelers the opportunity to look at Anapa and the bay from a height of three hundred meters, only a dozen kilometers from the city center. The mountain got its name for a small amount of vegetation, however, it still exists here. On the mountain you can meet Pitsunda pine and thyme, which is in the Red Book. When the mountain was young, it was not bald; trees fed from springs covered its surface. The latter were useful not only to plants, but also to the people who used them. Unfortunately, people are to blame for the decline in vegetation. Forests were cut down, because of this the springs dried up.

Cypress Lake in Succo

This unusual lake is located near the village of the same name. Remarkably growing directly from the water cypresses, this species of plants lives in North America. And in this lake. Cypresses have surprisingly taken root in this territory and look fascinating, especially considering the fact that they do not grow anywhere else in Russia.

Cypress Lake in Succo

Bugaz Spit

Located on the Taman Peninsula. Loved by tourists for its beautiful wild beaches. Its length reaches ten kilometers. Huge sandy and deserted beaches, clear water that allows you to see the marine life, unique views of the sea - all this will get a tourist who prefers a rich infrastructure to the freedom of wild relaxation.